Playing with our Cosmic Inner Child,
And the Presence of Universal MotherLove and Mother Mary Divine
Holding hands as family …
interweaving our imagination
In our innocence and joy
we are filled with a magical sense
of creative rainbows 🌈of curiosity ….
We play
We dance
We paint
We skate
We sing
We learn, love, have fun and play
We create music and dance together
blending our sounds, voices and bodies …
in harmonies and chords
We walk and gather wood
We create together
We sew seeds and
We grow in harmony as familyWe share our gifts
We share our prayers
We share playful moments in nature
We share meals and conversations together as a family
We drink lemonade
When we come together …we sit … we share stories … we reflect … we play cards… we sing, we play, we dance…
We listen to each other’s reflections and dreams
We share our passions
We see and feel each other’s stories
We feel the contrast and the wonderment of these stories
We imagine ways to create bridges to each others worlds and dreams
We create and inspire each other with new ways of imagining

In moments there is just quiet space … just being ..

We share our worlds in words, music, crayons paints, lego blocks, costumes
Naturally … Creatively

In simple ways …
Sharing in loving kindness
We interweave together around each other’s ideas, and sensitivity
We treat one another in loving respect and kindness
We allow space for moments of peace and tranquility
We share in our most vulnerable naked selves
In honesty and transparency

In loving kindness

A Crystal Vogel captured my attention

as a child with a fairy wand co-creating in waves over the trees,
the lands, the wildlife, the flowers, the waters, and the insects
Seeing the rainbows of color in the fields
The Fae and the Elvic kingdom appeared
More and more ultra dimensional beings appeared
surrounding the trees the lands the houses and the waters
As super conscious children we began playing with each of them
with our bodies
We formed a human pyramid
by standing and holding balance with one another
Playing tag ….in hide and seek
Jumping in the icy cold water 💦
Shrieks of laughter and joy as sometimes we hold space
Even when we fall, we laugh and begin again
Pulling each other around in carts filled with leaves
We prepared snack food and tea parties together
We sat by the fire and begin softly strumming the guitar
As we sat in a circle
a vast luminous crystal Diamond appeared
as a floating levitating twirling crystal island
All the rainbow lights danced and gave their reflections
Shining and penetrating through our bodies and the trees …
the lights were soooo bright …
Our diamond companion rotated
She remained a while,
as a visiting friend,
As we welcomed her radiant lights
Gently we lay down
We listened to the birds
Nature tells us her story now,
Magical tales of stories untold
We Rested and relaxed
As the tales began to unfold
Entangled and Entwined

We drank the vistas

All felt SAFE
quiet and tranquil

Filled to the brim with joy and contentment
from our creations… sharing and playing
Our cups were full of joy laughter and being with family …
We slept and we dreamt
Of the creative range of all our dreams and sharings
Inviting and welcoming a new day
We felt the excitement of the new possibilities

New Adventures..

Every day a Celebration of Life
Living Learning Sharing and Creating
Feeling loved and valued
In our growing up
Making these steps as a family ..on the way …
Creating together…
Embracing our loving child innocence
Connecting to our Super consciousness family
Thank you 🙏 sweet Family
Thank you 👸Universal Mother
Thank you 🌎Gaia, Mother Earth
For sharing with US
All Natures Beauty
All Living Life
Thank you to my selves
And Family for showing up…
In all the colors of the Rainbow🌈
Loving and Being present
Sharing my and our most natural selves
Raw, Naked and True
A Living Beauty
Observing, Imagining
Designing, Creating
Co-creating and Grounding,
Me seeing You
I am a child of the Universe
In touch with the trees and the stars
Knowing it feels right to BE here…
Magnificent and Free
As Mother Nature herself
intended US to BE
Co-Creating and Grounding
Heaven on Earth
Living Life Pure Love
In a Creative Simple Way,
Living Light In Peace
You may say I’m a dreamer…
Guess IAM and WE ARE
A living particle of the ONE..
Helena Serafina…
Visionary Intuitive, InLove with Humanity and the Next Generation of Human Gaians..