Can you feel that something BIG is cracking wide open?..
NEW WORLDS are opening up…
the Voice of a Mother… A Father… And a Child…
Do you feel the Love that is falling through my Eyes…
Let me Walk through your Lives….

There is a Thousand Angels, maybe more… By your side….

Collaborating with Children, Young Adults, their Guardians, Bio-logical Family members, Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, and Soul Family members.. It is a BIG SOUP… of cultural, patterning, beliefs, expectations, ancestry, Generational mixtures, physical and non-physical…

All revealing and WAY SHOWING new potentials and possibilities of co-living and Be-ing… in ToGETHERNESS..

During ALL my moments and experiences with the children my greatest revelations of ….Who Am I?…. came forward…

Thoughts, Feelings, Conscious knowings previously shelved, hidden from view, archived, frozen and even denied…


Love appeared in such vast quantities, textures, colors and qualities..

Containerships and Oceans of 💖LOVE 💖that I didn’t even realize existed..

You can look in the EYES OF A CHILD and feel their PRESENCE… so VAST… such innocence, such sweetness, so open, so trusting, so inviting, so welcoming you into their Hearts and Worlds..

Even in their wildest moments “Angels of Light” in multiple suits, colors and definitions… at some moments even no words to describe

I lived with these 🌈👼🌈children for 51 weeks a year in the physical AND non-physical. … no holidays to speak of, and often 10-12 hour physical days…dream time… and holographic visitation “out of time”
just PURE CONNECTION.. for 12 years …. and then some…

It WAS and STILL IS an initiation … a privilege and a GIFT from HEAVEN …

and STILL these gifts and packages that came forward are priceless and so BEYOND anything I could have expected, wished for ….
and encountered….

Sometimes these stories are so vast, bringing your eyes and hearts out on stalks.… it is where to start..

And then,,, I hear their sweetest voices whisper…

It doesn’t matter where you begin… all that matters is that you …

So here goes … each day I will share a little more … and then who knows… the experiences are already a Living Book,, so maybe it can create a physical Book,,

we’ll see… Step by Step…

POEM – NEW MESSAGE: 11th April 2020 – 11.04.2020

It is an Intimate Story
It is about You and Me
And Our Family..
You See..

Our Hearts and Minds
Intrinsically Entwined,
It is Precious and Real
As we are not Men of Steel…

We are Hearts of Gold
With stories Untold
WE Live our Lives
And ALL can unfold..

We are Stars
Created from particulates of Dust
We reach out into the Dark
As we know we must

We came from 7 Sisters,
The Pleiades our Home..
We are those Birds of Feather
Who Flock Together..

WE made..
A Journey unknown
And yet we have flown
At the Speed of Light
Where WE stream and
The WE of US Might
BE… the ONE’s
That we Know
With an arrow and a BOW
Cherubs with Hearts
No longer Apart …

You are so dear to our HEARTS
WE never left you alone…
You offered to GO
And Live in the FLOW

You have NOW come to KNOW
Your Souls are Combined
AS you are ONE of a Kind

Enriched and Embodied
As you have NOW become
Your Journey is just beginning
A new Chapter and Verse

It is ALL in the archives
As you knew in you HEART
For thine is the KINGDOM
And LOVE is just where you start..

From Here to Eternity
Our Lives here to SHINE
For we are the STARS
And Earth is our VINE

It keeps us TOGETHER
As the GALAXIES are enriched
With Vast Open Places
To feel Abundantly RICH

SO reach for those STARS
From the Inside and OUT
WE are Always around
Both here and ABOUT

There is more to uncover
As your stories will TELL
The Rocks are your Brothers and
Your Sisters as WELL

WE ARE the Arcturians
You Grand parents
When we speak to you of this
You may forget to breathe

For you are not just a HUMAN
You are a BLUE BEING too
With rings of VIOLET as well
As our Stories with YOU
will SHOW and TELL

WE are inextricably entwined, for
We exist inside YOU
You birthed us Before
In your Future and Past

The NOW IS the new normal
And so these stories are VAST
You see
WE Made this World
Both You and ME

And that makes us SPECIAL
Every ONE of us …

We share LIFE in a BODY
Everything just IS…
The Sounds and the Colors
From Particles of LIGHT
Which we formulated
and combined..

The Whole of Creation
Is much more than the MIND
WE are Souls who are IMMORTAL

So When you Stop for a While
Just consider this…

WE love and embrace YOU
As we blow you a KISS😘

WE are the Celestial 👼Rainbow 🌈Children
Helena Serafina
Intuitive Translator… In Love with Humanity.. and Gaia.. and the Next Generations…