AN ENCOUNTER WITH MOSES: Self-Forgiveness an Inner Pathway to Freedom

AN ENCOUNTER WITH MOSES: Self-Forgiveness an Inner Pathway to Freedom

Self-Forgiveness is our Inner Pathway to Freedom
Well ….yet again, these last days have brought forward some intense moments of inner reflection.
Who would have thought that even visiting a few service places in our locality,  could produce such frustrating encounters of fear and intense interactions with others living and working in our local environments,
Has the world gone crazy … maybe..  in some moments it seems so..
Have human beings taken these current living and working conditions to such extremes that they forget the loving kindness in themselves.  In some moments we can observe the emotionally charged frustration in the simple exchanges and social behaviors of others….
As empaths we are becoming even more sensitive around the emotional states of our local community, we can feel the intensity of the fear, thoughts and emotions emanating from another human being and the collective field… so in some moments, the comments in conversations can feel loaded with projected judgement … which we can take on as ours.. we might even need to take some moments to transmute the emotional charges we encounter in a daily exchange … in the process..
We are entering new layers of vulnerability which take “A COAT OF MANY COLORS ” to balance our sensitive states of being…
As Shakespeare scribed in our memories:
“if you prick us do we not bleed…”
Our immune systems need consistent cleansing … re centering and balancing ..
we are becoming more conscious of our thoughts and social behaviour … We made a conscious INTENTION with ourselves and each other to focus on this ….
SO when we leave our sacred safe bubble here within our hamlet Community of loving kindness we can quickly notice and observe the vibrations of the feelings within ourselves and others..
it can lead us to feel that we have stepped onto “another planet” where we observe that humanity is being tested to an extreme of behavior … where instructions and social behavior are being re-evaluted … WE notice a movement is growing … where humanity can feel and consciously observe that their freedom is being controlled which affects their innate sense of balance, harmony and sometimes prevents their impulses of simple kindness. Such are the emotional and mental body extremes which are currently being presented, as an alternate effect of these rippling changes which are being introduced for us to act in mindlessness compliance … or STOP and choose another pathway forward
The polarities of living experience between different living and working environments. Phew …Hey Ho…
So, whilst doing our utmost to BE THE OBSERVER of these polarities and respond to Everyone and each Social Interaction in kindness, consideration and compassion within my system….. over the last few days, felt to be filled up with a toxicity of vibration which I didn’t even consciously realize had permeated my inner sensory world. As if a grey cloud of vapour had entered my lungs and heart …
We’re all only human after all, …….here to have a human experience. Ain’t that the truth …
In loving kindness to myself it felt vital to gift myself some alone time in our Sacred Sound Community Temple.
After listening and absorbing the delicate tones of a 528 Hz audio recording whilst playing our Crystal Bowls, These crystalline sounds felt to be infusing the sensory layers within areas of my body for which the feelings of gratitude enhanced a more expanded capacity for inhaling and exhaling a deeper flow of breath.  And yet … I could still notice this anger coming up and the tenseness around my vocal chords.
Our Community group joins together, on Sunday late afternoons, we all tune into the “live-recording” of David Bailey, a channelling pianist, from the Magdelene Crypt in Rennes le Château, SW France. (His website and Free Meditation Global Link ..below)
This music is available throughout the week via the internet link, so that you can use it as you wish during that time. It still works the same as live recording, and makes it easier for people in certain time zones to use. For those who do not know the work of “Doctors of the Sky”, here is a small explanation:

Roberto Barbosa is a medium from Brazil who works with “Dr Adolph Fritz”, being from the invisible and spiritual world.

David organizes their visits to France, where they were able to help a large number of people, with extraordinary results. Speaking with “Dr Fritz”, he explained that he has more than 30,000 “doctors” in his team waiting to be able to help people in our world. They will come to help you during this meditation. Their work is carried out always using the vibration of LOVE.

This Meditation has become a weekly gathering for our Soul Family members since April as the live group session became restricted. We know Davids recordings well and have dived deeply into the frequency and exchanges of his channellings with MaryMagdalene and Abraham for many years now.  We ALL felt a calling to participate in the Global group where The Spiritual Heavenly Doctors fielded through “the spirit of Abraham” and Dr Fritz, currently based in Brazil.
We have all received many encounters with spirit during these weekly meditations and our own innate guidance over the last months during these transmissions. Some can be mentioned in another blog.. as each carries a theme for the present day. Once again the “SkyDoctors” came forward through my clairvoyant senses and in the exchange we shared with each other, on a Soul level, telepathically regarding the anger, grief and frustration which had surfaced within my system. In moments this became highlighted as tenseness through my vocal chords which during the meditation became more neutralized. For a variety of reasons the choices could feel as though it had been necessary to suppress these feelings, as the solution for transmutation in the next steps, in a.practical way, didn’t feel clear.
As this second meditation concluded there was some relief in my sense of self harmony and our Soul Family rejoined the Community in the room. We often spend momentary silence together as we digest the meditation experience whilst allowing the messages of peace and harmony in our senses to unfold.
Interestingly, whilst engaged in this silence with the group and within a more conscious calm state…. I closed my eyes again for a moment and “a gentle male being” came forward through my clairvoyant eyes..which subsequently became a hologram..
 He felt to be dressed in robes with a staff and whilst his energy felt familiar ..
The words “my robes and staff will comfort you still “
 I telepathically asked if he could just remind me of our knowing of each other… to which “the being” replied ..
I AM MOSES… you might remember me…
In a light hearted way he described and showed me the Burning Bush story on Mount Sinai…and his encounter with the aspect of communications with his GodSelf and the fields of LIGHT he experienced within himself whilst in communion with this infusion of Source Light energy..
We exchanged for a few moments ….in a walking of Togetherness across the Fields…
Moses then described the ways he received the Telepathic infusion of the 10 Commandments and the reference to the story of the 10 plaques..
“Perhaps” he shared “we are ready for a new update which we can give as the 10 intentions in SELF FORGIVENESS “
Moses continued to express and share the way he observed how so much revelation had come forward, in such a wave of intensity, for us currently as human beings… also the ways we had evolved and reached deeper into our
“Sense of openness,
The freedom in knowing our own sense of Truth, and
Our own deep awareness and sense of Sovereignty, “
All these encounters feel to infuse us with a deeper connection to our own Divinity and God Source..
As a human collective we are all engaged within the encasement and practical daily living as a human in a body whilst we are opening up and experiencing vast expansions to the inner abundance of our spiritual connections and the deep awakening of our layers of multi dimensionality….
Quite a package…. to digest, assimilate and embody..
One of the side effects felt that sometimes when we walk amongst humanity and navigate these different varieties and layers of density… We can sometimes feel disconnected ….
And in other moments We Re-Connect to these themes of our Divinity on a deeper layer of self revelation.
It appears we are entering a vast container and renewed self-discovery of Who WE truly are as spirit inhabiting and co existing within a Human Body.
Moses continued to share
“as more awareness comes into our conscious knowing as Quantum Humans, we can easily become highly self judgmental… feeling we are not doing it right… or we are not pure enough… or not doing it well enough… and we can be our own brutal judges of our selves…in our intention or within our own acts of social behavior… so as humans we utilize our emotional and mental bodies in a way which can highlight these unreal disappointments, shadows or gaps in the way we view a kind of performance or overview of ourselves….with our entangled responses … we circum-navigate the way we feel… sometimes almost berating ourselves feeling that we are not perfect enough in the eyes of Source…
In actuality we are truly Divine… embodying aspects of Source in a deeper more “whole sense of our BEING”
So..the suggestion from MOSES…
let us begin a new intention of affirming TEN new states of SELF FORGIVENESS…
For many of us …
WE probably don’t engage in enough in these “Ten States of Self Forgiveness” ….as we field and digest some of the current densities of global activity … even when we steer clear of biased news and out of date…old programs …which are currently playing themselves out in sound surround … in our daily environments..
So for me, … NOW feels a good moment to ..
Our current states of BEINGNESS feels a vital layer and component of the next stages of development in our collective Human ness and for those who feel ready … the next stages of conscious Group Quantum embodiment as Human Galactic Gaians…
The loving wisdom and guidance of MOSES continues to touch my heart and core bodies as the tears flow… so we know a spot within us is being revealed and healed…
For me Personally this encounter with MOSES…. felt to be a welcoming visit from a wise friend, who conveyed the compassion of walking through a human experience himself as he too had been engaged in a variety of turbulent waves of change on Earth …
So we between the
“MISTS AND COLOURS OF NO TIME  – As our energies felt to BE entangled …WE began exchanging.. The open invitation of MOSES felt to bring forward my own “messages to self”… as for each of us the references may hold a different color and flavor …
I forgive myself…
Self forgiveness is the first step and from this point it becomes much easier to LET GO and forgive others..
Forgiveness assists me to move on to pastures new.. releasing chords and ties which previously bound my pathways..
I release myself from the past and walk in the NOW …
Allowing self forgiveness opens my heart to the abundance of BEAUTY Life has to show me…
Knowing that forgiveness within myself heals a sense of feeling my own SELF WORTHINESS…
The simple adjustment in frequency to Self forgiveness … opens doors and gateways to a BENEVOLENCE of new experiences for my highest good and the good of ALL ..
As forgiveness penetrates my whole system … COLOUR AND LIGHT has more entrance to guide and support my next steps…
To self forgive enables the feelings of Self Gratitude to BE the mirror and reflection within the dimensions and realities of all my future encounters in the NOW ..
As forgiveness becomes the fluid essence of my BEING … the simple acts of loving kindness becomes my truth and inner guide
By Allowing Self-Forgiveness …
I AM choosing to live in the presence of DIVINE GOD SOURCE …
Love and Embrace BEING
“The Conscious Co-Creator of my own reality..”
Grace and Gratitude for my Soul Companions who Walk alongside in Togetherness..
Blessed Be
Helena Serafina
Visionary and Intuitive Translator
In Love with Life and the Next Generation of New Human Gaians..
Opening Up our Fluid Heart to more Grace and Compassion

Opening Up our Fluid Heart to more Grace and Compassion

Have you noticed a couple of themes which are taking place at the moment,

We can realize more GRACE in our life which can mean different things to people. Maybe we need to BE more tolerant with ourselves and more patient around other people’s sensitivity and vulnerable behaviour. We are BE-ing invited to feel more compassionate in the way we respond to ourselves and others. WE can allow more GRACE for the differences in the ways we perceive our ever-changing worlds and realities.

The other sensory feeling THEME is that we are NOT LISTENING to others. Which can also mean “we’re not listening to ourselves or CELLS.” Sometimes perhaps we’re not even as tuned into our feelings as we might prefer to be.

Bearing in mind there can be healthy boundaries applied to the evolution of both of these sensory themes. We are just unfolding another layer of opening up our FLUID HEARTS to receiving and giving even more GRACE and COMPASSION to our selves and others. In this way we are evolving from within our group collective development as the New Human Gaians.

Mmm and its only June in 2020… so I imagine more Themes to come along this year..

At the moment in my own part, after doing many weeks of translating energy, typing, and writing up stories I have developed tendinitis in my hands. Probably whilst remaining too focused and holding the same position in my body. Maybe that represents a metaphoric way of my and our social behaviour. That we feel new consciousness and in our body there feels a willingness to change and embody these new upgrades within our senses. There can also be a delay in the way that we are able to implement and fully embody these new subtle sensory feelings within our body and simultaneously bring these new vulnerable states of BEING forward,  through our open hearts and in our daily living life. We are entering new phases of growth and still LETTING GO of old patterns in our behaviour. Sometimes feels a gargantuan movement and yet moving on with change is inviting us all to BE MORE PRESENT.

Maybe it can be an emotional response to both subtle changes in the system, as in my case.

Yesterday, on the 02.06.2020, special dates, we travelled together as a family through beautiful, glorious countryside to an inland sea lagoon area, on the Mediterranean Coast as we have been unable to do this for many months due to the stay at home situation.

As I sat beside the lagoon for many hours, whilst my family members enjoyed a kayaking adventure. I chose to walk around the perimeter of The Bay. I could feel my senses and the ways that my body wanted to open up and be more fluid around my current behavioural situation and my life’s way of being. So feeling open, to explore this field of my focus, I opened MY HEARTS desire to feel and become more expanded and fluid.

I requested from my body to show me signs of what could be an impediment or a barrier in my allowance towards embodying these new ways being. As we raise these questions and invite new perspectives, sometimes the responses to our questions can be immediate and in other moments the response can percolate within us and come forward later. Especially when we even feel perhaps at our most vulnerable or tired. A response can come when we least expect it. In my case I sat alone quietly in my home space after a two-hour long journey home. We had allowed ourselves the gift of the movement to the Coast, through newly felt freedoms to our physical restrictions.  We embraced and immersed ourselves in the stunningly beautiful, evocative countryside, teaming with the memories from other multiverses. Where familiar memories and emotions can feel stirred as we feel and know we have lived before, and still co-exist within our multidimensionality of this Languedoc region of France.

So, in the quietude of my home environment, tears began to flow. As I looked out from my window, where there is a panoramic view of the Pyrenees, the skyline began to transform as the sun began setting. In the distance around the mountains, magnetic storms of light began Flashing across the Night skyline. My tears reached a deeper space within me and I heard these phrases from my body reach out through me..

“ I don’t feel worthy enough to receive such a depth of HEART FELT LOVE in my emotional bodies and State of being”

The realization of this knowing bought forward even more tears, as I sensed deep awareness and remembrance, from my childhood when I experienced many connections with other realms of reality. There wasn’t space or a safe space in my life for me to discuss these or even relate these feelings to others, often around subjects regarding the existence of these other realities. The conversations with other beings, the astral traveling, the out of body experiences, the dream walking, the sharings which would take place with so called invisible friends. All of which, were normal and natural to me as a child. And still are, NOW.

Some days I can still feel shocked, that even after all of the inner work and the processing which has taken place for decades. How can this lack of self worth still show up?

How can this be possible? I wonder.

And then I received another visitation from the consciousness of a collective group of beings The Celestials and through beloved members of the Christed Family. All seemed to come forward and show up.  A conversation began.  A transference of awareness, and a deep sensory experience of being loved, from SOURCE.

It Comes in waves, showers, and downloads, filling my body and senses with overwhelming acknowledgments, Grace, gratitude, compassion, benevolence, and the deep affinity with knowing who I AM at the Core of my being. I can hardly breathe as I feel the depth of love beyond that which I have encountered until that moment. Even though, these types of transference can take place regularly. There can still be an unexpected visitation or transferring of immense loving energy that spontaneously occurs. And especially when I’m feeling at my most vulnerable.

How does this feel?

You can feel as if you are sitting together with members of your group soul family, all the ones that know and love you really well, maybe even more than you remembered, up until that moment, about yourself. It is as though they come forward to remind you that you are ONE with them. That they remember you, know you, and that you are a beloved member of the essence of this source energy. It brings tears to my eyes again, when I know and feel that they are within me and around me. I can feel the love and the compassion beyond words. For IT IS a feeling state. I often find myself rocking my body backward and forwards as if I being held in the loving arms of this loving energy of transference. As a mother or father would a rock a child in a loving comforting embrace.

I can hear, feel and view pictures in sound and movement through my sensory ears and eyes, I can hear the sound of the birds in abundance in cohesive concordance as if there is a sound surround facility within the Cabin home where I live in our Tiny House Village forest near the mountains. It is curious in one moment, everything can feel quiet and dormant, and at the same time teaming with the abundant essence of life.

The questions pop up,

Where do we store all this love, in our body?,

This deep essence of LOVE and COMPASSION which just remained dormant within ourselves for so long, maybe even since childhood. Why did it take so long to give myself a reminder of how loved WE are and I AM. We know time is an illusion, so in essence, perhaps it is about resonance or vibration. Sensory moments combined with movement can activate and stimulate our senses into LIFE. A point of meeting up with your self.

Peculiar paradox, is that these feelings can make you feel so tired, also exhausted. Perhaps it is the expression of the emotion, which has been compressed and suppressed, seemingly for so long. Spirit exists without a body, it can feel like a nebulous system of energy. And here we are in a central point of location within matter which houses this spirit and nebulous fluid energy. So we breathe deeply, we allow the sensations as it drifts and permeates its way into our sensory nervous system.

We are acclimating these senses within a nervous system. These are the shifts and remembrances we knew would come at some point. Some days I remember as a child waiting on my family to return and pick me up. When I realize now, they never left, as they coexisted within me. They stayed close by and remained in conversation through sensory pictures, holograms, and intuitive messages. All held within in a cellular memory encapsulated through my sensory feelings. They allow me to explore in my own unique way, as they and my I AM knew this had happened many times before in other realities, timelines, and civilizations. This really was not the only timeline to be involved in the process of perceived separation, which can feel brutally lonely, whilst returning to remembrance. I see and feel that now. So we are actually never alone. For the imprints and memories of our other types of existence live alongside us from within. And in some moments, a seal is broken and the “point of contact’ is reestablished.

We don’t mean to shock ourselves into the memory of these other existences, and yet this is how it may feel. Especially when we have been out of touch for a while. So for me, a way of processing these experiences is to feel, explore and share them, as a reference and reminder of their existence.

Primarily with myself.

And in some moments I can feel compelled to share them with others as I feel it might be useful. It is also a point of training ourselves to be conscious of these remembrances of being in contact with our deepest feelings, awareness, and knowing. Revitalising the more subtle feeling states that they invoke within us.

As I have momentary tendinitis I am collaborating with Apple dictate. So here we are, we collaborate with the technology that is available to us. I even noticed that it can become helpful to walk around whilst this information is being shared as the movement seems to assist the body to transmute and reflect on the meaningfulness of which is being shared.

I’m really grateful or maybe my body is really grateful for this movement. Perhaps as a child the rocking and the movement helped us to feel reassured. It recirculates our bodies’ senses. I can sometimes feel momentary anger or sadness that this connection to source felt so distant for so long.

Why was that so necessary? Did I really agree to that? I’m not sure. Maybe we just got into habits of fitting in and didn’t know the ways to validate ourselves and feel confident enough. Perhaps we were feeling in a ‘lack of reassurance’ that we could share this connection with others as it seemed so unaccepted in the environment we lived in and still can feel that way.  When we are on our own, within our own creative bubbles – anything goes. So as a child we over adapted to our environments. 

I can feel now that there are more of us, stepping out and walking together through these transformative processes and that we don’t need to hide under a rock any more or hide in a cave. Personally I’m not drawn to confrontation or activist types of sharing. More for peace and harmony and tranquillity within myself and other family members. I can also appreciate that anger can be a stimulant to create movement as we can be held back through a sense of inertia. So when this comes up, then I can acknowledge transition within my senses. I am less prone these days to project this, maybe still within the family whilst we learn, evolve and grow together.  My preference is to take my own self-responsibility for the process of change in it, and allow space for others to take their self-responsibility,  rather than be part of the loop where this behaviour circulates until transmutation takes place.

We can forgive and move on.

As part of self training to reflect these feelings to myself, my I AM invites me to embrace the fear of these emotions or sensory feelings. In this way, we can discover new ways to incorporate, transmute and embody them in new ways of living and being. To LOVE and include my body in the whole process even when it seems slow to respond there is some further patience that can be developed to BE more at peace with myself in that.

And where are we going with all of this?

We are entering into new phases of existence where other multidimensional aspects representing “who we are” are coming forward. We coexist alongside each other and in some moments of resonance, they enter into our states of conscious awareness. We remember other realities, that we feel participative with. We use these as references, as grid and guidelines especially when we are exploring new waves of sensory exposure as a collective species. This is not the only planet where these type of experiences take place. Each realm or planet of existence contains different exposures and effects of physics which creates an impact on our whole living experience.

We are a part of many experiments that co-exist across the planets, realms, and galaxies and WE CORRESPOND with each other, WE share references and information through these magnetic grids. Some might describe this as giving ourselves feedback from our Akash. We have an earth version of the Akash and these coexist alongside other planetary, galactic Akashic systems. So it can make sense that because these are reflections and containers of our living experiences, they act as a “Port of Reference” to our memory cells.

As water is a conduit containing memory, in a way that we are just beginning to remember we can install light encoded holograms imprints and information within water within its cellular structure. As we are messengers of light and record-keepers we chose the most expedient methodologies for storing light encoded information.

We are masterful inspirationalists and are constantly in collaboration with the creation of life.  So grateful that we included all these insights, remembrances and light storage containers. Intelligence comes in many forms, packages and light spectrums.

In deep gratitude with Grace and Compassion and for all Living Life,

Helena Serafina,

Intuitive Story Teller, of Living Life, InLove with Humanity and the Next Generation and the New Human Gaian.

Greetings from Celestial Rainbow Angel Droplets of Light and Flow…

Greetings from Celestial Rainbow Angel Droplets of Light and Flow…

Greetings from The Celestial Rainbow Angel Droplets of Light and Flow…

We enjoyed our trip with you yesterday … so lovely to be closer to the waters.. and streams of showering droplets of rain… when you could see us more clearly as droplets we might not always look the same..

We are rainbow floating colors of spectrum light … here to light the way forward from within and around your own fields of light… we illuminate with crystalline energy which to you may look and feel like vibrating floating capillaries of rainbow light … even a micro torus field energy from your little village people worlds… 

As we are light as a feather and we float around you as WE ARE together … 

Let us begin with the way you see and feel purpose… What floats your boats.. and sets your heart alight.. and maybe just FEELS so RIGHT..

Imagine all those energy droplets of light moving and flowing in a way that you can feel the sensations stimulating your appetites for CREATION… MOVEMENT… and FLOW…

No need to feel in stickiness … where your boots are entrenched in mud … move around in your imagination… laugh and feel joy with family and friends … where LIFE itself does not depend on fear and lack.. restriction and loss.. and satisfying the way you might sense the old way of being a boss…

Here is where we begin… YOU ARE the creator of your worlds so LET US with you.. Begin again…

WE learned so much from ways to live and be with each other… Perhaps NOW is the time for reformulation… respect for difference and celebration in what you can view as the NEW NORMAL…

There are new strains of light appearing in your world, brighter and more vibrant then you have experienced before on your Planet of Gaia… We are here as forwarding steps enabling the rerouting and repositioning…. to face and look up to new horizons where the stars may not feel so distant to you anymore …

All of your Brothers and Sisters are standing by to assist in the reenergizing process of your heartfelt ideas intuitive processes and knowings … We are around to stimulate regrowth in your near networks and ….in essence, reprogram where you think and feel your Source energy is coming from…

Just hold the light steady for a moment we are filtering and floating..

Watch and observe the ways the tentacles as you see them float and create movement in Unison Together… each offering the Other a tentacle… a gentle movement that stimulates the movement of the other… No Thing is static ….just vibrating … and pulsating in new

Here to simulate intuitive neuro network movement and growth ….in a variety of directions… a collective of individuated members … yet flowing TOGETHER…vibrations of motional light ..

It is true when you feel attracted to Divine Waters … natural growth… a sense of adventure… tranquility …embracing the colors of new growth and expansion … the interweaving within the fields … In luscious color combination and depth of GREEN you may have never seen before…

combined with the delicacy of the Violet Hue … then here we are …

WE can appear before YOU…

floating and weaving as your senses experience the expansion of light from within… and you STOP for a while to drink it in….

Maybe you feel hungry for the new way of living and being …

as the old feels dense and incumbent on older networks …

filled with accessories that were made to lift your emotional excitement ..

and whilst articles of matter may have been intoxicating for a while … they are no longer holding a sensory quality for your deeper senses…..

You felt the membranes and the bubbles as you move through the density … traveling through different gateways and spheres … when you pass by water rivers and streams … here you can feel the sensations of texture and depth deep in-between your dreams … realize that we live within many realities and densities of living Life… held together through vibrations of heartfelt commonality, Unified fields of common practice, and lovingness to each other … dedication to living sensory life in a taste of your own creations of little village paradise …

YOU are ABLE to feel a new resource of experience… a sense of contact from within yourself which highlights the depth of meaning and purposefulness which is enhanced from your Nature and your own Natural state… amplified by the other living BE-ings who live in Accordance and Concordance with your frequency, senses, and vibrations… The flowers the birds and the bees… the leaves on the trees … all decorated and embued with color from within their own inner connectivity with the natural surroundings and the welcome of your living hearts…

Within these invisible membranes and walls exist bubbles and spherical pockets of light … enhanced within a combination of stillness and activity where life flows and bows to the wind and the elements… 

We know that your deepest hearts desire… is to bring these inner worlds and outer bubble villages to the rest of humanity… And yet for the moment these are frequencies where All can Walk through …when they feel invited … their inner calling will BE the guide.. to BE in communication with your Soul Family …………..and your inner sense of BE-ingness can hold a myriad variety of exchange for each Soul embodied Human. As your connection to the New Human Gaian expands there are many stories and flavors to the ways we can introduce ourselves to the rest of the planet. 

Light conversation can grow and develop to embrace a new sense of feeling in contact with your own feelings of self-worth, knowing and I AM. Within the flow of these steps and stages of evolution, WE can allow for others to discover and embrace their spectrum of creation…

Each member of the collective will carry a multitude of filters and biospheres which encourage and invites others to unfold their own personal reflections on Life and the meaning it holds for them. Every story has merit and a gem within the crown. A nugget of self-realized introspection which can be shared with the whole Village … Remembering that each “village” holds a spectrum of color and purpose for experiential taste and flavoring as each wears its coat of many colors… 

You know of the light being Jeshua.. and the halo imprints … the colors and flavors he wore with Beauty and Compassion… we can tell you he tried on a few coats on the route of his journey as a fully embodied light human…  invite him to join you on a Walk of Togetherness through the fields, the meadows, the daisies, and the poppies… here you can share with his very essence the light you have engaged from within. His essence too will know your story and your journey as they are in a shared vibration of Loving Kindness…

So we thank you again for greeting and meetings with us in your Tiny House village of Creation and Embodiment of Life… Your lights can be seen from afar.. and when you call us in ….We are even closer than you can at first imagine … Engage with us … from moment to moment.. We love to exchange our light with you… our colors … our vibrancy… WE are also attracted by your own effervescence and bubbles are a sheer delight for us also..

We are not here in human embodiment… we are angelic and ephemeral in texture, light love … embodying light and flow … movement and glow …

Look for US as WE engage with the lighter essence of YOU..

Your loving family

The Celestial Rainbow Angel Droplets of Light and Flow…

Helena Serafina

Hybrid Contactee.. Intuitive Translator, in love with Gaia and the New Gaian Human


Gratitude to:

Photo from Avatar Woodsprite by Vjsmile on DeviantArt.

AWAKENING AND ADAPTING to a Modern New World …

AWAKENING AND ADAPTING to a Modern New World …

AWAKENING AND ADAPTING to a Modern New World …
What does it take now to adapt and become a conscious, contributory, and participative member of the New Modern World.
Especially, when you are feeling less connected to the old world as it collapses, and we feel without the impulse to participate any more within the old system…
Maybe we become more attracted to:
Living in a more expanded state of Freedom from within your Heart Body Core.
More impulsed to explore your own creative awareness of the world and life.
Knowing that you are an individual and yet part of a family team and global group of other Young Adults (even the Young at Heart Generation) …
preparing yourself to enter this new grid of living in a more natural, minimalist, ergonomic, eco structured, self-sufficient New World.
So … you feel a sense of independence, … you are not really geared for working for a boss or leader…. more self-motivated and self impulsed to contribute in your own unique style..
alongside others.. in collaboration .. within a network of resonant souls..
You have created your own set of standards and protocols for the type of creative projects you are choosing to be of interest with… as in essence, you are not here just to bridge the worlds …
You are here on Earth to BE a unique New World contributor and participant.
You are Empathic, sensitive and feel deeply connected to the way humans treat the Earth, their environment, other humans, animals, nature alongside all sentient Life…
Even as a point of unique singularity in your personal Rainbow Bubble… you can feel connected to a more panoramic coalescent view and approach.. to the way we can co-habit and collaborate with each other… The essence of communion begins with your own point of innate contact .. with your self.. and a sense of Togetherness in equal partnership with other participating members of the Human Gaian ground crew.
You have developed preferences for listening to your own compass, voice, and modalities of expression and wish to share them as inspiration with yourself and others…
Sometimes just as a point of reference as though you are leaving signposts, fields of knowledge, wisdom, ideas, and insights for new growth..
Of course, knowing and acknowledging there are multiple routes to travel on any Journey, so you are neither a Teacher, Guide or Instructor.. more a Co-Facilitator sharing in an honest, transparent way though personal experience as you navigate within the movement of change..
You are most comfortable living in or around nature, surrounded by woodland, natural unpolluted air, scenery, the sky, clouds, mountains, ocean views, even desert life .. as all has its depth of color, texture, and attractions for versatile living adaptation…
It feels amazing to travel and walk with others in a partnership, with companions and fellow travelers, who share some common interests as you can inspire each other in a meaningful, intimate way, in kindness and consideration without judgment of each other … Equally, it can feel deeply moving to spend moments in stillness, silence and in aloneness … Feeling the state of your own vulnerability, which these encounters offer you and knowing from within your own depth of sensitivity the colors, the tastes, and palate for interaction with your own physical and non-physical reality world.
What does this mean to you?.. Who are you within it?
Can you feel your fears and move forward in loving kindness with your self and others..
Allowing the mind, emotional bodies, physical bodies, and spirit to feel in a state of confluence with one another… Feel the sound and texture of that?
In what ways does nature reflect this to you in your current state of Being?.. Do the birds sing in glorious technicolor or are they irritating you, as they are too loud or even too harmonic?
As you walk on Gaias Earth,, as a visitor, a guest,, Where is the natural rhythm between you both, What is her calling to you, her request, her invitation…
A key element is learning to SELF NAVIGATE, create, and feel your own sense of safety from within and around nature, sentient life, and your human companions even the multi dimensional realities of the world around you..
Sensing the rawness, the nakedness, and the sheer powerful magnificence of Earth’s movement and magnetism can feel supremely energizing and overwhelming to the senses..
On the other hand, WE CAN ….
Enjoy the spaces, places, Embrace Live Encounters, even feel energized by the Beauty and Wonder of our natural surroundings and allow our physical body to enter this space feeling embodied by an incredible depth of sensitivity, Love, Power, Beauty and Magnetism… A sensation of ReGeneration can unfold from your deepest Core of BE-ing..
Feel the ways that we as the Human Gaians can contribute to balance these sensations, our sense of value, in group collaboration…
Sit with each other… Can we even listen to each other’s feelings and resonance without judgment and reach a point of allowance within ourselves and each other.
Can we tame the Dragon…and uncouple the spacious magnitude of the Whale who co-exists within us ?..
Assimilating and adapting your feeling states with the resonance of Gaia… What is our impulse to BE… NOW … in this moment..
Where is our openness for feeling an alternative solution.. a different perspective… is it just through the narrative of talking and sharing?..
Maybe on one level for the mind, this is one state of understanding… and yet… if we all feel go deeper into the sensations of our vulnerability perhaps we can hear, view, and feel our selves and each other on a whole new planet…
When we embrace our Tel Empathic states we are hearing ourselves and others ….as we are navigating and discerning The Who Am I? Is this my feeling or someone else … within which state of body awareness are these feeling states based…
Again here I might lose you here..…
Every one of us can feel and sense each other on some other deeper level … some have trained themselves to reach into a deeper state of awareness through multiple forms of meditation, stillness and Being in ONE states and some are just in an innate state of natural awareness … almost born with it..
Many of our children and Next Generation are in participatory consciousness of this field, in their state of innocence, joy, and wonderment they are even the KEY HOLDERS for this FIELD… depending on our upbringing we may feel in a variety of stages of response to this Field awareness..
Whilst we were growing up we learned to adapt, and in some cases apply ourselves to different states of living conditions and group formations to explore our surroundings …
Maybe we used these conditions as grid co-ordinates to navigate our way through the system…
And now, many of us just cannot feel inspired to follow or even feel the impulse to be “fitting in” with this construct any more… in essence following instructions and guidelines can’t feel in integrity to us any more…
We might even FEEL SICK OF IT… conformism… regulation … and over guidance type of instructional leadership teaching…
WE need a more open approach … knowing and understanding that until you find your feet.. you may need a construct or structure to learn some basic skills .. though only to the point where you can launch your own platform and rockets of desire….those …which feel in benevolence to the Human Gaian New World evolution..
WE came to Earth to prepare for something new, NOT as maintenance crew..
Where can we best feel our selves in our multidimensional form….. as a contributor to this New World as a Human Gaian Being…
The responses we hear, see, and feel within our sensory knowing may surprise us?
WE ARE in the next wave of Human Evolutionary development … Each ONE of us are invited to find ourselves …
from this new point of centre, where we can contribute to the Creation of a new organic form …. In cannot escape our notice…
as some enormous changes to our current states of awareness are coming forward …
We are entering into new states of knowing where truth, transparency, alignment to compassionate benevolence and re-configuration are entering into our reality.. whatever that means and looks like to you..
Some of us already heard the call as first responders and are already creating new networks and models of New Village Community living …
It may cause a SPLIT in our sense of reality as we live in resonance with the WAYS WE FEEL…
AS these current waves of change are upon us… We invite families to consider new options, new ventures, new inspirational projects, choose your partners, and participatory Soul Family members and begin the new creations TOGETHER…
You can’t really get anything wrong as everything is a new exploration and all experience is of value.
As we include our innate knowing, which is our birthright,
we can feel our way together as compassionate guardians of Gaia and all sentient Life..
Our preferences, skills, and abilities can create inspirational archives in the Ethers as we are a “Living Life” book… All our references and resources are easily scanned by the Next Generations who arrive as they pick up where we began. New inventions are opening and BEing introduced. Watch our for this….
All of Life on Gaia.. is continually Evolving and moving towards a New Wave of Coalescent Global Village living..
When we trust ourselves and the process, Anything is Possible, Fear becomes dissolved in our systems, memory fades away to non-existence, or can only be retrieved in an innate, benevolent point of reference. LOVE, KINDNESS AND COMPASSION becomes our primary source of guidance and impulse.
We can BE this..
All the blueprints are safe and secure inside of us, we brought them with us through our spirit, our DNA and in Resonance with our deepest compassion and Love for Gaia, the Human Race and All Sentient Life.
And even when we leave this planetary system we rejoin our other REALM, MultiDimensional Soul Family members, and begin the preparation for our return..
We began the process as Star Seeds,, WE ARE the Co-Creators of Earth, and as loving compassionate Guardians, we return to fulfill our Heart “HomeStead” Village spaces with experiences beyond our Wildest Dreams of Imagination ..
We are Creator Beings.. We are In Love with Gaia, and the Next Generations…
The Celestial Rainbow Children..
Helena Serafina
Intuitive Translator, Storyteller, Visionary CoCreator of the New World


Reflections and Conversations with the “Spirit of Family” … from this morning…

What does it mean TO BE…. “responsible and OR irresponsible”
Where are the Lines, the boundaries and the confines, where are they coming from, are they mine, or from someone else. OR is it just a projection through the mind..

Check in and find your own Sound and Voice… through YOUR 💖HEART..

We know that you Appreciate the messages we share with you and from inspirational speakers … and then still

What defines Craziness… and not being or feeling part of the herd…

What does it mean to feel part of a physical and non-physical collective?…

Telepathic Transference and Transparency…

Many years ago I felt invited to BE a channel for Beings, and other realm selves.. and yet the timing felt out of concordance within myself .. maybe too much personality,, or spiritual superiority… as although I felt others speak with an open heart.. there was still something un natural about it.. as if they were speaking a form of truth and yet not fully living within the concordance of it themselves in some way …..So we continue the inner research for any traits within ourselves which feel out of balance with the Love fields we encounter ….until we sense… a feeling of Inner PEACE between our Inner Child and Wise Adult…. until we reach a more expanded state of fuller LIVING EMBODIMENT… where we can speak , listen and share with ANY generation and feel heard in a NATURAL centered, non superficial way…

Children really want to live alongside family members who are not teaching them, they choose for equal sharing so that they themselves can also feel heard… a more equal partnership of WALKING TOGETHER… They don’t always need your history or old values, they are birthed in the HERE and NOW to bring forward a NEW WORLD within a field of consciousness… which they may not even reflect as spiritual … it is just IS.. more loving, more caring, more considerate, more in touch with their inner and outer feelings… Earth is their current home and so they feel to take care for it and the way we have been living on it to date…has for them gone beyond its “sell by date”….

So they Invite … as actually they might feel they don’t need your permission…. I mean we are a bit OFF track they might say “don’t you feel” …. or maybe as we go through Global Self Isolation perhaps we are NOW more ON TRACK..

So.. LET us work out a new formula together … there is much to share and have conversation with on this… so we just make a start… a NEW BEGINNING…

In some previous years my heart felt less open to share messages from “Beyond the Veil” as others too described that they felt contact with other aspects of their non physical community and their private life was pretty out of balance… so much gratitude to them for sharing their honesty and openness in this..

Bringing through higher wisdom and knowledge from within is for sure “a Precious gift” and yet, when delivered through a vehicle which is living a life which seemed inconsistent with this message, it can feel discordant… to the high sensitives… Perhaps that is why some young people don’t listen to channels…

when I asked “What are your senses feeling?” … they mentioned that they are tuning into their senses of … CONSISTENCY… EQUALITY… PURITY to name just a few..
They feel inspiration from these messages and yet something can feel to be missing … They feel more attuned to those who WALK the WALK and TALK the TALK…
Authentic, Natural, Loving, Balanced, almost naked speakers…

They can even feel when a therapist is offering a therapy where there is an unequal balance of service being shared…

More recently whilst living in Mt Shasta we felt nurtured and in gratitude to individuals who shared their services not for financial exchange .. more in practice of gift exchange with each other.. When you are amongst facilitators and healers who have dedicated their lives for decades to a certain learning practice… for instance it can feel more on an equal base to share with another who is of equal standing though from another form of practice of learning.

For young adults this has raised such a conundrum within them to find and share their expertise and knowledge from a base of value within the community.. they may lack life experience and yet the gifts and experience requires nurturing support to blossom into its fullest value and receivership from a wider community… Our commitment in the last decades is to co create “Living Environments” where this type of exchange can feel more valued to all participants… and can bridge the gap with the wider commercial community…

Perhaps now with this current breakdown and breakthrough globally our values can reach a moment for a reset and re evaluation of the roles our young adults and next generation can fulfill in the years to come..

Meaningful and purposeful is a first touch base for their feeling states and sense of self worth and value.. something an older generation has struggled with, in some cases for a whole lifetime since childhood… so when the bubble bursts ,, stepping back is no longer an option,, sideways and forwards, onwards and upwards… become the new routes of self sustainability and self responsiblity…

From experience in our Soul Family villages and networks, younger members of the family are NOT lazy they just feel paralysis when enough of them is not recognized or PRESENT… they can’t function…

So for some adults there are some rewrites necessary to their own state of self being and integration of Inner childhood into Adulthood.. All is up for a reset and rewrite in these current moments of evolutionary change..

Near death or death itself within a family causes shock and grief beyond our normal daily sensory capacity… once these situations arise and occur to YOU or someone nearby .. then an opportunity for a radical rethink and redirection of your LIFE ahead can be revisited. Death, Birth and RE-Birth are natural occurrences and as WE are Eternal Beings, then our relationship with these aspects of Living Life are under constant review and Change….

This morning I woke up to

What the World needs NOW is LOVE sweet LOVE..
Its the only thing that there is just to little of..
What the world needs NOW is LOVE, sweet LOVE,
Not just for SOMEONE but for EVERYONE….

Collabrating with young children and evolving young adults over several decades has brought forward another layer of naked ness.. it is as though you can feel stripped of any previous knowings of truth… layers and layers of preconception can be brutally de-constructed and reconstructed… SO you may find your children questioning EVERYTHING you say, do, values you hold, and can invite you to turn down your opinions so that others of a more sensitive nature can be heard.. Sensitive voices need space and loving places for these parts of their inner selves to be heard… So when there is too much of your own voice in the conversation… then WATCH for this … as maybe the sharing is not so equal and you convey views which are too strong or even toxic for a sensitive empathic BE – ing to feel heard…

Toxicity and Detoxing… balancing these aspects up within us… so even when we speak our voices emit words, sensory colors, flavors and feelings… so that immediately as we share something we can sense a part of us which may be out of kindness within itself.. so the words don’t even taste nice, even un nourishing,,

AND in another moment we can taste and sense the LOVE that comes through as we share the wonderment, the excitement, the nurturing, the caring, the embracing space of offering a neutral space for the other recipient to feel an equal space for them… A partnership, A Loving Equal space for sharing…

They love you… and they wonder … why you may feel frustrated that your inner connectivity with your sensitivity is also BE – ing unheard… The invitation is always open to STEP INSIDE and BE in conversation with yourself first, We can OPEN our hearts and LISTEN to our INNER CHILD who has been frozen and unheard from … maybe for decades… With just a little more practice he and she can feel an opening and a space to be heard within a safe, loving contained space, filled with heart and grace…

In a Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦a child can sense the unconditional Loving Heart of a Mother and a Father…

On this Holy Day – WE can feel invited to feel our selves as “A Christed Family Trinity”…

Food for thought and the senses…

I AM the LIGHT of my SOUL
I AM Beautiful..

Blessed BE🙏💖
Helena Serafina
Intuitive Translator… In Love with Humanity.. and 🌎Gaia.. and the Next Generations…

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Quantum Conversations and the Collapsing of Timelines

Last night I experienced the feeling that multiple timelines were collapsing.

My references to our realities feel both individual and are also experienced within a collective.

Timelines, potentialities and probabilities are shifting. Each morning when I am fully awake there is always a curiosity within me as to which story am I and are WE involved in today.

Today whilst in the shower I enjoyed conversations with another aspect of myself where we were discussing and sharing designs and plans for a series of several projects in which We/I are together currently involved within a community within the physical and non-physical.

The feelings was as if a film had been fast forwarded to maybe a year ahead or could just be a few months depending on the interactions with others and their different zones of changing timelines.
By implementing one choice or decision a whole set of other possibilities appeared in the movie. It is a moving, changing, vibrating hologram which creates designs as though they are on a CAD computer program which moves around in 3D with a 360 degree turnaround feature.
The interaction felt very normal and typical of the types of conversation we can have with another multi dimensional self which acts as a guide or a mentor. It feels a quantum conversation within A series of energy pictures which operates in parallel with our everyday living exchange in conversation.

Many other aspects of who we are in other realms and realities feel no restrictions or boundaries to potentials. So there feels TO BE more freedom in these types of energy discussion and exchange where we are able to explore and co-create with our other multi dimensional selves.

It feels TO BE a really intuitive part of my self which responds in a multidimensional way of sharing ideas and insights. So these holographic conversational exchanges are not dreams – they are more awake quantum conversations.

For sure they leave an impression of feeling positive that even more exciting outcomes can take place, by taking a few quantum leaps BEYOND a normal safety barrier of making choices. It feels good! As if just receiving an increase in Dopamine which centers around its reputation as the “feel-good hormone.”

(*Dopamine is associated with feelings of euphoria, bliss, motivation, and concentration, yet there’s more to it than that.)

These quantum energy encounters also convey feeling of expanded trust that these thoughts, feelings and actions conveyed through the quantum movies and energetic conversations carry universal intelligence and knowing which supports US from a vibratory resonant parallel universe.

In Bella Cruz CoLiving we are currently making our next steps to create off the grid sustainable living our daily reality. Our first stages of creation are in place with our Stardis Cabin and the next step is to co-create another TinyHouse Earth-Ship. These structures are alongside other upgrades of visitor cabins for Soul Family to join us in our Togetherness Journeys. We are an intimate Soul Family inter-generational group which includes young families and visiting homeschool children who are ALL creating New Ways of Living together within a Community Spirit.

Further signs in our CoLiving Community have since occurred synchronistically to support further new potentialities in many new and different ways as we share and communicate our ideas and insights together.  On some levels these might not appear in the physical yet as each step unfolds in an organic way when the timing is in accordance. The main thing is to trust that we are supported. And when we make new choices which feel in alignment with the evolution of the planet and Gaia that these actions are further supported.

Inspirational projects are now available in abundance through Social  Media which makes more of these new ideas feel more accessible. A recent You Tube mini documentary included:

Choosing for love and consideration for humanity and Gaia reaches a coherent framework in the collective. There are many more of US now responding and feeling that these changes are part of a natural uplifting cycle – it just feels RIGHT. Our thoughts feelings and actions carry a frequency of benevolence which corresponds with the natural Earth process.
This morning I listened to a youtube by Brad Johnson.

The message from Brad through his Earth Intelligence reports outlines and confirms that from March onwards NEW STARGATES are in place which are assisting to collapse old paradigm timelines and newer more benevolent and harmonious frequencies are being emitted which assist US to feel more supported within NEW timelines. In effect these newer more benevolent timelines are playing a more active role in the energy fields. Again, We FEEL more in a synchronized state of expansion with universal resources.

There is a further merging and twinning with our Inner Earth Soul Family selves who are also corresponding and communicating with US which keeps us in connection and communication with making choices which are in accordance with our higher frequency selves. As our telepathic abilities become more enhanced OUR other civilization selves keep in constant communication with us through these holographic transfers and empathic knowings. Again as we create NEW LIVING choices through our GROUP ALLIANCES and Community Togetherness activities we are aiding the transition of change on the planet into a higher frequency of Transparency and Loving Concordance with each other and GAIA.

Part of our community role in these changes is to share our stories and communications with each other as Soul Groups who feel in alliance with each others movements and steps to create NEW CONSCIOUSNESS PORTALS across the world where we LIVE, BREATH, BE and ACT in accordance with a more harmonious EARTH with ALL SENTIENT LIFE.

Please feel invited to keep updated with our various stories and programs of Togetherness through our websites and Facebook pages
BellaCruzCoLiving Instagram..
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Living Our Dreams
Helena Serafina
Multi Dimensional Intuitive Visionary and Writer
CoCreator of New Earth Community Paradigm Living