Self-Forgiveness is our Inner Pathway to Freedom
Well ….yet again, these last days have brought forward some intense moments of inner reflection.
Who would have thought that even visiting a few service places in our locality,  could produce such frustrating encounters of fear and intense interactions with others living and working in our local environments,
Has the world gone crazy … maybe..  in some moments it seems so..
Have human beings taken these current living and working conditions to such extremes that they forget the loving kindness in themselves.  In some moments we can observe the emotionally charged frustration in the simple exchanges and social behaviors of others….
As empaths we are becoming even more sensitive around the emotional states of our local community, we can feel the intensity of the fear, thoughts and emotions emanating from another human being and the collective field… so in some moments, the comments in conversations can feel loaded with projected judgement … which we can take on as ours.. we might even need to take some moments to transmute the emotional charges we encounter in a daily exchange … in the process..
We are entering new layers of vulnerability which take “A COAT OF MANY COLORS ” to balance our sensitive states of being…
As Shakespeare scribed in our memories:
“if you prick us do we not bleed…”
Our immune systems need consistent cleansing … re centering and balancing ..
we are becoming more conscious of our thoughts and social behaviour … We made a conscious INTENTION with ourselves and each other to focus on this ….
SO when we leave our sacred safe bubble here within our hamlet Community of loving kindness we can quickly notice and observe the vibrations of the feelings within ourselves and others..
it can lead us to feel that we have stepped onto “another planet” where we observe that humanity is being tested to an extreme of behavior … where instructions and social behavior are being re-evaluted … WE notice a movement is growing … where humanity can feel and consciously observe that their freedom is being controlled which affects their innate sense of balance, harmony and sometimes prevents their impulses of simple kindness. Such are the emotional and mental body extremes which are currently being presented, as an alternate effect of these rippling changes which are being introduced for us to act in mindlessness compliance … or STOP and choose another pathway forward
The polarities of living experience between different living and working environments. Phew …Hey Ho…
So, whilst doing our utmost to BE THE OBSERVER of these polarities and respond to Everyone and each Social Interaction in kindness, consideration and compassion within my system….. over the last few days, felt to be filled up with a toxicity of vibration which I didn’t even consciously realize had permeated my inner sensory world. As if a grey cloud of vapour had entered my lungs and heart …
We’re all only human after all, …….here to have a human experience. Ain’t that the truth …
In loving kindness to myself it felt vital to gift myself some alone time in our Sacred Sound Community Temple.
After listening and absorbing the delicate tones of a 528 Hz audio recording whilst playing our Crystal Bowls, These crystalline sounds felt to be infusing the sensory layers within areas of my body for which the feelings of gratitude enhanced a more expanded capacity for inhaling and exhaling a deeper flow of breath.  And yet … I could still notice this anger coming up and the tenseness around my vocal chords.
Our Community group joins together, on Sunday late afternoons, we all tune into the “live-recording” of David Bailey, a channelling pianist, from the Magdelene Crypt in Rennes le Château, SW France. (His website and Free Meditation Global Link ..below)
This music is available throughout the week via the internet link, so that you can use it as you wish during that time. It still works the same as live recording, and makes it easier for people in certain time zones to use. For those who do not know the work of “Doctors of the Sky”, here is a small explanation:

Roberto Barbosa is a medium from Brazil who works with “Dr Adolph Fritz”, being from the invisible and spiritual world.

David organizes their visits to France, where they were able to help a large number of people, with extraordinary results. Speaking with “Dr Fritz”, he explained that he has more than 30,000 “doctors” in his team waiting to be able to help people in our world. They will come to help you during this meditation. Their work is carried out always using the vibration of LOVE.

This Meditation has become a weekly gathering for our Soul Family members since April as the live group session became restricted. We know Davids recordings well and have dived deeply into the frequency and exchanges of his channellings with MaryMagdalene and Abraham for many years now.  We ALL felt a calling to participate in the Global group where The Spiritual Heavenly Doctors fielded through “the spirit of Abraham” and Dr Fritz, currently based in Brazil.
We have all received many encounters with spirit during these weekly meditations and our own innate guidance over the last months during these transmissions. Some can be mentioned in another blog.. as each carries a theme for the present day. Once again the “SkyDoctors” came forward through my clairvoyant senses and in the exchange we shared with each other, on a Soul level, telepathically regarding the anger, grief and frustration which had surfaced within my system. In moments this became highlighted as tenseness through my vocal chords which during the meditation became more neutralized. For a variety of reasons the choices could feel as though it had been necessary to suppress these feelings, as the solution for transmutation in the next steps, in a.practical way, didn’t feel clear.
As this second meditation concluded there was some relief in my sense of self harmony and our Soul Family rejoined the Community in the room. We often spend momentary silence together as we digest the meditation experience whilst allowing the messages of peace and harmony in our senses to unfold.
Interestingly, whilst engaged in this silence with the group and within a more conscious calm state…. I closed my eyes again for a moment and “a gentle male being” came forward through my clairvoyant eyes..which subsequently became a hologram..
 He felt to be dressed in robes with a staff and whilst his energy felt familiar ..
The words “my robes and staff will comfort you still “
 I telepathically asked if he could just remind me of our knowing of each other… to which “the being” replied ..
I AM MOSES… you might remember me…
In a light hearted way he described and showed me the Burning Bush story on Mount Sinai…and his encounter with the aspect of communications with his GodSelf and the fields of LIGHT he experienced within himself whilst in communion with this infusion of Source Light energy..
We exchanged for a few moments ….in a walking of Togetherness across the Fields…
Moses then described the ways he received the Telepathic infusion of the 10 Commandments and the reference to the story of the 10 plaques..
“Perhaps” he shared “we are ready for a new update which we can give as the 10 intentions in SELF FORGIVENESS “
Moses continued to express and share the way he observed how so much revelation had come forward, in such a wave of intensity, for us currently as human beings… also the ways we had evolved and reached deeper into our
“Sense of openness,
The freedom in knowing our own sense of Truth, and
Our own deep awareness and sense of Sovereignty, “
All these encounters feel to infuse us with a deeper connection to our own Divinity and God Source..
As a human collective we are all engaged within the encasement and practical daily living as a human in a body whilst we are opening up and experiencing vast expansions to the inner abundance of our spiritual connections and the deep awakening of our layers of multi dimensionality….
Quite a package…. to digest, assimilate and embody..
One of the side effects felt that sometimes when we walk amongst humanity and navigate these different varieties and layers of density… We can sometimes feel disconnected ….
And in other moments We Re-Connect to these themes of our Divinity on a deeper layer of self revelation.
It appears we are entering a vast container and renewed self-discovery of Who WE truly are as spirit inhabiting and co existing within a Human Body.
Moses continued to share
“as more awareness comes into our conscious knowing as Quantum Humans, we can easily become highly self judgmental… feeling we are not doing it right… or we are not pure enough… or not doing it well enough… and we can be our own brutal judges of our selves…in our intention or within our own acts of social behavior… so as humans we utilize our emotional and mental bodies in a way which can highlight these unreal disappointments, shadows or gaps in the way we view a kind of performance or overview of ourselves….with our entangled responses … we circum-navigate the way we feel… sometimes almost berating ourselves feeling that we are not perfect enough in the eyes of Source…
In actuality we are truly Divine… embodying aspects of Source in a deeper more “whole sense of our BEING”
So..the suggestion from MOSES…
let us begin a new intention of affirming TEN new states of SELF FORGIVENESS…
For many of us …
WE probably don’t engage in enough in these “Ten States of Self Forgiveness” ….as we field and digest some of the current densities of global activity … even when we steer clear of biased news and out of date…old programs …which are currently playing themselves out in sound surround … in our daily environments..
So for me, … NOW feels a good moment to ..
Our current states of BEINGNESS feels a vital layer and component of the next stages of development in our collective Human ness and for those who feel ready … the next stages of conscious Group Quantum embodiment as Human Galactic Gaians…
The loving wisdom and guidance of MOSES continues to touch my heart and core bodies as the tears flow… so we know a spot within us is being revealed and healed…
For me Personally this encounter with MOSES…. felt to be a welcoming visit from a wise friend, who conveyed the compassion of walking through a human experience himself as he too had been engaged in a variety of turbulent waves of change on Earth …
So we between the
“MISTS AND COLOURS OF NO TIME  – As our energies felt to BE entangled …WE began exchanging.. The open invitation of MOSES felt to bring forward my own “messages to self”… as for each of us the references may hold a different color and flavor …
I forgive myself…
Self forgiveness is the first step and from this point it becomes much easier to LET GO and forgive others..
Forgiveness assists me to move on to pastures new.. releasing chords and ties which previously bound my pathways..
I release myself from the past and walk in the NOW …
Allowing self forgiveness opens my heart to the abundance of BEAUTY Life has to show me…
Knowing that forgiveness within myself heals a sense of feeling my own SELF WORTHINESS…
The simple adjustment in frequency to Self forgiveness … opens doors and gateways to a BENEVOLENCE of new experiences for my highest good and the good of ALL ..
As forgiveness penetrates my whole system … COLOUR AND LIGHT has more entrance to guide and support my next steps…
To self forgive enables the feelings of Self Gratitude to BE the mirror and reflection within the dimensions and realities of all my future encounters in the NOW ..
As forgiveness becomes the fluid essence of my BEING … the simple acts of loving kindness becomes my truth and inner guide
By Allowing Self-Forgiveness …
I AM choosing to live in the presence of DIVINE GOD SOURCE …
Love and Embrace BEING
“The Conscious Co-Creator of my own reality..”
Grace and Gratitude for my Soul Companions who Walk alongside in Togetherness..
Blessed Be
Helena Serafina
Visionary and Intuitive Translator
In Love with Life and the Next Generation of New Human Gaians..