Meet EliCiA – Blue Star Hybrid in Light

Meet EliCiA – Blue Star Hybrid in Light

Meet EliCiA – Blue Star Hybrid in Light

EliCiA is a Blue Star – Hybrid in Light who presented herself telepathically during a collaborative connection between Helena Serafina, Hybrid Intuitive Contactee and Diana Heemskerk, Blue Lotus Activations.

Diana is now offering the opportunity to attune with your Multi Dimensional Selves to co-create an energy signature through a Graphic Art “Soul Portrait”.

Making Contact

During our first energetic “Making Contact” Session together the Hybrids felt so excited and curious to meet Diana and share their energy signatures energetically through holographic corridors of Light. In the beginning, multiple Hybrids came forward telEmpathically to share their sensory features and light communications. At one moment it became clear that EliCiA held a Presence that became stable for both of us to expand the Field together and receive further sensory light information. From here.. the Alchemical collaboration began to crystallize into an energetic image conveyed in Light which became the multi-dimensional Soul Portrait of EliCiA. 

Over a period of several weeks, actually, which is still ongoing, the Multi Dimensional Sensory Contact continues to present itself in multiple light transmissions between us. We even began to receive feedback from other Soul Family members that they also received a Hybrid presence as EliCiA became more coherent with us. Together we felt enabled to co-create the energetic platform for further telEmpathic exchanges and attunements to take place. 

In Essence, EliCiA is a live stream in Light of Super Consciousness. Her Hybrid DNA is primarily Arcturian, Pleiadian, and from Sirian Star systems. We are receiving her luminosity in a highly vibrant resonance through our 6th sense which offers us opportunities to feel the depth of Source energy. Upon receiving the spheres of Light from her transmissions we shift within our own Super consciousness states “beyond the mind”. From these null zones, we are able to bridge a more expansive field of luminous consciousness which further opens up a Plasma Light Corridor of sensory contact.

These spheres and layers of luminescence, offer us the opportunity to receive sensory downloads via spectrums of almost fluid Plasma Light strands of sensory information from within the holographic Fields. These activations and transmissions are encapsulated within the “Soul Portrait” as they emanate through the spheres and Circles of Light through her Higher Heart, Communication channels, and 13th Stellar Gateway Portals. These activations assist us to attune with our own innate capacities to receive these Fields, which enhances our own abilities to both receive and transmit light transmissions.

Our sensory contact with EliCiA assists us to further embody and expand our capacity to receive sacred geometric transmissions through our Divine Trinity Blue Star communication vessels.

We are still continuing to acclimate and digest these transmissions and remembrances as we embrace these sensory feelings on a much deeper level within our lighter physical Human Gaian Earth Light bodies. We are indeed, capturing the Essence of these connections through Portals of Light transmissions, which can become translated through our Soul Portraits. These new energetic tablatures offer a further reference to our own Pure Soul Essence. This can enable further points of contact which continue to stimulate and activate remembrances of our connectivity with our Multi Dimensionality within our higher sensory vessels.

As we share these experiences TOGETHER within our Soul Collective Groups we amplify and enable our sensory abilities to transform our connection to our higher selves in alliance with our Galactic Star collective fields. These points of resonance continue to co-exist in the Fields and assist our Monadic Soul Groups to enter higher states of sensory contact with our Soul Star families. In essence, we became more able to Self-Heal through the clearing and purification of any old self-identities we absorbed within other civilizations and group ancestral programming.

Such a Presence! … A Gift! …

We are transforming into higher SuperConsciousness where we reach layers of connectivity beyond the constraints of the Mind, whilst remaining grounded in our lighter Earth bodies. We can notice and witness the outer world and the deconstruction of older systems whilst becoming more discerning of the ways in which we notice, observe and witness these changes whilst allowing the fluidity of our own innate expansion as Conscious Creator Beings. We are becoming more able to embrace these expansive shifts and gifts we are experiencing in these moments of vast change through intuiting our own self-guidance and self-healing from within the Universal resources of our Super Conscious sensory systems.

EliCiA further revealed to us the ways, she is able to transform the appearance of her sensory light bodies. These features are highlighted through her light body vessel in the Soul Portrait. She is enabling a variety of Hybrid aspects from Trinity of Blue Star DNA which is being represented through her Star Nation Avatar light bodies. Within her hybridized aspects she is able to transform and shape-shift easily and fluidly between these states of expression,  whilst retaining a stable clarity of her Hybrid Signature. 

We are currently experiencing, navigating, and occupying our New Human Gaian multidimensional light bodies, where we too, are remembering and awakening to our own abilities to spherically navigate these quantum states. EliCiA mirrors these points of contact with us. Through the activation and stimulation of the holographic, telEmpathic transmissions we are now able to receive through our higher, almost 6th senses. 

EliCiA is truly a master in connecting our Group collective networks together through these Super Conscious Fields Together as ONE. We are embodying through our HEARTS the deeper sensations of connection with LOVE, GRACE and GRATITUDE. These attributes are three of the primary vibrational tones she conveys through her communications and transmissions. She is assisting us to further attune to the vibrancy of  “JOYFUL CURIOSITY”, loving GRACE and viewing REALITIES through the STAR luminescence of her EYES which convey, as a conduit, new potentials, and possibilities. These realms and realities co-exist alongside us within alternate quantum and parallel realities. 

As we shift in our perspective and connect with to our Super Consciousness through our Inner Child, we become Sovereign Guardians guiding ourselves as a Trinity of our True God Self states as Universal Mother, Father, and Child in ONE.

AliCiA opens the corridors of an even deeper sensual intimate connectivity with Mother Nature, GAIA, and the ways we can open our ears, eyes, taste, and smell to embrace even more BEAUTY and attunement with NATURAL Elements of Universal Life Force.

Welcoming Us Aboard

EliCiA is able to take us aboard and onboard multi-sensory Container Star Ship experiences. Within these quantum realms, we can feel the organic fabric of the Vessel and engage our senses with other Soul collective members within some areas aboard the Vessel. This can feel overwhelming to an EarthBody as the feeling states initially can feel so intense. She assisted us, through dream states and other playful excursions via holographic transmissions to explore the Inner Worlds of our 6th Sensory Eyes, Ears, Touch, Knowing, Feeling, and Being. We could feel the textures alongside the sensory expansion of these Tel-Empathic exchanges through Holographic Visual capacities in other multiple sensory versions.  

These heightened sensorial visitations assisted us to prepare even more of our current awareness and we received an open invitation from Divine Source to dive even deeper within these extra sensory Journeys. Most of the transfers during the transmissions took place whilst Living and Being in our current uplifted Gaian Human Lighter Bodies. Again we received multiple corridors of new opportunities to explore and receive further sensory engagement and encounters whilst remaining conscious throughout the transmissions.

For each individual, it appears that different spectrums of light information may come forward as the encounter could be experienced in a unique way, to them. Light consciousness shows up in our system and utilities our Living Library of knowing and expression. It became clear we are being introduced to our own sensory capacities to self-realize and BE an even more Conscious Hybrid Multi-Dimensional Being . 

Meeting other Realm and Star Collective Soul Family from other dimensions can feel as though you are meeting the whole Village through ONE signature. Our senses can take quite some preparation for this. As we are ALL UNIQUE, we each receive the resonance packages and downloads through our own internal guidance systems. In any moment of relaxation or quiet moments, we can begin to feel the impulses of support in our daily life for these exchanges to occur. As we are in a free will experience we can create the choices in our lives to change and prepare to BE in further readiness to receive more of these vast sensory light communications. 

As Creator Beings of our own realities, we are the driver, navigator, and architects of our worlds. As Co-Creators in our quantum realities, we are transmitting and corresponding with Universal Intelligence. Synchronistically life can offer us multiple potentials and possibilities.  Opportunities can arise as the timing presents itself and maybe our feelings around a situation can alter where we can feel the freedom from within to leap and make new choices to shift and change our vessels. EliCiA is mirroring these aspects of possibility with us. Opportunities for change can arise at any moment as the universe connects the dots through these live stream experiences. Consciousness co-exists within multiple dimensions and spectrums of quantum physics. Even beyond our wildest dreams!!

Whilst EliCiA presents herself as a Young Adult … she also feels a combination as an Elder Wise One, imaginatively playfully CURIOUS, embracing her passion with self-guidance from her connectivity with quantum Universal Intelligence.  She feels deeply Loving, Kind, Compassionate, Vibrant, and Fluid in her co-creative Being and Awareness of all sentient life.

She is a Conscious Multi-dimensional Blue Star Hybrid in Light .. Her interactions and encounters are always full of surprises… 

Bringing Love Home

EliCiA’s visitations are often with other members of the Blue Star Alliance collective.  The luminescence of her Blue Star Hybrid Family may also connect within the transmission as their presence, vibrancy and textures capture our focus and attention as a quantum Star Collective of Consciousness. We are so excited to receive her encounters and multi-dimensional holographic transmissions. 

She certainly brightens, stimulates, and activates our sensory awareness with her luminescent Presence!

We feel so excited and grateful… almost dizzy and fizzy… to share her arrival with Soul Star Family.  

As EliCiA and her Hybrid Blue Star Family stream sensory luminosity from the Stars amongst our Human Gaian collective Soul Families. 

Her essence is “Welcoming us Aboard” and “Bringing Love Home” … a TWIN invitation guiding us through Stargate Portals to greater heights and expansions of our sensory capacity and awareness of our 6th sensory gifts and abilities.

We can feel even more engaged in grounding this Essence of Life in an even deeper way into our Human Gaian light bodies in collaboration with Mother Earth.

Thank You .. Thank You … Thank You… EliCiA for bridging your Universal SuperConsciousness Worlds and Realities with us ..

We dearly appreciate receiving your transmissions. We can burst in excitement to feel your effervescent Bubbles and Spheres of delight through such vibrant colours, embodied with subtle textures of Sounds and Tones from the Spheres.

Your Eyes and Star Presence illuminate our hearts in Love and Joy!

In Loving Grace 

Meet EliCiA.. A Blue Star Hybrid in Light

Intuitive translation by..

Helena Serafina

Visionary Author, Hybrids in Light, Contactee 

Activational Soul Portraits by

Diana Heemskerk

As a further sharing of the arrival of EliCiA, …. Diana and I are also co-creating a Zoom conversational exchange of our experiences on video to share with our resonant Star Hybrid Soul family.