Meditative Poem from the Celestial Rainbow Children

Meditative Poem from the Celestial Rainbow Children

Here I AM

A shining Star

Here to show 

Just who “WE” are


Up Above and Down below 

A guiding light

On where to go

Ever bright 

We adapt and flow

Clearing the paths

For Hearts to glow 


In vibrant colour

We weave our way

Gone tomorrow

Then here today 

Creating places of Peace 

and Harmony 

to Shine/share amongst Flowers 

The Birds and Bees

Bending and Rooting 

As a Family like Trees


Around the globe

Connecting The dots

Alongside Family & Friends

And Tiny Tots


We dock and we Flock

As Birds of a Feather 

We span the airwaves 

So Closely Together


Our mission to accomplish 

A heart Centred Reality

Where All is One, 

First – Can seem like insanity

The unicorns arrive 

at Dawn, Glowing White 

They illuminate our Way

Here tomorrow, Gone today


Ever changing in colour

In a Brilliance of Blue

Holding safely a space 

For Light to shine through 

The others are coming

For Earth is our Home

As So Are You

Just Remember,  Look up 

Every once in a while 

To Enjoy the View


We are always surrounded

By the Presence of Love

The fields are our gardens

We send Showers from Above

As We grow and Plant Seeds 

Whilst Living To Be


I am a Star

A dragon as well

In fact I’m much greater

Than others can tell


I’m making my way

Creating New worlds

Where WE all can BE

Enabling Us 

To set Our ‘Selves Free


I can only invite you 

to join up “Forever”

To embrace the storms

We can weather Together

Feel the Beauty

And Live In Abundance 

We are rich As a Family 

United in Song 

With Wings 

wrapped around Us

To help US feel strong


The wind is behind us

Lifting Onwards and Upwards

New horizons Are birthing

As Windows are opening

A new dawn is breaking

IT IS Every Thing 

We’ve Chosen


Live Simply With Kindness

As Sister and Brother

Become part of Comm-Union

Where Love is Amongst Us

Follow the trails

There are plenty of routes 

One step at a time

As partners in crime

We turn darkness to Light

Discovering each other

We gather All Over

As Petals of Clover  


Holding keys to new doors

We form Partners & Ships 

Sharing new information

In complete adoration

In willingness to change 

Who we were, from before

Each step that we take

Encourages us More


Our Souls intertwine

As WE Weave as a Vine

We flourish and bloom

To create a new room 

For family to gather to

Celebrate each Other

A new Common Unity

Where everyone grows


WE made it you see

This world 

You and Me

We Became a brother, a Father

A sister, Divine Mother


Holding hands through all seasons 

We flourish and grow

Carrying Wisdom in Water

We embrace Divine flow

Creating Formations 

Wherever we go 


To Be or not to Be

A question or task?

Creating all Life in Balance

We uncover our Masks

Live a Life filled with Joy

As a Girl and a Boy

Encompassed in One

It IS who WE’ve become 

A reflection of SOURCE

We are energy entwined


In Our human existence 

We are One of a kind

When troubles are over

We can look back and laugh

For this life’s been a journey

And never a task


Stay focussed and centred

And let these things pass 

Then our future feels lighter

As we rewrite the past 

Let us all throw a party

For Life IS a blast!


Let’s join up the dots

And Link our’selves in

Our STAR constellations 

Bring us Home from Within

WE can Walk on this Planet

With more care for each other

Each Soul we encounter 

Is also a Brother


All Animals, Nature and Gaia,  

in Synchrony with Love

Breathing Air which surrounds us

IT IS ALL WE’ve Become

United, In Tune

To the elements of NOW

For there Is only “Light” 

As We Are ALL


Star “Global” Family


We Celebrate YOU in Rainbow Colours of Light

Your Loving Family  💖🌈

The Celestial Rainbow Children

Helena Serafina

Intuitive Translator