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Welcome to my new Journey Blog.. One Step at a Time..

Blogging My Journey really assists me to navigate through living a Life as a conscious multi dimensional creator of my reality. With so many changes taking place in our worlds these days choosing for LOVE, APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE assists me to feel in Balance with my choices. BEING a highly sensitive Empath has not been without its challenges. Since childhood I have received visions and telepathic exchanges with other forms of sentient life. For me it has been A GIFT to be able to clairvoyantly connect with other realities. Join me on my journey as this develops into Co-living through multiple life experiences within one lifetime. Read more about my Life experiences with SGF through clicking this link Star Global Family. Please feel invited to join My Journey when this resonates with you..


During the last decade my passion has been to live in community with other cultures and Soul Family whilst exploring being a conscious multi dimensional co-creator.




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Being in California USA, Midi-Pyrenees France, Netherlands and United Kingdom

Which Parallel Reality version of LeMuria?

Which Parallel Reality version of LeMuria? This appeared as a nebulous floating conversation when I awoke this morning. Other references also come forward almost within a sphere of Remembrance and Awakening to remind me of my connection with the Turquoise Blue Ray....

Co-Living with Intention

My INTENTION to Co-Create CoLiving projects with Helping Hands.. Over the last few years impulses continually appeared offering invitations to "experiment with  change"  and explore "New Ways of Living" where we can collaboratively live together in Community as...

Encounters with the Blue Sapphire Vortex

Encounters with the Blue Sapphire Vortex Early in the year of 2018, during a recent Group Gathering in Utrecht, Netherlands our Soul Family chose to share multiple experiences with "Connecting with Telos and Inner Earth" Following our Group Sound Meditation each...

Rebirth and Remembrance

Rebirth and Remembrance  in The Sound and Light Water Temple with Aymeric and Amelle Blanc (www.quantaum.org) based in the Aude Valley, SW France (with the energetic presence of The Rainbow Children) Surrounded by Cathedrals of Amethyst, Altar Quartz, Rose Quartz...

Would you like to hear some GREAT NEWS!!

Would you like to hear some GREAT NEWS!!  Whilst in "Conversation with Source Energy" - during this mornings revelation I found myself in a “meeting house” where a variety of different activities were taking place within multiple rooms. Many were gathering in...


YOU TUBE: LIVING IN EMPATHY WITH LIFE For me, Meditation assists to neutralise, clear old vibrations and deprograms my mind pattering. Stillness and silence slows down the mind chatter until I feel more calm and more peaceful. My sensory bodies can then respond to the...

I Allow Peace

YOU TUBE: I ALLOW PEACE MEDITATION The words for this Meditation came forward during 2016 whilst I was in Mount Shasta, CA staying on the Telosia Sanctuary with other members of my Soul Family. Lets be clear. Mt. Shasta is a high intensity vortex location. All...

NEW Co-Living energies within our Telosian Community..

Embracing NEW Co-Living energies within our Telosian Community.. Whilst in a meditative state this morning another reality experience walked through me. My senses shifted to BEing a facilitator collaborator in a new sensory experiential community. Its location felt to...


MAKING CONTACT with a Hybrid child.. This morning entered into a field of consciousness which telepathically made an energy transfer through my feelings and subtle senses:- (a whisper) Welcome Welcome to feeling more space around and inside your subtle bodies membrane...

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