Which Parallel Reality version of LeMuria?

This appeared as a nebulous floating conversation when I awoke this morning.

Other references also come forward almost within a sphere of Remembrance and Awakening to remind me of my connection with the Turquoise Blue Ray. Some days everything carries a reflection of  Being connected to a particular colour or texture. From the sensory connection to a piece of fabric through the clothes I wear, the fabric of the furniture in my surroundings, the shapes of the flowers and leaves all reflect color and texture. And the sensation of “Tuning in” to the conversations with physical and non-physical soul family and friends, videos and music being listened to on Google Play and YouTube. All is a living composition of my Empathic feelings in that moment. A spherical sound surround representation. A mirrored reflection of my Living Life.

Could some of the sensory moments also be a reflection of the oceanic lives I once held as a Mermaid from Mu. Messages can be heard  through my inner ears and voices suggesting for me to “Keep in flow – Be Fluid.” with the way you are viewing and feeling these other spherical realities.

Sometimes the mental translation locks out some of the memory and feelings from other worlds. Sensory movies appear through my intuition and imagination and really help to keep my threads of connection to other realms, timelines and multiverses online. It is a training of focussing within consciousness, staying present within the consciousness. Even speaking in a secondary  conversation and sharing the information with another physical person and non physical energy BEing in the same moment.

There are imprints delivered through my many multi dimensional selves containing multi sensory information which can activate a feeling or memory in any moment. So the relay can be in real time/no time NOW or when you meet a resonant moment which triggers a sensory hologram memory.

After many years of experiencing multiple alternate and parallel encounters it is not so unusual now, for me to consider and remember alternate life experiences.  Once awakened to other forms of truth, I can remember having multiple “life and live” experiences. All feels so close by.  Why wouldn’t we keep in touch with each other across the dimensions. We are multi dimensional soul family to each other.

Since childhood I have been curious and fascinated by other worlds, where we share this connections. We co exist in parallel realities of many civilizations. My childlike curiosity has always been to discover where there are soul family members and/or another version of me from another realm dimension,  which I am in regular contact with or have yet to meet. When allowing these feelings for this possibility, multiple spheres and showering bubbles of other worldly light and love particulates flow through my bodies senses.  Sometimes I can even view and feel the BE-ing and Soul Family before they call or Make Contact.

Confirmations appear with so many signs of Serendipity and Synchrony – its Magical!!

Meeting other physical soul collective members acts as a trigger for some of these memories to flood forward as I recall other existences in our conversations with each other. In other realms we hold together multiple life experiences as humanoid, cetaceans, feline or close by transparent oceanic bodies from LeMuRia. These too may have mythical and common references to the cetacean family we live alongside now. So I can look at someones face and observe a feline aspect of that person as it comes forward to greet me. Its as though they trust and feel they will be welcomed in their current human body form, so the morphing and transformation just appears and we greet each other with so much love.

Its a TeleMpathic ReUnion from across the Realms.

Sometimes there is a story attached to the quantum transmissions of information. At other moments it is as though your senses are being shown around a different set of physics which don’t always resemble my current physical body suit, in which I might be living within this timeline. Some things look familiar and other aspects shown do not always have a counterpart here. It’s like looking into the future, or another alternate realm where you can’t base everything on the way it looks and feels in this timeline, now.

From this vantage I can feel deeply touched that when we are in conversation with each other we have both chosen to bridge these parallel realities. It feels such a service to my souls evolution and humanity to choose, at some point, to take a two legged human body incarnation and “Walk Together” upon another version of Upper, Middle and Inner Earth as we know it. Again.

For me it so often feels as though I am recalling memories of our Inner Earth “twin state” family members in a resonance point together. These aspects of US have continued in their evolution and live “close by”  as the veils are so transparent now. We are CoLiving within other dimensional realities. Walking alongside each other.

These connections can be reached and embraced more easily now through “Empathic Transference”. As these memories become activated or triggered we feel impulsed to visit Sacred Vortex areas on the planet where these holographic states of reality can be felt and re discovered and connected with, in an even deeper intensity.

You could also refer to it as reaching into Multiple Timelines and Parallel Universes. Hence my curiosity of Which timeline and version of Le Mu Ria are we referring too?

It seems, of course, there are multi versions of LeMuria. Though each version for me feels as though we enter a realm, alongside members of our Soul Family in different quantum reality resonance frequencies. We tune into each other and for me each encounter carries a different texture of memory, feeling and resonance. There isn’t really one definition of an alternate or parallel reality as they are constantly changing and morphing in alignment with our own resonant frequency.

For sure as conversations and collaborations with alternate world reality families becomes more transparent – my Hearts Desire to live in states of Peace and tranquility within nature becomes necessity.  A chosen preference. As these experiences evolve these new impulses can change. I observe the way this is constantly changing within our New Generation. Every step reveals a new daily living choice, even just changing the furniture around.

My hearts impulse is to allow my sensitivity to live in a heightened state of Love and Oneness with my BODY through choosing surroundings of Peace and Beauty. My search for my own version of truth is ever expanding and grounding alongside my Soul families connection to Source Love and Divinity.

My multi dimensional selves can then enter my knowing and Empathic Transference viewing and subtle feelings states.  Other realms of reality are a unique expression of my souls collective and integrated through my human personality bodies.

We can join or connect with these multiple living reality states as and when they feel in resonance. It feels a beautiful collaboration. A Family Re-Union. I am not stuck between being a specific version of LeMurian or Atlantean.

I am a Collaborative Multi Dimensional version of ME living NOW with akashic access to a variety of my ancestral and twin versions of my Souls multiple expression. All contain truth. All feel a part of who I am. Gaian, Humanoid, cetacean, Hybrid consciousness, Other Realm, civilizations and Galactic Star Nation ET selves. A fusion of ALL. All accessed through my ONE body in the NOW.

Isn’t that AWESOME! – Who’d have thought that was possible…


Helena Serafina, Intuitive Visionary Author. Co-Creator of CoLiving Communities.