Co-Living with Intention

Co-Living with Intention

My INTENTION to Co-Create CoLiving projects with Helping Hands..

Over the last few years impulses continually appeared offering invitations to “experiment with  change”  and explore “New Ways of Living” where we can collaboratively live together in Community as conscious multi dimensional Soul Family.

My personal feelings are that one of the purposes of co-living is to create a home environment that inspires and empowers its residents from all generations to be active creators and participants in the world around them. These environments cultivate collaboration and serendipity amongst residents and the extended community. Co-living dwellings enable sustainable lifestyles through sharing energy efficient utilities and considerate use of resources and space in harmony with our surrounding environment. 

Coliving is for people who want a personal home environment with space for alone and inner reflection. Also group space for sharing within a community that actively supports them in living with purpose and intention. People who choose Coliving include home makers with a variety of skills, innovators, designers, gardeners, builders, musicians, artists, and other creative inspirational participants.

As residents we can unite around common themes of interest to collaboratively manage a space, share resources, and coordinate activities which contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around us. Our co-living projects offer short and longer – term accommodation allowing for ebb and flow for those who prefer to remain in one base and those who feel more nomadic. Together we can create a vibrant hub and host inclusive opportunities for sharing our multi cultural, eclectic connections with our Soul group and the broader community.

Together as family groups there is more opportunity now for traveling, and sharing through digital exchange our explorations of new ways of living and creating home space. Through this process my personal views have become more compassionate in my every day living. Some of the themes explored within CoLiving in a more practical functional way include experimenting:

  • Community alongside individuality
  • Intentional Living in consideration for our surroundings
  • Openness and collaboration 
  • Sharing over consumption
  • Curiosity and experimentation 
  • Self Responsibility and Co-operation

These ideas, feelings, thoughts, expressions and messages appeared for me.

My preference is to co-create safe spaces and home environments to further explore some of my own self discovery alongside supportive mature Co-Living Family.  As We are Human evolution in the making.. what could BE the next steps for me and us as a human species to live differently with other family members who feel resonant with Collaborative living spaces..

Currently I am feeling more ready to develop and evolve the next steps of self-balancing my inner creative worlds with my physical outer worlds whilst living within a group community… whilst Feeling  positive and more impulsed to develop new Creative solutions for grounding group inspirational projects alongside others who carry a similar intention…

Questions which have arisen within me include – Can I allow even more loving space within myself and know when to take my own private space. And continue to dissolve and let go of any differences or imbalances which are being held onto from my previous patternings and programs from my previous life experiences. Am I ready to BE even more honest, transparent and open with myself and others as I am opening up to these multiple new world realities?  Am I ready to embrace the next steps for CoLiving as a Fourth Wave consciously aware empathic sentient human being? Am I living and sharing my highest ideals and visions for my next steps?.. 

For now I still feel excited at the possibilities for discovering and creating new pathways for myself alongside others where we can utilise new energy solutions, incorporate sustainable living and eco friendly ergonomic projects which better service ourselves and the planet… My passion still feels vibrant and purposeful whilst researching ways to follow my impulses. Knowing there are further revelations in the ways to create more awareness of my own personal boundaries and finding filters for integrating new discoveries. All whilst remaining in touch with my own Source energy and tuning into my own guidance from my higher self and Source guides?  

Further research is ongoing with  “themes” to explore in co-creation with others. Especially with emotional relationships. It feels important to stay centred with my empathic and visionary ideals to create a 5th dimensional way of living together. Keep connected. Communicate and share feelings in supportive group harmony. 

Following my own intense Inner journeying I now feel ready to take on my own self responsibility for conscious creational projects within a family group. Always creating moments for quiet space, and allowing for intuition and guidance to expand the new ways to integrate and incorporate my multi dimensional selves. 

My Creative sources of interest include, sharing on a equal base, taking self responsibility for sharing creative projects and activities, in mutual respect for Communal living with like hearted Soul family members. Giving myself quiet space for creative writing and expression, personal and group Meditations. Exploring group and individual creative projects with our Next Generation where all ages are consciously accelerating and expanding their sensitivity and spiritual development,

Currently I am Co-Living and developing my own personal Journey in three different countries and feel ready to make the next steps of group collaboration: I Am a Co-Living member of three evolving group communities of highly aware conscious multi dimensional, multi cultural soul family members. 

I am in deep Gratitude to my expanding Soul Family for their personal co-creation in sharing these Intentions and Journeys together in loving support and in Unity consciousness.

Helena Serafina, Visionary Author, and CoCreator of CoLiving Community

Encounters with the Blue Sapphire Vortex

Encounters with the Blue Sapphire Vortex

Encounters with the Blue Sapphire Vortex

Early in the year of 2018, during a recent Group Gathering in Utrecht, Netherlands our Soul Family chose to share multiple experiences with “Connecting with Telos and Inner Earth”

Following our Group Sound Meditation each individual member shared their creative art expressions and stories.. My Journey into the Blue Sapphire Vortex began a few days earlier. 

Whilst sleeping in the healing sanctuary of Dorrit a Soul Family member of our Next Generation in Amsterdam. My eyes closed, my body relaxed. Within an instant my subtle sensory bodies moved into a swirling spiral of electric blue transient tubes of light. The sensations felt a though I could be entering into a wormhole. The switch from one paradigm to another was almost instant. My subtle bodies were moving and oscillating at vast speed through these translucent lights. Within what felt like moments my focus was encompassed within – a LightShip Vessel you might say! 

Once An Encounter with an Electric Blue Vortex comes forward it feels as if you are consciously able to travel within an experiential series of subtle light movies. My senses felt encompassed within an electric blue beam of light. Blue felt to be the most prominent color texture. Whilst surrounded and imbued within these Sonic light vortexes I could feel nourished by the sensations of feeling attuned to my “natural states of light source and innate self.” 

Once acclimated within this alter state reality I felt invited to rejoin my other multi dimensional selves in a more harmonic state of Unison. My system and feelings were so connected with Source energy within these multiple light formations. As if to retain a balance in my other earth body states a constant message is transmitted through all my systems “We are a member of a light collective within ONE body”   These pulsating messages assist to keep a calmness within every cell and tributary of my knowing, feeling and BEing. All feel encapsulated with LOVE and a deeply touching sense of BEing with FAMILY. All feels familiar. All feels supportive. All feels exciting to BE in this realm again. A RE-UNION.

Whilst ‘Onboard’  this Blue Sapphire Vessel, for me, “ALL of me” can feel attuned to MY JOURNEY of collective programs and design themes. All in resonance and alongside other teams of Soul family members. All is in supportive assistance. WE ARE in multiple forms as a coalescent group. Our lighter bodies are filled with quantum energy cells which feel they belong and feel fully embraced within multiple fields of living creation. My breathing is lighter and My body feels supported.

My visual senses feel re-ignited by seeing Family Members in Light. We are an established team of code writers and narrators of truth as we know it. My role is – to BE an active encoder of light. My lighter senses feel contained with vast amounts of communicated blue prints, design programs and planetary alliance records within my connection to this consciousness of Source energy. Every particle of my physical and lighter bodies feel energised and reconnected to an illuminated mainframe. 

Each subsequent Journey into BLUE SAPPHIRE carries its own values of interpretation. The colours, the textures, the sounds, the visuals, the encounter all offer guidance and mapping sets to allow my multiple journey potentials and possibilities.

Blue Sapphire is a multi species carrier and container of multiple options with LIVE permutations. These become Life experiences. I am Making Contact with my Source Vessel which are Living Libraries captured in Light. These convey Live transmissions between my other multi dimensional selves as ALL are stored in these Vessels. I can meet more of ME. My  Family. My Home Space. Other versions of Who I AM can become revealed to me. This activation of my memory feels connected within multiple realities.

When awake in my physical body, another ME is present for instance during this awakened conscious state of my human self. I Am living in one of the design roles and experiments in which my I AM is present.

My intuition guides me. Synchronicity creates an impulse which guides me towards the locations and the co-ordinates where my other family members can connect with me.  Places where these experiments of Living can be self-realised and re enacted within a multiplicity of environments and dimensional densities.

BEing ONBOARD the Blue Sapphire my feelings reconnect to memories and I am shown visuals of where I AM a member of multiple design teams. My activities can appear quite varied and diverse and yet still totally connected to one another across multiple realities and dimensions.

Vessels are of many types as ALL are containers of multiple LIVE experiences rolled into ONE.

Some appear within denser physicality and others appear more ephemeral, Lighter, more subtle and almost non physical as ALL is a matter of interpreting density within an existence.

My heart sings to remember these Conversations between these Zones of existence which can take place across multiple reality expressions of Who I Am and Who We Are. 

My body seems asleep though when I feel into it – the physical body vessel is just very relaxed, peaceful and calm.

Messages from the BLUE SAPPHIRE begin pulsating though my senses again. The sensation of a transfer of information takes place in the form of a download of impulses.

You are the designer of the communication system with other Soul family members. We are already pre disposed to keep in CONTACT with ONE anOTHER. In essence we co-create the subtle energetic communicative bridging systems. As we are multi dimensional sensory beings our light signatures are unique and varied. Remember the akashic light records contain the living library of all your co existing aspects as you would view it in “light and sound”. All is just “A heartbeat away.”

We are always sending you Loving Energies as We can convey these transmissions through sound, songs, poems, holographic movies, high definition multi sensory impressions. For instance through Imprints, Photos, holographic beings, movements of energy, colours, symbols, neon lights, shapes, geometry and 3D moving holograms. We share with you lots of clues – so that you KNOW we are Always around, inside and through YOU. Loving and re-connecting you to your Family of Light.

We transmit our messages in higher pitch tones, spectrum of energy, so that more of your Soul Essence can feel imbued. Your receivers are held within a variety of telemPathic feeling states which convey messages of pure knowing, showers of light particles which create tingles around your body senses.  These quantum energetic transmissions and downloads are being stored in the memory banks of your cellular structure, your merkaba grids, and vibratory sensory awareness. You can feel them as “pure truth.” 

No instruction is required.  Your own pure states of Innate Knowing are your Guide whenever you feel aligned to your source divinity.

Songs may appear in tones which you can translate to thoughts and words to assist and activate the remembrance.  Imagine hearing, and viewing scenes in moving pictures…

“Got no strings to hold me down” ,

“When you wish upon a Star” and

“People who Love people – Are the luckiest people in the World.”

These messages of transmission will always feel personal and individual to you as they convey light imprinted information which is easily recognisable to YOU …

“You are a living expression of a collective Soul Family member of the Blue Sapphire. A Vortex …A Source Generator of pulsating Light and Sounds. Always surrounding you with LOVE and here to Welcome You Home! 

Feeling Awake, feeling refreshed and feeling energised!

Helena Serafina, Visionary Author, co-creator of CoLiving Communities



Rebirth and Remembrance

Rebirth and Remembrance

Rebirth and Remembrance  in The Sound and Light Water Temple

with Aymeric and Amelle Blanc ( based in the Aude Valley, SW France

(with the energetic presence of The Rainbow Children)

Surrounded by Cathedrals of Amethyst, Altar Quartz, Rose Quartz holding the grids of ISIS and OSIRIS and the Feminine Sacré. We entered the Water Temple surrounded by the sounds of a new recently recorded audio containing new quantum Sound and Light Codes downloaded and transcribed through the dedicated vehicle of Aymeric.

We could also feel the embracing joyous excitement for the arrival of their Rainbow energy Children whose presence felt ever close by. All of us could feel an unlocking, intertwining and blended fusion within our own Inner child combined with the family energies of Aymeric and Amelle . There can be no separation. We are universal beings as we all feel deeply connected through a loving collective bonding as Soul Family members. All of us consciously remembering the Sisterhood/Brotherhood cohesive bonds. The unfoldment began opening up for our next evolutionary awakening steps within a Family Matrix through our physical bodies.. A sweet blending of our lighter bodies with our physical bodies.

Entering the fluidity of the Salt Water allowed our various bodies to immediately connect with the Womb space of our Universal and Galactic Mother.  A joyous ReUnion embodying the sense of New Light Conceptions. In every moment our DNA structures can feel an upliftment with new Live Creations taking place within our cells and conscious remembrance of even more of “Who we Really are” as The New Human Gaians.

For Us, which is Helena, John and Pierre, We felt this deep connection of Soul Family embarking upon a new chapter of experience with our Star Soul Family members. Embracing our feeling states in the moment we allowed our physical bodies to converge with our other layers of consciousness. Doors opened up through the holographic fields of each others Akashic Acuity. Our Multi dimensional selves already aligned and in accordance with The One Source. Our vehicles all began responding in synchrony.  We felt ready to tune into the next stages with the Evolution of our Families Template as Gaian Galactic Beings.  As Multi dimensional Beings Living we are CoLiving in harmony within a Body. In this moment we began entering into another layer of embracing ourselves within a further Spectrum of luminescent colour and sound.

WE began feeling the next stages of LIVING IN SPIRAL TIME. In this way our physical bodies could embrace Be-ing in a fuller state of CommUnion with Living Life. You enter a central point of stillness with your sensory state. In this way all experiences of Synchrony enter your field of conscious awareness through this embodiment of Living Life. In essence it is a feeling state where your physical body can sense its enhanced connection with its lighter more multi d bodies. This feeling state could occur within moments of entering the fluidity of the Salt Water, already imbued with Crystalline Frequencies.

We could individually feel entering into a visual holographic Birth Canal. A sensory experience  which in my part had been felt as missing connector. The physical vessel of Elaine had experienced a physical birth. Now the the Soul Extensions of other Walk In aspects including our Soul extensions as spinner Dolphins, Whales and Sirian cetaceans.. could feel even further connected to our physical body vessels.The energetic presence of other multi d presence could join in further in a lighter way to converge with even more of my physical body.

Such an AquaSonic Celebration!

Again the entrance into these encounters became more easy when combined with the loving embrace of energies from The Rainbow children who appeared as orbs and spheres. As they also physically live on the premises their energies were effortlessly omnipresent.

New Chapters and New Doors can open in any moment. After facilitating the Birth of hundreds of others – this became a special Spiral Opening encounter for me personally. A moment of alignment where my light bodies and physical bodies could conjoin and merge on a deeper level with my already extended multi dimensional lighter bodies.

Body movements are so much more fluid within water and within a few moments meditating within the water further processes of convergence began. Living in Mt Shasta and the Pyrenees in France amongst the  Nulls and Nodes of our Divine Mountains my body has encountered numerous opportunities to become more connected to a more Earthy body footprint. Once my body felt the salt and crystal effects through the energised water other connections could feel further embodied. Immersing in such vibrational frequencies often feels more inviting and welcoming to multiple aspects of my other worldly selves. They present themselves through colour energy texture, telepathically and clairvoyantly frequently in my reality. Quite often, as water is such a clear conductor for universal energies other types of connections can be made.

For many of us as clairvoyant visual sentient and empathic telepaths, Life in a body can present us with plenty of challenges and exceptional opportunities for further self discovery. As walkers between other inter dimensional worlds and realities we can place many pressures on our physical bodies to incorporate more of who we really are. Water as a conductor of Light, Sonic vibration and Love offers our body further openings and extensions to incorporate these other realms and realities in a more conscious way. Our physical bodies feel included more within the journey. We are navigating new vehicles of consciousness through the colours, frequencies and holograms of planets and realities where we already co exist  and our physical body can feel more comfortable with these types of experience. We consciously and knowingly live within bodies elsewhere. These humanoid and hybrid bodies can  look and feel very different to the one we are living in here on Earth. So our body can explore with spiral, circular and other types of movement which feel unencumbered by gravity.

Aymeric entered the fluidity of the space with his energetic presence whilst he himself remained in another physical location tuning into our consciousness fields.In some moments we could all individually focus into the sounds from the recording highlighting indigenous civilisations we have been connected to before – as a stimulant or inspiring a memory from another lifetime where we could feel our Soul Family connection. In other moments we could feel attuned to the silence of Being in an alternate space and out of time.

We are here to explore, experiment, create and co-create new Living Realities within ourselves, other conscious Soul Family members and All Sentient Life. It is truly a magical opportunity to BE living in a body in this 4th density timeline., 5th dimensional consciousness. Within so many of us now, is a calling to remember Co-Living on other Worlds with our other Realm Families. Whilst immersed within the fluidity of sound resonance and Loving Sonic vibrations we can make other sensory contact with these parts of ourselves. Our Collective Family members can also more easily Make Contact through us. Our enhanced visionary eyes and combined consciousness become the Gateway to our Souls Remembrance of our other multi dimensional Universal Family Worlds. 

All 3 of US, quickly remembered and observed that our body movements began changing from their regular styles. On impulse our fingers began communicating in sign and mudras type languages, light language voiced effortlessly, and our legs and posture altered to embrace these new codes and colours of light communication. Our bodies felt in a deep surrender from within to explore, create, and experiment with reshaping ourselves within the welcoming womb of this new Human body experience.

Pure Source holds a vibrational frequency. We felt invited to share these frequencies within another layer of immersion with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  This welcoming feeling of surrender acts as a new template from which we can move into a deeper level of sensory connection with our multi d selves from within. This feeling of CoLiving within a Spiral Time state invites even more of a resonance match with our physical lives. In essence it invites us to change the way we perceive ourselves and our relationship with our current knowing of reality. Everything about our Living world feels different! We create from within ourselves a New Living Reality.

It can offer us new experiences of self regeneration within our bodies organs as all of our sensory states begin to experience a new taster of freedom from within. It can take many repetitions of these experiences though eventually the body can receive the message that it is part of a new universal intelligence field. Sound, light and water can quickly act as a conductive energy which emits these NEW Spiral Timelines of awakened consciousness. Our DNA is literally activated an encoded to respond to these new fields of resonance. We are receivers and encoded transmitters of Light. We remain in a still space of consistent Love frequency and the world or our Universe evolves around our emitting frequency of Light. We become masters of Light transmission. Inviting the Law of attraction to bring synchronous resonant activity to US.

Another chapter, a new beginning, A Life enhancer, A rebirth, A renewal, A regenerator, An energiser, A rejuvenator as A New Human species. Our Soul Family are certainly Multi Dimensional activators and an empowering Inspirational group collective Beings. We are a cohesive multi generational group who choose Love, Harmony and Peace for Gaia, Humanity and All Sentient Life. Our physical bodies and Light Bodies are becoming ONE.

Helena Serafina, Author, Intuitive Translator, Co-Creator of Co-Living Communities

Navigators and Experiencers of Light and Sound

BellaCruzCoLiving on Instagram, 

Pierre Bigot in Ariege, SW France

Helena Serafina, John von Nuding in Mt Shasta CA FaceBook


Aymeric and Amelle Blanc, Aude Valley SW France

Would you like to hear some GREAT NEWS!!

Would you like to hear some GREAT NEWS!!

Would you like to hear some GREAT NEWS!! 

  • Whilst in “Conversation with Source Energy” – during this mornings revelation I found myself in a “meeting house” where a variety of different activities were taking place within multiple rooms. Many were gathering in different age generations sharing multi cultural activities, meditations, arts, creative discussions and conversations, connecting with musical exchanges. All felt vibrant, colourful and present. Human and other Realm Beings felt both multi cultural and other worldly which was represented through the way they dressed in a variety of costumes and styles of clothing.
  • In one room a Meditation was commencing with a Priestess in a golden gown and Priest in a magisterial violet gown. They both felt to be Guardians who were hosting the space for others as they entered the room. When I entered the room the Priestess felt in a deep inner space and a even a little sad. As I went outside to leave I noticed that they were preparing for a group session together.  Whilst outside I tapped on the window and the Priestess looked at me with longing eyes requesting for me to return to the group room space. Her eyes lovingly encouraging and asking “Please return and join me”
  • So I responded. Her request was clear and so I felt drawn to her loving embrace and she glowed with gratitude..
  • In the next frame I was around a table with John, and other members of our Soul Family. In one moment I began checking off a ticket which John had highlighted earlier and could feel through my heart and eyes as if they were expanding The numbers corroborated with a kind of grid panel of codes with 22 23 24 and 25. Feeling the transfer from the ticket I shared with the Family…
  • “Would you Like to hear some GREAT news!”
  • All the family looked up from their various activities to listen and I further announced.
  • “We have just been acknowledged with MILLIONS on this Lottery Ticket!”
  • Then I heard a voice whisper to me…
  • “What would you feel about this?” and
  • “In what ways could these Millions feel beneficial? “
  • My heart expanded as saw ‘monies converted into ‘color coded energy’ being allocated and transferred to multiple projects which definitely placed ALL the Soul Family members who are participative in a position where abundance could never be in a state of lack again. As if any concern for feeling unsupported had been removed from ALL of us and dissolved into non existence.
  • The voice suggested
  • “How would this feel?”
  • So I could feel vibrantly that all our focus would go into creative energies both  in our inner and outer world realities. These fertilized, cross pollinated and began a co-creative process with the universe. ALL this energy exchange offered us NEW probabilities and possibilities for our Souls evolution as a more benevolent creative group within humanity.
  • Our imaginations became untethered from any old constructs or previous way  of thinking which had previously included being in lack of something…
  • The voice asked
  • “Would you like to send these NEW opportunities to any other Soul Family who are involved in evolutionary innovative projects which assist the expansion of the human souls evolution?
  • Absolutely YES!! I began scanning and researching for all the projects which included our Young Generation especially those who are co creating innovative activities in new energy fields. In an instant transfers took place where I observed this NEW energy of abundance and funding being transferred to specific family members where energy names morphed into ‘energy signatures’ which became highlighted to me : including Jo, Pierre, Marie, Joanne, Jaap, Cedric,  Lauren, Tess, Tineke, Ralf, Jules, Milou, Ardjan, Dorrit, Louis,Jamie, Seth, Ocean, Sara, …. So many energy signatures floated before me in flashes of light through movies and images of humanitarian, creative arts, educational, and ecological innovations. Other signatures from groups that we knew personally or felt to be in a resonant association with. Too many to give specific names. This influx of light energy uplifted ALL of their overviews and inspirations. ALL in a flux of movement and lights carrying bands of coded signatures which once applied through our Imagination and Feelings illuminated the potential of this NEW reality. Wishes to bring forward NEW ENERGY became a reality. Every project contained a spirit of benevolence and uplift-ment for the consciousness within society.
  • The expansion field began multiplying and converted into a galaxy of spiral ling lights and multiple color spectrums. The effects on everyone and everything was vast and penetrated the earths atmosphere reflecting energy dust patterns. Everything in Life became held in gratitude which then revealed NEW ways of living in harmony where ALL expressions of “Living Life” could feel totally uplifted. Even within areas which seemed previously impossible or unusual. Bubbles of consciousness expanded and multiplied which felt to be shown externally in the environment and internally within a body.
  • .
  • The voice then suggested to ..
  • “Really FEEL and absorb these new potentials of feeling”  and “ Remember! Carry these feelings within your imagination and your heart. Immerse these potentials within you as if You always have them in place. Knowing you have ALL YOU NEED AND MORE!  Behave in a way which is in accordance with your Receiver-Ship. And observe how it multiplies.”
  • The sensations were palpable expansive and felt so supporting.
  • The voice then suggested
  • “Perhaps make a menu of all the wonderful activities and projects you would love to be involved in within your Family Group! Share this energy between you  in your conversations, your imagination and your dreams. TRUST that all this is in TRUE alignment and in Benevolence with the Whole of Creation. Send out these tickets as if they are within a coded message. Feeling these energies  as this new feeling of Abundance transfers to All members of your community.
  • It IS and Let is Be So”

So, in this moment, I am feeling as though we have the ticket, and permission slip to WIN THE LOTTERY!!!! Of ABUNDANCE!!! Of SUPPORT!!! Of BENEVOLENCE!!

Helena Serafina, Visionary Author, Intuitive Translator, Co-Creator of Co-Living Communities



For me, Meditation assists to neutralise, clear old vibrations and deprograms my mind pattering. Stillness and silence slows down the mind chatter until I feel more calm and more peaceful. My sensory bodies can then respond to the calmness and other forms of communication can come forward in loving support of my expanding awareness.
Sitting in nature or places of beauty allows a feeling of blending and merging into my surroundings where I can feel a natural connection to my more sensitive states.  Listening and hearing other natural sounds, which may have been missed before. Previously I may not have focussed on these other sounds and layers of feeling before. As at other times its been easier to be more physically and mentally active  focussed on different things elsewhere.
Once in this altered state I can begin travelling into other dimensions of reality which alters my feelings state and vibrational field. This shift in my focus and attention allows other beings or vibratory energies to come forward in my heightened sensitivity. Everything internally and externally always feels constantly in motion. The frequency of my feeling state can then be matched by other vibrations which are always present and emmenating from inside and outside of my awareness. Everything feels connected. When I hear or feel moments of lack or doubt in my ability to connect – I just let them float by – like ships just passing through. With more focus and attention I can then go deeper into peace and calmness allowing more change in my own vibratory rate. Deeper breathing, more relaxation, assists me to feel more connected to my physical, emotional, and lighter bodies so I can move and explore around within that space inside of me. Altering my state of awareness consciously allows other frequency visitors and sentient beings to pop in and share an energy conversation with me. We can telepath through energy transmissions and connect to the vibration of other sentient beings who use this communication band width. Some may appear to exchange or speak with me and others may transmit pictures,movies,sounds or other sensory feeling states.
My awareness of other realm states of feeling expands as these other realities are going on around and inside me in a multi dimensional quantum vortex.  I can notice them and remain within these spheres of multiple frequencies at the same moment. Other beings can notice me and I can exchange with them. Sometimes they don’t see me as they too are focussed elsewhere. Sometimes I can sense that they too feel an energy being is around though they may not be paying so much attention to me – they can just feel a ripple or sense of my presence too. These first encounters can be very subtle. Sometimes they engage, respond and exchange and a multi sensory conversation takes place.
This is my world living as an empath. Collaborating and exploring other dimensions of quantum space reality. Co-creating multi sensory holograms like movies, which become bridges where we can meet and greet each other as multi dimensional family across the dimensions.
My voice then becomes a conduit of this living multi dimensional light and sound energy which can be transferred through daily communication. Speaking, sharing and acknowledging these other worlds gives my own conscious body consistent reassurance that all is well. This is the new normal and my bodies can co relate to one another and meet the rest of my other realm family, who love and support me from across the veil. My life as an empath can be kept in balance and I can give myself permission to create more conscious choices of the realities and loving vibrations I choose to connect with. This opens more doors and gateways for these realities to manifest from the inside out. So my preferred choice of reality becomes my new physical existence. As a human being other realities may coexist though I can choose where I share my focus and attention to them.
Creating new realities becomes an inner and outer physical experience as more of us connect to these new paradigms and bring them here to this physical reality. New consciousness children are doing this innately all the time. Affirming these worlds through our voices assists our bodies to support this process. We trust our own voices more than anyone elses. For me, I include photographic evidence of natural beauty through my imagination or a physical video and combine this with natural gentle sounds. This then further allows my body to feel in a more natural resonance alliance with my surroundings. These affirmed feeling states then guide me to this preferred existence.  Any thing which is unsupportive of this can be highlighted, healed and dissolved. This creates a new platform for Living a Life which is more inclusive of my true colours, my true nature and my sensitive innate self knowing. Maybe this can assist you too – as an inspiration for your own creations here are my meditation affirmations and images on video (see above).
In love and light
Helena Serafina, Author, Intuitive Translator, Co-Creator of Co-Living Communities
Living Life as an Empath  – Meditation Affirmations with Helena Serafina
I AM calm
I AM serene
I AM in balance with my inner and outer worlds
I AM peaceful and in flow with life
I AM in flow with my breath my breathing my life force
I AM in acceptance of the fluidity of LIFE
I AM in deep gratitude for being in existence here on earth at this time of great change
I AM in ease and grace with LIFE
I AM inviting the most benevolent outcome to all situations in my life
and that of others in their lives
I AM following my own path
I AM exploring my own relationship with my worlds
I AM allowing others to research their own paths and their own solutions
I AM grateful to all aspects of life which support new feeling states
I AM grateful
I CREATE Space for myself
I CREATE moments for quiet deep reflection with my other selves
my other selves are always with me – you see
We are never alone
I CREATE moments for loving nurturing exchange with my other selves
I CREATE space
I CREATE space for moments of deep integration with my other sensitive selves
I CREATE space for deep breathing to calm my sensitive nature with my multi d selves
I CREATE moments of peace and quiet and in these moments
I ALLOW feelings of being able to adapt to new experiences and new surroundings
I CREATE moments of calmness and serenity in my thoughts where i can feel in balance with my outer and inner worlds and realities
I CREATE new openings in my sensory awareness to other forms of feeling
I can feel their existence and the ways we are able to communicate and co operate with each other in our multi dimensional realities

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am a multi sensory empathic being making contact with other living beings who share their multi sensory expression in a loving nurturing way
I ACKNOWLEDGE myself to feel comfortable and supported with these new exchanges taking place between my and our multi sensory worlds
I ACKNOWLEDGE trust and guidance from knowing nurturing selves who are able to assist me with these new openings of sensory awareness in my bodies
I ACKNOWLEDGE the wisdom of the divine which intuitively guides me through these next steps of feeling where

I AM and WE ARE even more connected with my multiple worlds and feel fully supported
I ACKNOWLEDGE the wisdom of the Divine
 I ACKNOWLEDGE any emotional, mental pain or disturbance in my senses and allow them to come forward for healing, for nurturing and rebalancing with new heightened sensory feelings
 I ACKNOWLEDGE the presence of my all knowing wise GodSelf
Helena Serafina, Author, Intuitive Translator, Co-Creator of Co-Living Communities