Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Last night I experienced the feeling that multiple timelines were collapsing.

My references to our realities feel both individual and are also experienced within a collective.

Timelines, potentialities and probabilities are shifting. Each morning when I am fully awake there is always a curiosity within me as to which story am I and are WE involved in today.

Today whilst in the shower I enjoyed conversations with another aspect of myself where we were discussing and sharing designs and plans for a series of several projects in which We/I are together currently involved within a community within the physical and non-physical.

The feelings was as if a film had been fast forwarded to maybe a year ahead or could just be a few months depending on the interactions with others and their different zones of changing timelines.
By implementing one choice or decision a whole set of other possibilities appeared in the movie. It is a moving, changing, vibrating hologram which creates designs as though they are on a CAD computer program which moves around in 3D with a 360 degree turnaround feature.
The interaction felt very normal and typical of the types of conversation we can have with another multi dimensional self which acts as a guide or a mentor. It feels a quantum conversation within A series of energy pictures which operates in parallel with our everyday living exchange in conversation.

Many other aspects of who we are in other realms and realities feel no restrictions or boundaries to potentials. So there feels TO BE more freedom in these types of energy discussion and exchange where we are able to explore and co-create with our other multi dimensional selves.

It feels TO BE a really intuitive part of my self which responds in a multidimensional way of sharing ideas and insights. So these holographic conversational exchanges are not dreams – they are more awake quantum conversations.

For sure they leave an impression of feeling positive that even more exciting outcomes can take place, by taking a few quantum leaps BEYOND a normal safety barrier of making choices. It feels good! As if just receiving an increase in Dopamine which centers around its reputation as the “feel-good hormone.”

(*Dopamine is associated with feelings of euphoria, bliss, motivation, and concentration, yet there’s more to it than that.)

These quantum energy encounters also convey feeling of expanded trust that these thoughts, feelings and actions conveyed through the quantum movies and energetic conversations carry universal intelligence and knowing which supports US from a vibratory resonant parallel universe.

In Bella Cruz CoLiving we are currently making our next steps to create off the grid sustainable living our daily reality. Our first stages of creation are in place with our Stardis Cabin and the next step is to co-create another TinyHouse Earth-Ship. These structures are alongside other upgrades of visitor cabins for Soul Family to join us in our Togetherness Journeys. We are an intimate Soul Family inter-generational group which includes young families and visiting homeschool children who are ALL creating New Ways of Living together within a Community Spirit.

Further signs in our CoLiving Community have since occurred synchronistically to support further new potentialities in many new and different ways as we share and communicate our ideas and insights together.  On some levels these might not appear in the physical yet as each step unfolds in an organic way when the timing is in accordance. The main thing is to trust that we are supported. And when we make new choices which feel in alignment with the evolution of the planet and Gaia that these actions are further supported.

Inspirational projects are now available in abundance through Social  Media which makes more of these new ideas feel more accessible. A recent You Tube mini documentary included:

Choosing for love and consideration for humanity and Gaia reaches a coherent framework in the collective. There are many more of US now responding and feeling that these changes are part of a natural uplifting cycle – it just feels RIGHT. Our thoughts feelings and actions carry a frequency of benevolence which corresponds with the natural Earth process.
This morning I listened to a youtube by Brad Johnson.

The message from Brad through his Earth Intelligence reports outlines and confirms that from March onwards NEW STARGATES are in place which are assisting to collapse old paradigm timelines and newer more benevolent and harmonious frequencies are being emitted which assist US to feel more supported within NEW timelines. In effect these newer more benevolent timelines are playing a more active role in the energy fields. Again, We FEEL more in a synchronized state of expansion with universal resources.

There is a further merging and twinning with our Inner Earth Soul Family selves who are also corresponding and communicating with US which keeps us in connection and communication with making choices which are in accordance with our higher frequency selves. As our telepathic abilities become more enhanced OUR other civilization selves keep in constant communication with us through these holographic transfers and empathic knowings. Again as we create NEW LIVING choices through our GROUP ALLIANCES and Community Togetherness activities we are aiding the transition of change on the planet into a higher frequency of Transparency and Loving Concordance with each other and GAIA.

Part of our community role in these changes is to share our stories and communications with each other as Soul Groups who feel in alliance with each others movements and steps to create NEW CONSCIOUSNESS PORTALS across the world where we LIVE, BREATH, BE and ACT in accordance with a more harmonious EARTH with ALL SENTIENT LIFE.

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