SOUL FAMILY CONTRACTS – With the New Consciousness Children…🌠
A Flower of Life Grid with Gaia…. forming A Resonance Alliance Grid…

Did you ever hear your own child STAND UP,…..look you in the eye…. and say to you
“You signed up for me…. And you signed up for Life with me and the Family”
Don’t you remember… You need to STOP and REMEMBER……/soul-family-contracts-within-…/

Sometimes when our comfortabilities and boundaries were totally tested and stretched to their maximum point … we might step back and wonder .. could this be the case.. that we would agree to something so stretching to our way of behavior and perspective of seeing things… And yet the bond of LOVE between a Mother, Father and child is so strong .. So encapsulating in everything we choose to DO, ACT, VIEW and BE. All impacts on the choices that we make from the moment our children are born .. and even before that…

There is this inner knowing that Life .. is never going to BE the same again… Am I ready for this change?… Can I handle whatever comes up,, the responsibility, the changes that it will cause in me, and us, and even the steps we might take in our lives from here on..

And yet despite any uncertainty, we might face… WE SAY YES…

Already the entanglement of our lives together as a family has begun… So could there be a Soul contract that we know exists and What is its purpose?,
Why did we need this energetic contract or framework to create new impulses within us …

Our understanding assisted us to feel and recognize that a Soul contract or Bond is for sure in place..

When our child was born there were some complications, and his first 2 weeks were partially within an incubator….

It was a moment of wanting to stop the world, and reach deep inside your very Inner Soul Being and say to yourself and the Universe… “ I don’t really understand fully what is happening here, and I give everything over to the Life Source, I know to exist, and when it is at all possible for his highest good and ours… Please let him Live.. And WE will do anything we are able …….to give this child the chance of Life”

A Moment etched in time… the LOVE you can feel for a child is beyond anything you may have previously acknowledged, known or understood before…it extends your boundaries and out reach posts beyond your previously normal state of BE-ing.

From that moment you reach deep into your Soul and your Family connections knowing that every step you take… every move you make…. joins you up to a bond and webbing which reaches beyond time and space. Your feelings of Love as a Mother and Guardian expand beyond that which you ever felt possible. You realize that you are reaching into a new point of self-awareness and Global awareness. Even when you may have felt highly empathic before the birth of your child… your field of Love leaps a few billion miles as you become part of an evolutionary movement as a HUMAN BEING.. A wave and a continuum of bringing forward a new Creation of Life, which holds probabilities and potentials which become life-altering…..

Your sensitivity towards the choices you make in your Life becomes acute. You become more conscious about every movement you make TOGETHER. You realize you have become part of another extended platform where everything you have known up until that point may contain a new set of destination points, parameters, polarities and potentialities. Even when you felt into these areas before…. As a conscious contributor on earth, the birth of a child amplifies your elasticity and capacity to feel that YOU ARE a member of a Global Community which has IMPACT on the Planet.

As a guardian of children in a Kindergarten environment, this became equally amplified, for me, when you become Co-Pilot and Co-navigator with these new evolutionary waves of Beings who appear as children. Clearly their consciousness contains more than just the normal growth cycles that we cover within the physical body lifecycle. They are an amalgamation and an imprint of NEW CONSCIOUSNESS..

For me, becoming a Mother of a Soul Conscious Child Being, I could feel almost like standing on a Flower of Life Circle Platform. Everywhere I walked in unison with my family members was held within a web on this grid… I could feel, from a deep place inside myself, new rhythms, new cycles and the movement of choices from any member of the family and the Impact that it held for each other. We conjoined with each other onto a “live table of interactivity” where we began teaching ourselves BALANCE as the movements, choices and steps were inter-woven and intrinsically entwined. An entrance into the Telepathic and Empathic tables of feeling in ONE ness with each other and inclusively with ALL Sentient Life… and ALL from a place of 💕 LOVE ..

OK, so I may use lose you here… just bringing forward a guidance formulae to feelings, which had been felt as a conundrum and now feels to hold more clarity… A guidance to “Home”….

So our lighter bodies leave A co existing layer of light, and realms of multi dimensional co-activity… to conjoin with us as a non-physical spirit into a physical body.
Everything we used to know, as just pure physicality … explodes within us as WE REACH a point beyond time and space, which we can ACCESS through the intense feelings of HEART LOVE … assisting us to realize that we are more than just operating in the physical here… WE ARE… AND there is more…

We enter into a series of Soul Contracts with each other and other Soul Family members who become part of a “Resonance Alliance”. We learn, evolve, grow and expand with each other, through our loving bond of physical and non-physical interactivity. An evolutionary pact. Not so much firm agreements…a basis of complementary exchange, where our Soul expands and evolves.

In some moments we can feel an inner light explosion when something reaches us from the inside and despite all the projected doubts, we feel something to BE TRUE or an action we take is absolutely the next step for us, and our Soul Family. Our children became evolutionary extensions of US, the WE and the ME….

A deep clarity of knowing that we signed up for something which although it can seem like a small one-person choice, it can feel to host a far more out-reaching step which contains a Loving Universal Benevolence. It is feels TO BE something WE signed in for. Even when the external physicality appears to be going in a different direction.

WE are Soul Family members of a greater grid alliance. Each exploring their role of passion and interest, and interweaving on a global scale a light quotient which contributes to the grid and this NEW PLATFORM. This extends exponentially to become our NEW EARTH …. a New World of Creation we create TOGETHER….

Our choices, thoughts, feelings, and actions have IMPACT. And as a whole body of Family Conscious Members, we are fulfilling a Soul Contract with our Next Generation to support, contribute and raise the Love frequency on the planet. Trusting and knowing that evolution is inevitable, the steps are carved into THE EARTH, THE COSMOS and our HEARTS … WE ARE at ONE with this.

When we go within we can reconfirm our deepest desire to LOVE one another, treat everyone as Family. Knowing each role acts as a polarity of guidance and offers us self-recognition within ourselves. WE can consciously choose our response to situations as they appear in our Life Journey. Reflections within moments of Silence allow for Clarity.

We take our stand, and create an imprint on our Flower of Life Grid in the Circle of Life. There is more than one grid on the planet. In fact there are several as they interweave with each other. Their design and purpose is to offer a series of explorations which give rise to the evolution of NEW CREATION.

We are wired for this. Our children, Birth and Self ReBirth all serve as reminders for us to reach into our senses and embrace the greater Whole. In the flickering moments that we find ourselves WITHIN this state of feeling… It NEVER GOES AWAY. It stays as an imprint in our Hearts.. A navigational Tool. A reminder of our energetic Soul Family Contract.

It is our Souls way of keeping IN CONTACT … These feelings and sensations are like memos… We are Creator Beings… WE create Miracles in Life…

Children are a living example for us to keep in touch with our selves.. Who WE ARE and WHY WE CAME…

These are a part of the formula of our Soul Contracts and act as a beacon of Love and Light to keep us on track…

Such a Blessing


Helena Serafina

In Love💜 with Humanity and 🌎Gaia… And the Next Generations…

Listening to Divine Mother.. Sacred Earth……Pamanyungan Album