Encounters with the Blue Sapphire Vortex

Early in the year of 2018, during a recent Group Gathering in Utrecht, Netherlands our Soul Family chose to share multiple experiences with “Connecting with Telos and Inner Earth”

Following our Group Sound Meditation each individual member shared their creative art expressions and stories.. My Journey into the Blue Sapphire Vortex began a few days earlier. 

Whilst sleeping in the healing sanctuary of Dorrit a Soul Family member of our Next Generation in Amsterdam. My eyes closed, my body relaxed. Within an instant my subtle sensory bodies moved into a swirling spiral of electric blue transient tubes of light. The sensations felt a though I could be entering into a wormhole. The switch from one paradigm to another was almost instant. My subtle bodies were moving and oscillating at vast speed through these translucent lights. Within what felt like moments my focus was encompassed within – a LightShip Vessel you might say! 

Once An Encounter with an Electric Blue Vortex comes forward it feels as if you are consciously able to travel within an experiential series of subtle light movies. My senses felt encompassed within an electric blue beam of light. Blue felt to be the most prominent color texture. Whilst surrounded and imbued within these Sonic light vortexes I could feel nourished by the sensations of feeling attuned to my “natural states of light source and innate self.” 

Once acclimated within this alter state reality I felt invited to rejoin my other multi dimensional selves in a more harmonic state of Unison. My system and feelings were so connected with Source energy within these multiple light formations. As if to retain a balance in my other earth body states a constant message is transmitted through all my systems “We are a member of a light collective within ONE body”   These pulsating messages assist to keep a calmness within every cell and tributary of my knowing, feeling and BEing. All feel encapsulated with LOVE and a deeply touching sense of BEing with FAMILY. All feels familiar. All feels supportive. All feels exciting to BE in this realm again. A RE-UNION.

Whilst ‘Onboard’  this Blue Sapphire Vessel, for me, “ALL of me” can feel attuned to MY JOURNEY of collective programs and design themes. All in resonance and alongside other teams of Soul family members. All is in supportive assistance. WE ARE in multiple forms as a coalescent group. Our lighter bodies are filled with quantum energy cells which feel they belong and feel fully embraced within multiple fields of living creation. My breathing is lighter and My body feels supported.

My visual senses feel re-ignited by seeing Family Members in Light. We are an established team of code writers and narrators of truth as we know it. My role is – to BE an active encoder of light. My lighter senses feel contained with vast amounts of communicated blue prints, design programs and planetary alliance records within my connection to this consciousness of Source energy. Every particle of my physical and lighter bodies feel energised and reconnected to an illuminated mainframe. 

Each subsequent Journey into BLUE SAPPHIRE carries its own values of interpretation. The colours, the textures, the sounds, the visuals, the encounter all offer guidance and mapping sets to allow my multiple journey potentials and possibilities.

Blue Sapphire is a multi species carrier and container of multiple options with LIVE permutations. These become Life experiences. I am Making Contact with my Source Vessel which are Living Libraries captured in Light. These convey Live transmissions between my other multi dimensional selves as ALL are stored in these Vessels. I can meet more of ME. My  Family. My Home Space. Other versions of Who I AM can become revealed to me. This activation of my memory feels connected within multiple realities.

When awake in my physical body, another ME is present for instance during this awakened conscious state of my human self. I Am living in one of the design roles and experiments in which my I AM is present.

My intuition guides me. Synchronicity creates an impulse which guides me towards the locations and the co-ordinates where my other family members can connect with me.  Places where these experiments of Living can be self-realised and re enacted within a multiplicity of environments and dimensional densities.

BEing ONBOARD the Blue Sapphire my feelings reconnect to memories and I am shown visuals of where I AM a member of multiple design teams. My activities can appear quite varied and diverse and yet still totally connected to one another across multiple realities and dimensions.

Vessels are of many types as ALL are containers of multiple LIVE experiences rolled into ONE.

Some appear within denser physicality and others appear more ephemeral, Lighter, more subtle and almost non physical as ALL is a matter of interpreting density within an existence.

My heart sings to remember these Conversations between these Zones of existence which can take place across multiple reality expressions of Who I Am and Who We Are. 

My body seems asleep though when I feel into it – the physical body vessel is just very relaxed, peaceful and calm.

Messages from the BLUE SAPPHIRE begin pulsating though my senses again. The sensation of a transfer of information takes place in the form of a download of impulses.

You are the designer of the communication system with other Soul family members. We are already pre disposed to keep in CONTACT with ONE anOTHER. In essence we co-create the subtle energetic communicative bridging systems. As we are multi dimensional sensory beings our light signatures are unique and varied. Remember the akashic light records contain the living library of all your co existing aspects as you would view it in “light and sound”. All is just “A heartbeat away.”

We are always sending you Loving Energies as We can convey these transmissions through sound, songs, poems, holographic movies, high definition multi sensory impressions. For instance through Imprints, Photos, holographic beings, movements of energy, colours, symbols, neon lights, shapes, geometry and 3D moving holograms. We share with you lots of clues – so that you KNOW we are Always around, inside and through YOU. Loving and re-connecting you to your Family of Light.

We transmit our messages in higher pitch tones, spectrum of energy, so that more of your Soul Essence can feel imbued. Your receivers are held within a variety of telemPathic feeling states which convey messages of pure knowing, showers of light particles which create tingles around your body senses.  These quantum energetic transmissions and downloads are being stored in the memory banks of your cellular structure, your merkaba grids, and vibratory sensory awareness. You can feel them as “pure truth.” 

No instruction is required.  Your own pure states of Innate Knowing are your Guide whenever you feel aligned to your source divinity.

Songs may appear in tones which you can translate to thoughts and words to assist and activate the remembrance.  Imagine hearing, and viewing scenes in moving pictures…

“Got no strings to hold me down” ,

“When you wish upon a Star” and

“People who Love people – Are the luckiest people in the World.”

These messages of transmission will always feel personal and individual to you as they convey light imprinted information which is easily recognisable to YOU …

“You are a living expression of a collective Soul Family member of the Blue Sapphire. A Vortex …A Source Generator of pulsating Light and Sounds. Always surrounding you with LOVE and here to Welcome You Home! 

Feeling Awake, feeling refreshed and feeling energised!

Helena Serafina, Visionary Author, co-creator of CoLiving Communities