FEELING JOY whilst Maintaining Inner Peace and Balance within Paradox and Chaos whilst CoLiving in our Star Global Family Co-Intentional Communities
In my daily life I AM a collaborative Soul Family member of 3 physical communities within Telosian Community based in California, USA, Bella Cruz CoLiving (Closed Group on FaceBook) in SWFrance and Live-to-BE in Netherlands. We currently also have family members in UK, Indonesia, Australasia and other parts of Europe. Our combined non-physical encounters, of course, reach way BEYOND these physical places and spaces with the social media models we currently share.
Altogether a pretty expansive Togetherness Program which requires attention to the ways our senses Navigate these Quantum Fields in Unison with each other.
My daily contact includes a wide variety of 24/7 experiences as we navigate through these shifts in consciousness. These shifts currently affect our global patterning through Global events whilst we ourselves co-create and share resources in the community with New Ways of Living.
BEing both a Telepath and Empath, sensory awareness for me requires continual moments for re-evaluation and focussing for realignment into Peace and Balance within my quantum sensory selves.
It feels a vital part of my day to TUNE into feeling Joy and Light with my own internal validation as we are surrounded my multiple programs of Paradox and Chaos with our consistently changing life perspectives.
When I receive insights, guidances and downloads – these vibrations require a physical experience which can follow through into my physical references whilst living here on Earth. Of course, this can feel juxtaposed with my daily physical reality. So again it feels a vital step to take these moments of quieter inner reflection and invite energies of GRATITUDE to my states of WELL BEING whilst we co-create these Vortexes of Embodied Light within multiple layers of my mental, physical emotional and quantum realities.
For me writing assists my various bodies to keep on track with all the multiple activities and sensations which are taking place in these quantum fields in my non-physical and physical realities. In this way, we are communicating with each other in synchrony of LOVING self-attention. Through the energies which run through my fingers, we are giving attention to my own needs and internal validations within my quantum worlds and realities.
As I alongside other Soul Family chose to “Walk Amongst” the Community as we co-create TOGETHER 5th dimensional “Living Portals.” My system can easily empath and take on the shifts occurring within myself and “others around me” in vulnerable moments. We are all experiencing vast changes within our Inner perspectives which really do not always match our current physical reality. So my personal invitation is to STAY IN TOUCH with who I AM and feel myself to BE. Notice and observe situations and remain AUTONOMOUS within my own I AM SOVEREIGNTY.
In our Togetherness programs, we have a wide variety of projects, eclectic interests whilst living alongside inter-generational, multidimensional conscious and non-conscious, Soul Family. We are ALL experiencing shifts and changes in our physical and non-physical lives.
The shifts can FEEL profound and rapid as some changes can feel intense and life-changing to our previous ways of living. We are “opening up” and expanding rapidly to our sense of What our Reality really IS, and Who we ARE becoming as Sentient Human Beings. We are REprogramming, REwriting, REcalibrating and REbirthing in conscious REAL time as in 5th dimensional ALL takes place in the NOW moments.
With BOTH internal and external movements taking place, within our daily activities, it can require consistently dedicating moments for STILLNESS and CALM quietude in collaboration with nature. In this way, my Empathic and telepathic lighter body systems can feel re-energized and re-balanced after processing any feelings of Being overwhelmed by receiving an overload of sensory information. My observational selves can take a primary role in assisting me to enable my senses of wellBEing and Balance within my everyday living life.
Everyone else’s state of awareness of their situation is not necessarily mine. In some moments I can observe the core feeling states of others which may not always match with what they are saying ie it is not their own innate truth. It is someone else’s program, for instance from a parent, a company, a school system which became adapted and adopted as a program framework to follow to give us a structure for living through life.
Many of these programs are collapsing and moving into a state of chaos as we are ALL waking up to the way these programs manipulated our own innate sensory way of BEing and behaving. So much is changing around our everyday perceptions of the ways we chould live our daily reality. New realizations are coming forward with such clarity. BEing an Empath it can feel too easy to absorb the feeling states of others around me during these change of this process. This morning I heard an  “energyvoice” clearly sharing:
“Other peoples happiness is their own affair and not always yours”
“Your primary role is to BE here and radiate your own sense of happiness, gratitude and appreciation with your world”
We are living in a “Free Will” matrix where everyone can choose their own states of BEing. When you have awareness of other types of existence within other collective reality states it can be confusing to observe when others choose for a state of contrast with their own happiness. And yet, remaining neutral and in acceptance of the choices of others can assist me to remain in Peace and Balance within myself. Different states of Contrast assist me to grow and expand so I can feel to just ALLOW the flow of change to wash over any extreme conditions and TRUST that the Universe offers ALL OF US higher vibrational opportunities for further growth and expansion. All can unfold gracefully and naturally with ease and grace. Within my stillness, anything I need to know will reach me in a state of benevolence and loving kindness.
We often expand our realities on different layers to experiment with the ways we can create MAGIC together. We are the embodiment of Christ Light so IT IS inevitable that we meet up in the airways, dream-states and alternate, parallel realities to communicate with each other. We co-create holograms of living reality TOGETHER and search for corresponding vibrational matches with our Soul Family members.
For me, it really assists to Remember to “Enjoy the Ride” This can ask all of us as Soul Family members to sometimes take a longer way around so that we co-create bridges in the other realms with our co-responding vehicles. A recent dream state highlighted this graphically as some of the bridges may not appear to BE fully constructed or built yet as we are acting in concordance with ONE an OTHER. So sometimes I place my focus elsewhere whilst we reconfigure our movements in synchrony with universal intelligence i.e. EACH OTHER.
Personally, I ENJOY exploring the deep layer quantum relations I encounter with other inspirational travelers and navigators. For many years I have been drawn to share my ever expanding personal entourage whilst listening in collaboration with other Soul Communities Groups. These other groups operate in quantum realities and are currently sharing their personal in-depth living experiences.  Whilst also offering inspirational tools for these moments of deep shift and recalibration to our personal and Soul Family LIVE Structures.
We are the Star Nation/Ground Crew who volunteered to share information with each other to assist Soul Family members to navigate their own pathways whilst embracing the feeling a membership within a Family Togetherness organism. Of course, Starseed Family are involved in multiple programs. Our operating systems collaborate TOGETHER to form Coherent Vortexes. We are in remembrance of self-responsibility programs where we are self-taught, self-liberating, self-embodied and self-validating our own DIVINITY.
We FEEL connected to others who are part of these Human/Nature Design programs which are moving into higher states of awareness. We are consistently drawn to follow our own impulses and create MINI STEPS within our day to day choices and activities TOGETHER. WE are TUNING into our own innate GUIDANCE systems or HIGHER SELF ENTOURAGE. Basically, this includes our OWN Quantum multidimensional selves from other realms who currently EXIST within multiple realities. We are the best ones to guide us as only WE KNOW our own Panoramic Soul Quantum Designs, Blue Prints and Templates.
As my other realms selves consistently reveal to me ALL I need to DO is SHOW UP in my highest PRESENCE and FULLEST EMBODIED SELF. It is ENOUGH. The rest will come forward into place as my I AM is so highly TUNED into COHERENCE and acting within CONCORDANCE within the whole.


Here are just a few of the Inspirational Group energy Vortexes out there who share Loving high vibrational conscious Navigational messages which consistently catch my attention.
Lee Carroll with The Kryon Team:
Esther Hicks with Abraham
Inelia Benz: Walk with me Now
Brad Johnson: New Earth Teachings and Empathic Transference
Others include:  Lisa Transcendence Brown, Althea Provost, Lavandar with Starseed Academy, Sandra Walters, Matt Kahn: All for Love,
Bashar: Willa Hill Crissing Parallel Reality Sentient Future Being, Lee Harris Energy
Here are just a few current audios and videos available on YouTube/GooglePlay/Spotify and of course you can purchase any of them through their individual websites.
Current music which allows a consistent sense of Peace and Well Being includes:
Robert Haig Coxon: The Silent Path, The Infinite Essence of Life, The Inner Garden, Crystal New Age
Deva Premal: Dakshina
Music for Cats: by David Tele
Mother Divine: music by Craig Pruess and Ananda
Ashana: Alchemy Crystal Bowl sound recording artist and specialist
Native American Meditation: Numerous artistes
Peder B.Helland: Soothing Relaxation videos
Cedric Vermue: Ember
Feeling Self LOVE, Appreciation, Compassion and Gratitude holds the KEYS to expanding our consciousness whilst “Walking Together” through All Universal Doors and Gateways.
Please feel invited to discover more about one of our Soul Family Co-Intentional, Inter-Generational, TOGETHERNESS Community Programs. Together we are Navigators and Co-Creative Constructors of the NEW EARTH…
Helena Serafina
Intuitive Visionary Writer and Translator
CoCreator of New Earth CoLiving
within InterGenerational, Multi-Dimensional, Conscious Communities
“Sirius Crystalline City” by Soul Sister “IsAbailes”