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Welcome to my new Journey Blog.. One Step at a Time..

Blogging My Journey really assists me to navigate through living a Life as a conscious multi dimensional creator of my reality. With so many changes taking place in our worlds these days choosing for LOVE, APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE assists me to feel in Balance with my choices. BEING a highly sensitive Empath has not been without its challenges. Since childhood I have received visions and telepathic exchanges with other forms of sentient life. For me it has been A GIFT to be able to clairvoyantly connect with other realities. Join me on my journey as this develops into Co-living through multiple life experiences within one lifetime. Read more about my Life experiences with SGF through clicking this link Star Global Family. Please feel invited to join My Journey when this resonates with you..


During the last decade my passion has been to live in community with other cultures and Soul Family whilst exploring being a conscious multi dimensional co-creator.




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Being in California USA, Midi-Pyrenees France, Netherlands and United Kingdom

Meet EliCiA – Blue Star Hybrid in Light

Meet EliCiA - Blue Star Hybrid in Light EliCiA is a Blue Star - Hybrid in Light who presented herself telepathically during a collaborative connection between Helena Serafina, Hybrid Intuitive Contactee and Diana Heemskerk, Blue Lotus Activations. Diana is now...

Playing with our Cosmic Inner Child

Playing with our Cosmic Inner Child, And the Presence of Universal MotherLove and Mother Mary Divine Holding hands as family … interweaving our imagination In our innocence and joy we are filled with a magical sense of creative rainbows of curiosity …. We play We...

Dream Vision – Re-Valuation of our Global Community Themes

During a recent DreamReality Vision…  I walked into a room environment filled with hospital beds with occupants who were feeling in a Chronic state of illness within themselves…  There were carers present to assist in a variety of forms of healing processes. And yet,...

Opening Up our Fluid Heart to more Grace and Compassion

Have you noticed a couple of themes which are taking place at the moment, We can realize more GRACE in our life which can mean different things to people. Maybe we need to BE more tolerant with ourselves and more patient around other people's sensitivity and...

An Encounter with KA-Teena from Middle Earth..

An Encounter with KA-Teena & KA-Triona from Middle Earth.. The 21st May 2020 in France is Ascension Day, and what more suitable day could there be, than to receive a greeting from Collective Beings within Middle Earth. Our Journey on this special day had already begun...

An Encounter with the Little Village People

In Conversation with the Hybrid Flower Children during the Flower SuperMoon This morning I encountered the “Little people”, nothing unusual in that, for me, and yet the colors and textures felt deeper, more subtle, revealing a new delicate vibrancy. Even more real in...

AWAKENING AND ADAPTING to a Modern New World …

AWAKENING AND ADAPTING to a Modern New World … What does it take now to adapt and become a conscious, contributory, and participative member of the New Modern World. Especially, when you are feeling less connected to the old world as it collapses, and we feel without...

SOUL FAMILY CONTRACTS – with the New Consciousness Children

SOUL FAMILY CONTRACTS - With the New Consciousness Children...🌠 A Flower of Life Grid with Gaia.... forming A Resonance Alliance Grid… Did you ever hear your own child STAND UP,…..look you in the eye…. and say to you “You signed up for me…. And you signed up for Life...

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