Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Last night I experienced the feeling that multiple timelines were collapsing.

My references to our realities feel both individual and are also experienced within a collective.

Timelines, potentialities and probabilities are shifting. Each morning when I am fully awake there is always a curiosity within me as to which story am I and are WE involved in today.

Today whilst in the shower I enjoyed conversations with another aspect of myself where we were discussing and sharing designs and plans for a series of several projects in which We/I are together currently involved within a community within the physical and non-physical.

The feelings was as if a film had been fast forwarded to maybe a year ahead or could just be a few months depending on the interactions with others and their different zones of changing timelines.
By implementing one choice or decision a whole set of other possibilities appeared in the movie. It is a moving, changing, vibrating hologram which creates designs as though they are on a CAD computer program which moves around in 3D with a 360 degree turnaround feature.
The interaction felt very normal and typical of the types of conversation we can have with another multi dimensional self which acts as a guide or a mentor. It feels a quantum conversation within A series of energy pictures which operates in parallel with our everyday living exchange in conversation.

Many other aspects of who we are in other realms and realities feel no restrictions or boundaries to potentials. So there feels TO BE more freedom in these types of energy discussion and exchange where we are able to explore and co-create with our other multi dimensional selves.

It feels TO BE a really intuitive part of my self which responds in a multidimensional way of sharing ideas and insights. So these holographic conversational exchanges are not dreams – they are more awake quantum conversations.

For sure they leave an impression of feeling positive that even more exciting outcomes can take place, by taking a few quantum leaps BEYOND a normal safety barrier of making choices. It feels good! As if just receiving an increase in Dopamine which centers around its reputation as the “feel-good hormone.”

(*Dopamine is associated with feelings of euphoria, bliss, motivation, and concentration, yet there’s more to it than that.)

These quantum energy encounters also convey feeling of expanded trust that these thoughts, feelings and actions conveyed through the quantum movies and energetic conversations carry universal intelligence and knowing which supports US from a vibratory resonant parallel universe.

In Bella Cruz CoLiving we are currently making our next steps to create off the grid sustainable living our daily reality. Our first stages of creation are in place with our Stardis Cabin and the next step is to co-create another TinyHouse Earth-Ship. These structures are alongside other upgrades of visitor cabins for Soul Family to join us in our Togetherness Journeys. We are an intimate Soul Family inter-generational group which includes young families and visiting homeschool children who are ALL creating New Ways of Living together within a Community Spirit.

Further signs in our CoLiving Community have since occurred synchronistically to support further new potentialities in many new and different ways as we share and communicate our ideas and insights together.  On some levels these might not appear in the physical yet as each step unfolds in an organic way when the timing is in accordance. The main thing is to trust that we are supported. And when we make new choices which feel in alignment with the evolution of the planet and Gaia that these actions are further supported.

Inspirational projects are now available in abundance through Social  Media which makes more of these new ideas feel more accessible. A recent You Tube mini documentary included:

Choosing for love and consideration for humanity and Gaia reaches a coherent framework in the collective. There are many more of US now responding and feeling that these changes are part of a natural uplifting cycle – it just feels RIGHT. Our thoughts feelings and actions carry a frequency of benevolence which corresponds with the natural Earth process.
This morning I listened to a youtube by Brad Johnson.

The message from Brad through his Earth Intelligence reports outlines and confirms that from March onwards NEW STARGATES are in place which are assisting to collapse old paradigm timelines and newer more benevolent and harmonious frequencies are being emitted which assist US to feel more supported within NEW timelines. In effect these newer more benevolent timelines are playing a more active role in the energy fields. Again, We FEEL more in a synchronized state of expansion with universal resources.

There is a further merging and twinning with our Inner Earth Soul Family selves who are also corresponding and communicating with US which keeps us in connection and communication with making choices which are in accordance with our higher frequency selves. As our telepathic abilities become more enhanced OUR other civilization selves keep in constant communication with us through these holographic transfers and empathic knowings. Again as we create NEW LIVING choices through our GROUP ALLIANCES and Community Togetherness activities we are aiding the transition of change on the planet into a higher frequency of Transparency and Loving Concordance with each other and GAIA.

Part of our community role in these changes is to share our stories and communications with each other as Soul Groups who feel in alliance with each others movements and steps to create NEW CONSCIOUSNESS PORTALS across the world where we LIVE, BREATH, BE and ACT in accordance with a more harmonious EARTH with ALL SENTIENT LIFE.

Please feel invited to keep updated with our various stories and programs of Togetherness through our websites and Facebook pages
BellaCruzCoLiving Instagram..
Telosian Community
Co-Living and Co-creating in Ariege (FB Request to Join our Group)
Living Our Dreams
Helena Serafina
Multi Dimensional Intuitive Visionary and Writer
CoCreator of New Earth Community Paradigm Living
FEELING JOY whilst Maintaining Inner Peace and Balance within Paradox and Chaos

FEELING JOY whilst Maintaining Inner Peace and Balance within Paradox and Chaos

FEELING JOY whilst Maintaining Inner Peace and Balance within Paradox and Chaos whilst CoLiving in our Star Global Family Co-Intentional Communities
In my daily life I AM a collaborative Soul Family member of 3 physical communities within Telosian Community based in California, USA, Bella Cruz CoLiving (Closed Group on FaceBook) in SWFrance and Live-to-BE in Netherlands. We currently also have family members in UK, Indonesia, Australasia and other parts of Europe. Our combined non-physical encounters, of course, reach way BEYOND these physical places and spaces with the social media models we currently share.
Altogether a pretty expansive Togetherness Program which requires attention to the ways our senses Navigate these Quantum Fields in Unison with each other.
My daily contact includes a wide variety of 24/7 experiences as we navigate through these shifts in consciousness. These shifts currently affect our global patterning through Global events whilst we ourselves co-create and share resources in the community with New Ways of Living.
BEing both a Telepath and Empath, sensory awareness for me requires continual moments for re-evaluation and focussing for realignment into Peace and Balance within my quantum sensory selves.
It feels a vital part of my day to TUNE into feeling Joy and Light with my own internal validation as we are surrounded my multiple programs of Paradox and Chaos with our consistently changing life perspectives.
When I receive insights, guidances and downloads – these vibrations require a physical experience which can follow through into my physical references whilst living here on Earth. Of course, this can feel juxtaposed with my daily physical reality. So again it feels a vital step to take these moments of quieter inner reflection and invite energies of GRATITUDE to my states of WELL BEING whilst we co-create these Vortexes of Embodied Light within multiple layers of my mental, physical emotional and quantum realities.
For me writing assists my various bodies to keep on track with all the multiple activities and sensations which are taking place in these quantum fields in my non-physical and physical realities. In this way, we are communicating with each other in synchrony of LOVING self-attention. Through the energies which run through my fingers, we are giving attention to my own needs and internal validations within my quantum worlds and realities.
As I alongside other Soul Family chose to “Walk Amongst” the Community as we co-create TOGETHER 5th dimensional “Living Portals.” My system can easily empath and take on the shifts occurring within myself and “others around me” in vulnerable moments. We are all experiencing vast changes within our Inner perspectives which really do not always match our current physical reality. So my personal invitation is to STAY IN TOUCH with who I AM and feel myself to BE. Notice and observe situations and remain AUTONOMOUS within my own I AM SOVEREIGNTY.
In our Togetherness programs, we have a wide variety of projects, eclectic interests whilst living alongside inter-generational, multidimensional conscious and non-conscious, Soul Family. We are ALL experiencing shifts and changes in our physical and non-physical lives.
The shifts can FEEL profound and rapid as some changes can feel intense and life-changing to our previous ways of living. We are “opening up” and expanding rapidly to our sense of What our Reality really IS, and Who we ARE becoming as Sentient Human Beings. We are REprogramming, REwriting, REcalibrating and REbirthing in conscious REAL time as in 5th dimensional ALL takes place in the NOW moments.
With BOTH internal and external movements taking place, within our daily activities, it can require consistently dedicating moments for STILLNESS and CALM quietude in collaboration with nature. In this way, my Empathic and telepathic lighter body systems can feel re-energized and re-balanced after processing any feelings of Being overwhelmed by receiving an overload of sensory information. My observational selves can take a primary role in assisting me to enable my senses of wellBEing and Balance within my everyday living life.
Everyone else’s state of awareness of their situation is not necessarily mine. In some moments I can observe the core feeling states of others which may not always match with what they are saying ie it is not their own innate truth. It is someone else’s program, for instance from a parent, a company, a school system which became adapted and adopted as a program framework to follow to give us a structure for living through life.
Many of these programs are collapsing and moving into a state of chaos as we are ALL waking up to the way these programs manipulated our own innate sensory way of BEing and behaving. So much is changing around our everyday perceptions of the ways we chould live our daily reality. New realizations are coming forward with such clarity. BEing an Empath it can feel too easy to absorb the feeling states of others around me during these change of this process. This morning I heard an  “energyvoice” clearly sharing:
“Other peoples happiness is their own affair and not always yours”
“Your primary role is to BE here and radiate your own sense of happiness, gratitude and appreciation with your world”
We are living in a “Free Will” matrix where everyone can choose their own states of BEing. When you have awareness of other types of existence within other collective reality states it can be confusing to observe when others choose for a state of contrast with their own happiness. And yet, remaining neutral and in acceptance of the choices of others can assist me to remain in Peace and Balance within myself. Different states of Contrast assist me to grow and expand so I can feel to just ALLOW the flow of change to wash over any extreme conditions and TRUST that the Universe offers ALL OF US higher vibrational opportunities for further growth and expansion. All can unfold gracefully and naturally with ease and grace. Within my stillness, anything I need to know will reach me in a state of benevolence and loving kindness.
We often expand our realities on different layers to experiment with the ways we can create MAGIC together. We are the embodiment of Christ Light so IT IS inevitable that we meet up in the airways, dream-states and alternate, parallel realities to communicate with each other. We co-create holograms of living reality TOGETHER and search for corresponding vibrational matches with our Soul Family members.
For me, it really assists to Remember to “Enjoy the Ride” This can ask all of us as Soul Family members to sometimes take a longer way around so that we co-create bridges in the other realms with our co-responding vehicles. A recent dream state highlighted this graphically as some of the bridges may not appear to BE fully constructed or built yet as we are acting in concordance with ONE an OTHER. So sometimes I place my focus elsewhere whilst we reconfigure our movements in synchrony with universal intelligence i.e. EACH OTHER.
Personally, I ENJOY exploring the deep layer quantum relations I encounter with other inspirational travelers and navigators. For many years I have been drawn to share my ever expanding personal entourage whilst listening in collaboration with other Soul Communities Groups. These other groups operate in quantum realities and are currently sharing their personal in-depth living experiences.  Whilst also offering inspirational tools for these moments of deep shift and recalibration to our personal and Soul Family LIVE Structures.
We are the Star Nation/Ground Crew who volunteered to share information with each other to assist Soul Family members to navigate their own pathways whilst embracing the feeling a membership within a Family Togetherness organism. Of course, Starseed Family are involved in multiple programs. Our operating systems collaborate TOGETHER to form Coherent Vortexes. We are in remembrance of self-responsibility programs where we are self-taught, self-liberating, self-embodied and self-validating our own DIVINITY.
We FEEL connected to others who are part of these Human/Nature Design programs which are moving into higher states of awareness. We are consistently drawn to follow our own impulses and create MINI STEPS within our day to day choices and activities TOGETHER. WE are TUNING into our own innate GUIDANCE systems or HIGHER SELF ENTOURAGE. Basically, this includes our OWN Quantum multidimensional selves from other realms who currently EXIST within multiple realities. We are the best ones to guide us as only WE KNOW our own Panoramic Soul Quantum Designs, Blue Prints and Templates.
As my other realms selves consistently reveal to me ALL I need to DO is SHOW UP in my highest PRESENCE and FULLEST EMBODIED SELF. It is ENOUGH. The rest will come forward into place as my I AM is so highly TUNED into COHERENCE and acting within CONCORDANCE within the whole.


Here are just a few of the Inspirational Group energy Vortexes out there who share Loving high vibrational conscious Navigational messages which consistently catch my attention.
Lee Carroll with The Kryon Team:
Esther Hicks with Abraham
Inelia Benz: Walk with me Now
Brad Johnson: New Earth Teachings and Empathic Transference
Others include:  Lisa Transcendence Brown, Althea Provost, Lavandar with Starseed Academy, Sandra Walters, Matt Kahn: All for Love,
Bashar: Willa Hill Crissing Parallel Reality Sentient Future Being, Lee Harris Energy
Here are just a few current audios and videos available on YouTube/GooglePlay/Spotify and of course you can purchase any of them through their individual websites.
Current music which allows a consistent sense of Peace and Well Being includes:
Robert Haig Coxon: The Silent Path, The Infinite Essence of Life, The Inner Garden, Crystal New Age
Deva Premal: Dakshina
Music for Cats: by David Tele
Mother Divine: music by Craig Pruess and Ananda
Ashana: Alchemy Crystal Bowl sound recording artist and specialist
Native American Meditation: Numerous artistes
Peder B.Helland: Soothing Relaxation videos
Cedric Vermue: Ember
Feeling Self LOVE, Appreciation, Compassion and Gratitude holds the KEYS to expanding our consciousness whilst “Walking Together” through All Universal Doors and Gateways.
Please feel invited to discover more about one of our Soul Family Co-Intentional, Inter-Generational, TOGETHERNESS Community Programs. Together we are Navigators and Co-Creative Constructors of the NEW EARTH…
Helena Serafina
Intuitive Visionary Writer and Translator
CoCreator of New Earth CoLiving
within InterGenerational, Multi-Dimensional, Conscious Communities
“Sirius Crystalline City” by Soul Sister “IsAbailes”



Our Guidance messages and dreams certainly seem to confirm and contain even more references now to “LIVE and BE” – YOUR MOST LOVING SELF.

Being with Soul Family at Christmas can offer ALL of US a gifted invitation to “feel” even more Forgiveness and Compassion with ourselves.

For me, I can feel more COLOUR and GRATITUDE in each moment for just BEING MYSELF.

After accessing memories through the akashic records, over the last two decades, for myself and others, it feels as though the way we can view and “empathically feel” our memories has changed.

Sometimes when I meet someone, that I may have a connection with from several years ago, it can sometimes feel as though I am almost trying to access another life time. I can find myself searching for memories that relate NOW to my current living world reality, with this other memory from another timeline.

In conversation it can feel easier to recall the memories. Our voices carry a series of pictures, sensory movies and imprints, for me. So it can be as if I’m simultaneously viewing a movie, during the conversation, that I haven’t seen for a while, though it feels familiar.

Memories and other lives which come forward from The Akashic records can FEEL and BE viewed in this way when you connect with your clairvoyance. There is a vast “Hall of Records” stored as sensory holograms which we can access by developing our clair sentience, clair-audient, and clairvoyant senses.

With all the current shifts and changes into a more benevolent vibration – the colors and textures of these holograms or movies, that we can access, feel to have gracefully softened. We are remembering memories and infusing them with MORE LOVE as this reflects our more current feeling state. As we enter into higher LOVE resonance fields it also feels  unrequired and unnecessary, to recall details of suffering. More an overview of benevolence which we can offer ourselves from another incarnation, where we were just experiencing Life in another way.  Rewriting our cellular memory for these other experiences feels more infused, now, by our own current Heart Centred Self Love.

How we currently Feel about ourselves reflects the way we remember our Memories.

As we are evolving and raising our frequency as a human species, we are together developing a natural state of forgiveness and compassion for who WE ARE as a collective human species. This creates a new template or record in the Akosh of our resonance and relationship to our own existence. It is as though Source energy has overlaid our memories with more kindness, or even the memory of suffering has dissolved. That part of our individuated self no longer requires that reference of being in a suffering state. So it doesn’t recall that imprint.

WE have changed our collective human consciousness through introducing a more healing reflection to the way WE FEEL and can NUTURE ourselves.

You can notice now in the “New Generation”  that they are NOT ALL fixed into an old memory of grief and recall of other timelines. They can mostly and for some, only, feel a loving kindness form of connection to themselves and the rest of humanity.

The systems within our NEXT WAVE GENERATION are upgraded to a new love field embodying “Compassion and Kindness”. Where their only reference to living IS by embodying a Life of “Peace and Harmony”.

They feel “no judgment” for each others actions in previous life experiences. It can be as though they don’t really resonate with what those lower frequencies of disharmony feel like – so they don’t access them. For the next generation of Old Souls these references to suffering have either already dissolved or are in the process of further dissolving. We can NOW observe  ourselves with MORE Compassion and Kindness,

Black and white referrals from old paradigm beliefs have transformed into a new palate of healing colour. These NEW SPECTRUM of Colours contain referrals and frequencies through “Self correction” to feeling MORE Love and Gratitude for each other as human beings. The Next Gen, know in their hearts, as do WE, that we are sharing and living together in harmony on a sentient planet Gaia our Mother Earth. We are loved and supported by Gaia and the Universe even beyond our current understanding. We can Trust and know that every step we make and every Truth we embody is an act of kindness. All is in support of our growth and evolution as conscious multi dimensional beings living in a human body.

Tears flow and the body heals as we forgive ourselves and each other for any previous actions, thoughts and deeds from other incarnations, which might have previously prevented our transcendence from loving and living, with more presence from WITHIN ourselves.

FEEL and BE transported to a place of Peace and Serenity. Live and Embody hope with this exquisite prayer. This video has been available for a while now and yet still can touch and heal my senses from a deep core essence of my Being. 

Thich Nhat Hanh created a stunning video – THE GREAT BELL CHANT

Click here to view the Video

The Great Bell Chant – A Buddhist Prayer for the End of Suffering

May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos
Even in the darkest spots
Living beings are able to hear it clearly
So that all suffering in them cease
Understanding comes to their heart
And they transcend the path of sorrow and death.
The universal dharma door is already open
The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly
The miracle happens
A beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower
One single drop of this compassionate water
Is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers.
Listening to the bell
I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve
My mind calm
My body relax
A smile is born on my lips
Following the sound of the bell
My breathe brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness
In the garden of my heart
The flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

This beautiful prayer written by Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, is chanted by brother Phap Niem.

Feel the invitation from Mother Father Divine, and Mother Earth to share this Christmas in PEACE and HARMONY with Soul Family and ALL Sentient Life. In glorious technicolour..

Our Greatest Gift in Life IS


Helena Serafina,

Intuitive Translator, Visionary Author and CoCreator of CoLiving Community.

Which Parallel Reality version of LeMuria?

Which Parallel Reality version of LeMuria?

Which Parallel Reality version of LeMuria?

This appeared as a nebulous floating conversation when I awoke this morning.

Other references also come forward almost within a sphere of Remembrance and Awakening to remind me of my connection with the Turquoise Blue Ray. Some days everything carries a reflection of  Being connected to a particular colour or texture. From the sensory connection to a piece of fabric through the clothes I wear, the fabric of the furniture in my surroundings, the shapes of the flowers and leaves all reflect color and texture. And the sensation of “Tuning in” to the conversations with physical and non-physical soul family and friends, videos and music being listened to on Google Play and YouTube. All is a living composition of my Empathic feelings in that moment. A spherical sound surround representation. A mirrored reflection of my Living Life.

Could some of the sensory moments also be a reflection of the oceanic lives I once held as a Mermaid from Mu. Messages can be heard  through my inner ears and voices suggesting for me to “Keep in flow – Be Fluid.” with the way you are viewing and feeling these other spherical realities.

Sometimes the mental translation locks out some of the memory and feelings from other worlds. Sensory movies appear through my intuition and imagination and really help to keep my threads of connection to other realms, timelines and multiverses online. It is a training of focussing within consciousness, staying present within the consciousness. Even speaking in a secondary  conversation and sharing the information with another physical person and non physical energy BEing in the same moment.

There are imprints delivered through my many multi dimensional selves containing multi sensory information which can activate a feeling or memory in any moment. So the relay can be in real time/no time NOW or when you meet a resonant moment which triggers a sensory hologram memory.

After many years of experiencing multiple alternate and parallel encounters it is not so unusual now, for me to consider and remember alternate life experiences.  Once awakened to other forms of truth, I can remember having multiple “life and live” experiences. All feels so close by.  Why wouldn’t we keep in touch with each other across the dimensions. We are multi dimensional soul family to each other.

Since childhood I have been curious and fascinated by other worlds, where we share this connections. We co exist in parallel realities of many civilizations. My childlike curiosity has always been to discover where there are soul family members and/or another version of me from another realm dimension,  which I am in regular contact with or have yet to meet. When allowing these feelings for this possibility, multiple spheres and showering bubbles of other worldly light and love particulates flow through my bodies senses.  Sometimes I can even view and feel the BE-ing and Soul Family before they call or Make Contact.

Confirmations appear with so many signs of Serendipity and Synchrony – its Magical!!

Meeting other physical soul collective members acts as a trigger for some of these memories to flood forward as I recall other existences in our conversations with each other. In other realms we hold together multiple life experiences as humanoid, cetaceans, feline or close by transparent oceanic bodies from LeMuRia. These too may have mythical and common references to the cetacean family we live alongside now. So I can look at someones face and observe a feline aspect of that person as it comes forward to greet me. Its as though they trust and feel they will be welcomed in their current human body form, so the morphing and transformation just appears and we greet each other with so much love.

Its a TeleMpathic ReUnion from across the Realms.

Sometimes there is a story attached to the quantum transmissions of information. At other moments it is as though your senses are being shown around a different set of physics which don’t always resemble my current physical body suit, in which I might be living within this timeline. Some things look familiar and other aspects shown do not always have a counterpart here. It’s like looking into the future, or another alternate realm where you can’t base everything on the way it looks and feels in this timeline, now.

From this vantage I can feel deeply touched that when we are in conversation with each other we have both chosen to bridge these parallel realities. It feels such a service to my souls evolution and humanity to choose, at some point, to take a two legged human body incarnation and “Walk Together” upon another version of Upper, Middle and Inner Earth as we know it. Again.

For me it so often feels as though I am recalling memories of our Inner Earth “twin state” family members in a resonance point together. These aspects of US have continued in their evolution and live “close by”  as the veils are so transparent now. We are CoLiving within other dimensional realities. Walking alongside each other.

These connections can be reached and embraced more easily now through “Empathic Transference”. As these memories become activated or triggered we feel impulsed to visit Sacred Vortex areas on the planet where these holographic states of reality can be felt and re discovered and connected with, in an even deeper intensity.

You could also refer to it as reaching into Multiple Timelines and Parallel Universes. Hence my curiosity of Which timeline and version of Le Mu Ria are we referring too?

It seems, of course, there are multi versions of LeMuria. Though each version for me feels as though we enter a realm, alongside members of our Soul Family in different quantum reality resonance frequencies. We tune into each other and for me each encounter carries a different texture of memory, feeling and resonance. There isn’t really one definition of an alternate or parallel reality as they are constantly changing and morphing in alignment with our own resonant frequency.

For sure as conversations and collaborations with alternate world reality families becomes more transparent – my Hearts Desire to live in states of Peace and tranquility within nature becomes necessity.  A chosen preference. As these experiences evolve these new impulses can change. I observe the way this is constantly changing within our New Generation. Every step reveals a new daily living choice, even just changing the furniture around.

My hearts impulse is to allow my sensitivity to live in a heightened state of Love and Oneness with my BODY through choosing surroundings of Peace and Beauty. My search for my own version of truth is ever expanding and grounding alongside my Soul families connection to Source Love and Divinity.

My multi dimensional selves can then enter my knowing and Empathic Transference viewing and subtle feelings states.  Other realms of reality are a unique expression of my souls collective and integrated through my human personality bodies.

We can join or connect with these multiple living reality states as and when they feel in resonance. It feels a beautiful collaboration. A Family Re-Union. I am not stuck between being a specific version of LeMurian or Atlantean.

I am a Collaborative Multi Dimensional version of ME living NOW with akashic access to a variety of my ancestral and twin versions of my Souls multiple expression. All contain truth. All feel a part of who I am. Gaian, Humanoid, cetacean, Hybrid consciousness, Other Realm, civilizations and Galactic Star Nation ET selves. A fusion of ALL. All accessed through my ONE body in the NOW.

Isn’t that AWESOME! – Who’d have thought that was possible…


Helena Serafina, Intuitive Visionary Author. Co-Creator of CoLiving Communities.

Co-Living with Intention

Co-Living with Intention

My INTENTION to Co-Create CoLiving projects with Helping Hands..

Over the last few years impulses continually appeared offering invitations to “experiment with  change”  and explore “New Ways of Living” where we can collaboratively live together in Community as conscious multi dimensional Soul Family.

My personal feelings are that one of the purposes of co-living is to create a home environment that inspires and empowers its residents from all generations to be active creators and participants in the world around them. These environments cultivate collaboration and serendipity amongst residents and the extended community. Co-living dwellings enable sustainable lifestyles through sharing energy efficient utilities and considerate use of resources and space in harmony with our surrounding environment. 

Coliving is for people who want a personal home environment with space for alone and inner reflection. Also group space for sharing within a community that actively supports them in living with purpose and intention. People who choose Coliving include home makers with a variety of skills, innovators, designers, gardeners, builders, musicians, artists, and other creative inspirational participants.

As residents we can unite around common themes of interest to collaboratively manage a space, share resources, and coordinate activities which contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around us. Our co-living projects offer short and longer – term accommodation allowing for ebb and flow for those who prefer to remain in one base and those who feel more nomadic. Together we can create a vibrant hub and host inclusive opportunities for sharing our multi cultural, eclectic connections with our Soul group and the broader community.

Together as family groups there is more opportunity now for traveling, and sharing through digital exchange our explorations of new ways of living and creating home space. Through this process my personal views have become more compassionate in my every day living. Some of the themes explored within CoLiving in a more practical functional way include experimenting:

  • Community alongside individuality
  • Intentional Living in consideration for our surroundings
  • Openness and collaboration 
  • Sharing over consumption
  • Curiosity and experimentation 
  • Self Responsibility and Co-operation

These ideas, feelings, thoughts, expressions and messages appeared for me.

My preference is to co-create safe spaces and home environments to further explore some of my own self discovery alongside supportive mature Co-Living Family.  As We are Human evolution in the making.. what could BE the next steps for me and us as a human species to live differently with other family members who feel resonant with Collaborative living spaces..

Currently I am feeling more ready to develop and evolve the next steps of self-balancing my inner creative worlds with my physical outer worlds whilst living within a group community… whilst Feeling  positive and more impulsed to develop new Creative solutions for grounding group inspirational projects alongside others who carry a similar intention…

Questions which have arisen within me include – Can I allow even more loving space within myself and know when to take my own private space. And continue to dissolve and let go of any differences or imbalances which are being held onto from my previous patternings and programs from my previous life experiences. Am I ready to BE even more honest, transparent and open with myself and others as I am opening up to these multiple new world realities?  Am I ready to embrace the next steps for CoLiving as a Fourth Wave consciously aware empathic sentient human being? Am I living and sharing my highest ideals and visions for my next steps?.. 

For now I still feel excited at the possibilities for discovering and creating new pathways for myself alongside others where we can utilise new energy solutions, incorporate sustainable living and eco friendly ergonomic projects which better service ourselves and the planet… My passion still feels vibrant and purposeful whilst researching ways to follow my impulses. Knowing there are further revelations in the ways to create more awareness of my own personal boundaries and finding filters for integrating new discoveries. All whilst remaining in touch with my own Source energy and tuning into my own guidance from my higher self and Source guides?  

Further research is ongoing with  “themes” to explore in co-creation with others. Especially with emotional relationships. It feels important to stay centred with my empathic and visionary ideals to create a 5th dimensional way of living together. Keep connected. Communicate and share feelings in supportive group harmony. 

Following my own intense Inner journeying I now feel ready to take on my own self responsibility for conscious creational projects within a family group. Always creating moments for quiet space, and allowing for intuition and guidance to expand the new ways to integrate and incorporate my multi dimensional selves. 

My Creative sources of interest include, sharing on a equal base, taking self responsibility for sharing creative projects and activities, in mutual respect for Communal living with like hearted Soul family members. Giving myself quiet space for creative writing and expression, personal and group Meditations. Exploring group and individual creative projects with our Next Generation where all ages are consciously accelerating and expanding their sensitivity and spiritual development,

Currently I am Co-Living and developing my own personal Journey in three different countries and feel ready to make the next steps of group collaboration: I Am a Co-Living member of three evolving group communities of highly aware conscious multi dimensional, multi cultural soul family members. 

I am in deep Gratitude to my expanding Soul Family for their personal co-creation in sharing these Intentions and Journeys together in loving support and in Unity consciousness.

Helena Serafina, Visionary Author, and CoCreator of CoLiving Community