We Are the Children from Now and The Future
As we live in expanded moments of silence and contemplation. All of us will spend some moments in the hole – as shared in the “White Eagle” posted recently… Some of us too will be experiencing vast expansions of awakening.
These self realizing experiences may already have been coming forward since childhood. For me they have always been present. The tuning in takes place in multiple ways as sometimes we are focussed on our physical body, sometimes upgrading our mental bodies, and creating more balance in our emotional bodies. Every type of experience is valued and essential in making our next steps to being more aligned with our spiritual selves whilst living in a human body.
We are becoming more conscious of our relationship with “consiousness” and the ways we collectively interact with both our physical and non physical reality.
The intensity of remembering our Source connection may vary.
Personally, from the age of four, I recall being able to see and hear things which were not physically present through my regular ears and eyes.  Multiple realities existed around me, which felt real from deeply within my inner senses and externally from my surroundings. Empathic communication was consciously heard and seen through my other senses even from this age. I could sense and hear conversations from another room or another location when I was physically elsewhere.
In my lucid dreams and in semi trance states, it became possible to share interactions with other light beings, elfins from other kingdoms, animals from other realities, spirit guides in multiple colors, sizes and shapes, even when other family members didn’t see and couldn’t hear them.Seeing other multi dimensional realities with what seemed my naked eyes, which are now described as a third eye.
Walking though membranes of reality where other alternative realities are co-living just as neighbors. Different sets of physics do apply as you engage with co-responding realities, they can feel similar to the current one, and yet perhaps the colors seem more vibrant and sometimes in different color tones or sounds.There can be no emotional fields, or just mental fields. The textures of the environment feel similar yet different. You realize you are in another space time continuum and whilst you can interact for a while you feel as though your oxygen tank becomes lower, when you remain conscious of staying too long in these alternate realities. The impressions remain and you are invited to return to your current body. Otherwise it can feel as though you can cross over too fully into this alternate reality. This can feel disturbing for those you encounter as it alters their reality and their worlds over react with yours. This can feel the reason why the imprints feel so impactful on your senses. Michael Roads also describes these in his books “Stepping Between Realities” in his Journeys with the nature being Pan. There is always an alchemical reaction in your whole body once these encounters take place which requires assimilation, digestion and integration. It is the same when you travel on holiday, you return from another country, another culture and you go through a process of adaptation to wherever you return. The house and furniture might look different, things are not where you thought you left them, changes have taken place within you and in your physical world. Our perspective and views on life can change.
Questions come up when our sense of equilibrium is altered. Either we can be the instigator for this as we navigate ourselves. Perhaps something snaps or a chord breaks within us as we realise that our relationship with our current universe has shifted. Chapters in life become complete and new chapters begin. We feel unable to continue as we were, life cannot remain the same, we reach a crossroads, and we take a new pathway, or route which reflects more of who we have become. More Sensitive, More Vulnerable. More Humble. More Visionary. More self-responsible, More considerate, More self caring for ourselves and each other.
From a child I began feeling and asking. Do we come from somewhere else?. Another planet or realm where our other family members co-exist, and they are still there waiting for me. In special moments of focussed attention we are now more able to switch to other spaces and places where an exchange between the realms can take place. We share sensory feelings with each other through Empathic Transference. My other family kept in touch through dreams and we co-created holograms together. These connections create another understanding that realities are intertwined and this becomes a new “normal”. On a certain level you can forget some of the details. The impressions and imprints are everlasting and never go away. They become ONE with you.
CoLiving with other children in a Kindergarten for so many years amplified all these senses and memories of co-creating holograms and sub realities where we keep in touch with other realms. Meeting other children in their other forms as an Elf, A dragon, An Arcuturian, A god spark, A feline Sirian, A dolphin. So many other communications began opening up again. My inner child became awakened and alive again.
I could sense the thoughts or energy transfers of others when they say something and are actually simultaneously transmitting something else. Sensory movies showed me that they were communicating in another language, without thought, perhaps just imprints, colors, and sound from inter spatial dimensions. I began remembering that we have more lives or existences within other realities with other people that I met in daily life. It became a palpable feeling from a magnetic  web and an energetic impulse of just “knowing” that they are your father from another timeline, or a mother from another civilization, or a child from another kingdom. Sometimes this aspect of them would come forward through their eyes or face for moment. My body would tingle with energetic transference and sometimes the emotion of recognition was so overwhelming as a love recognition fills you up with so much love, you can hardly contain the emotion.
These fields and remembering from other realities are awakening within us. For some us  it has been our way of life since childhood.
So why bring this up now…
To reassure you that you are not going crazy, you are never alone, we are all dearly loved. It is time for us to be in synergy and synchrony with these parts of who we are. We are experiencing a reset as a human species. Our children, and our own inner child is wired for this and will navigate us through the current times and Next Generations.
Trust and Fatih. By allowing our deepest feelings of love for them, and our selves. Embracing gratitude for the Miracle of their and our existence is the key to keeping our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit open for something new and embracing evolutionary change.
Our children are extensions of US. They are just the next version from the future. Here to walk with us through the membranes of consciousness.
Maybe you or your children are opening up to conversations with each other which have never been discussed before. Now we have time to LISTEN really LISTEN to their conversations, feelings, visions, insights, philosophical outlook and concerns for the way we are living and the ways we need to change to move into the next millennium. These exchanges are irrespective of their ages, as our children, as are we are timeless Old Souls.
Messages from the Children of the Future
Our dreams are powerful reminders of our connection to our own Inner Source, God or sense of Who We Really Are. More windows are opening, doors are opening and closing.
Spontaneous awakening is going to be a reaction to these days of Self Isolation and Self Revelation.
We are the children of the Universe, who lovingly return to share insights and ways of Being with you from the inside and outside, Above and Below.
Allow us our voice, some of us are sensitives. We feel vulnerable and will not shout from the hill tops. Our preference is to whisper, play and share stories with loving kindness.
WE are your family and we are alongside you in all moments.
We are one and we Love you dearly.
Let us Walk Together , Share our Dreams and realities and Create a Whole New World, where Love is Amongst us and anything goes.
We are not crazy or psychotic , we don’t take drugs or hallucinagenics. These alternate worlds are available to us as we live in parallel realities together, where we switch and leap between them.
Our lighter bodies are our encasement and conduit for these potentials to take place within different sets of physics and ultra sensory collaboration.
What feels resonant, exciting and passionate to you. The moments where your “Hopes and Dreams fill your heart with Joy” will be the highest pathway and guidance for your next steps.
Listen to and make music,sing and dance, create art, all of which touches your heart,
Invite us to be in loving union with you.
Be open, spend time in nature, alone and maybe, just maybe we can pop by to visit you…
We are in love with you Forever and for all eternity.
Your dearest Family
The Celestial Rainbow Children..