Our Guidance messages and dreams certainly seem to confirm and contain even more references now to “LIVE and BE” – YOUR MOST LOVING SELF.

Being with Soul Family at Christmas can offer ALL of US a gifted invitation to “feel” even more Forgiveness and Compassion with ourselves.

For me, I can feel more COLOUR and GRATITUDE in each moment for just BEING MYSELF.

After accessing memories through the akashic records, over the last two decades, for myself and others, it feels as though the way we can view and “empathically feel” our memories has changed.

Sometimes when I meet someone, that I may have a connection with from several years ago, it can sometimes feel as though I am almost trying to access another life time. I can find myself searching for memories that relate NOW to my current living world reality, with this other memory from another timeline.

In conversation it can feel easier to recall the memories. Our voices carry a series of pictures, sensory movies and imprints, for me. So it can be as if I’m simultaneously viewing a movie, during the conversation, that I haven’t seen for a while, though it feels familiar.

Memories and other lives which come forward from The Akashic records can FEEL and BE viewed in this way when you connect with your clairvoyance. There is a vast “Hall of Records” stored as sensory holograms which we can access by developing our clair sentience, clair-audient, and clairvoyant senses.

With all the current shifts and changes into a more benevolent vibration – the colors and textures of these holograms or movies, that we can access, feel to have gracefully softened. We are remembering memories and infusing them with MORE LOVE as this reflects our more current feeling state. As we enter into higher LOVE resonance fields it also feels  unrequired and unnecessary, to recall details of suffering. More an overview of benevolence which we can offer ourselves from another incarnation, where we were just experiencing Life in another way.  Rewriting our cellular memory for these other experiences feels more infused, now, by our own current Heart Centred Self Love.

How we currently Feel about ourselves reflects the way we remember our Memories.

As we are evolving and raising our frequency as a human species, we are together developing a natural state of forgiveness and compassion for who WE ARE as a collective human species. This creates a new template or record in the Akosh of our resonance and relationship to our own existence. It is as though Source energy has overlaid our memories with more kindness, or even the memory of suffering has dissolved. That part of our individuated self no longer requires that reference of being in a suffering state. So it doesn’t recall that imprint.

WE have changed our collective human consciousness through introducing a more healing reflection to the way WE FEEL and can NUTURE ourselves.

You can notice now in the “New Generation”  that they are NOT ALL fixed into an old memory of grief and recall of other timelines. They can mostly and for some, only, feel a loving kindness form of connection to themselves and the rest of humanity.

The systems within our NEXT WAVE GENERATION are upgraded to a new love field embodying “Compassion and Kindness”. Where their only reference to living IS by embodying a Life of “Peace and Harmony”.

They feel “no judgment” for each others actions in previous life experiences. It can be as though they don’t really resonate with what those lower frequencies of disharmony feel like – so they don’t access them. For the next generation of Old Souls these references to suffering have either already dissolved or are in the process of further dissolving. We can NOW observe  ourselves with MORE Compassion and Kindness,

Black and white referrals from old paradigm beliefs have transformed into a new palate of healing colour. These NEW SPECTRUM of Colours contain referrals and frequencies through “Self correction” to feeling MORE Love and Gratitude for each other as human beings. The Next Gen, know in their hearts, as do WE, that we are sharing and living together in harmony on a sentient planet Gaia our Mother Earth. We are loved and supported by Gaia and the Universe even beyond our current understanding. We can Trust and know that every step we make and every Truth we embody is an act of kindness. All is in support of our growth and evolution as conscious multi dimensional beings living in a human body.

Tears flow and the body heals as we forgive ourselves and each other for any previous actions, thoughts and deeds from other incarnations, which might have previously prevented our transcendence from loving and living, with more presence from WITHIN ourselves.

FEEL and BE transported to a place of Peace and Serenity. Live and Embody hope with this exquisite prayer. This video has been available for a while now and yet still can touch and heal my senses from a deep core essence of my Being. 

Thich Nhat Hanh created a stunning video – THE GREAT BELL CHANT

Click here to view the Video

The Great Bell Chant – A Buddhist Prayer for the End of Suffering

May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos
Even in the darkest spots
Living beings are able to hear it clearly
So that all suffering in them cease
Understanding comes to their heart
And they transcend the path of sorrow and death.
The universal dharma door is already open
The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly
The miracle happens
A beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower
One single drop of this compassionate water
Is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers.
Listening to the bell
I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve
My mind calm
My body relax
A smile is born on my lips
Following the sound of the bell
My breathe brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness
In the garden of my heart
The flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

This beautiful prayer written by Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, is chanted by brother Phap Niem.

Feel the invitation from Mother Father Divine, and Mother Earth to share this Christmas in PEACE and HARMONY with Soul Family and ALL Sentient Life. In glorious technicolour..

Our Greatest Gift in Life IS


Helena Serafina,

Intuitive Translator, Visionary Author and CoCreator of CoLiving Community.