Playing with our Cosmic Inner Child

Playing with our Cosmic Inner Child

Playing with our Cosmic Inner Child,
And the Presence of Universal MotherLove and Mother Mary Divine
Holding hands as family …
interweaving our imagination
In our innocence and joy
we are filled with a magical sense
of creative rainbows 🌈of curiosity ….
We play
We dance
We paint
We skate
We sing
We learn, love, have fun and play
We create music and dance together
blending our sounds, voices and bodies …
in harmonies and chords
We walk and gather wood
We create together
We sew seeds and
We grow in harmony as familyWe share our gifts
We share our prayers
We share playful moments in nature
We share meals and conversations together as a family
We drink lemonade
When we come together …we sit … we share stories … we reflect … we play cards… we sing, we play, we dance…
We listen to each other’s reflections and dreams
We share our passions
We see and feel each other’s stories
We feel the contrast and the wonderment of these stories
We imagine ways to create bridges to each others worlds and dreams
We create and inspire each other with new ways of imagining

In moments there is just quiet space … just being ..

We share our worlds in words, music, crayons paints, lego blocks, costumes
Naturally … Creatively

In simple ways …
Sharing in loving kindness
We interweave together around each other’s ideas, and sensitivity
We treat one another in loving respect and kindness
We allow space for moments of peace and tranquility
We share in our most vulnerable naked selves
In honesty and transparency

In loving kindness

A Crystal Vogel captured my attention

as a child with a fairy wand co-creating in waves over the trees,
the lands, the wildlife, the flowers, the waters, and the insects
Seeing the rainbows of color in the fields
The Fae and the Elvic kingdom appeared
More and more ultra dimensional beings appeared
surrounding the trees the lands the houses and the waters
As super conscious children we began playing with each of them
with our bodies
We formed a human pyramid
by standing and holding balance with one another
Playing tag ….in hide and seek
Jumping in the icy cold water 💦
Shrieks of laughter and joy as sometimes we hold space
Even when we fall, we laugh and begin again
Pulling each other around in carts filled with leaves
We prepared snack food and tea parties together
We sat by the fire and begin softly strumming the guitar
As we sat in a circle
a vast luminous crystal Diamond appeared
as a floating levitating twirling crystal island
All the rainbow lights danced and gave their reflections
Shining and penetrating through our bodies and the trees …
the lights were soooo bright …
Our diamond companion rotated
She remained a while,
as a visiting friend,
As we welcomed her radiant lights
Gently we lay down
We listened to the birds
Nature tells us her story now,
Magical tales of stories untold
We Rested and relaxed
As the tales began to unfold
Entangled and Entwined

We drank the vistas

All felt SAFE
quiet and tranquil

Filled to the brim with joy and contentment
from our creations… sharing and playing
Our cups were full of joy laughter and being with family …
We slept and we dreamt
Of the creative range of all our dreams and sharings
Inviting and welcoming a new day
We felt the excitement of the new possibilities

New Adventures..

Every day a Celebration of Life
Living Learning Sharing and Creating
Feeling loved and valued
In our growing up
Making these steps as a family ..on the way …
Creating together…
Embracing our loving child innocence
Connecting to our Super consciousness family
Thank you 🙏 sweet Family
Thank you 👸Universal Mother
Thank you 🌎Gaia, Mother Earth
For sharing with US
All Natures Beauty
All Living Life
Thank you to my selves
And Family for showing up…
In all the colors of the Rainbow🌈
Loving and Being present
Sharing my and our most natural selves
Raw, Naked and True
A Living Beauty
Observing, Imagining
Designing, Creating
Co-creating and Grounding,
Me seeing You
I am a child of the Universe
In touch with the trees and the stars
Knowing it feels right to BE here…
Magnificent and Free
As Mother Nature herself
intended US to BE
Co-Creating and Grounding
Heaven on Earth
Living Life Pure Love
In a Creative Simple Way,
Living Light In Peace
You may say I’m a dreamer…
Guess IAM and WE ARE
A living particle of the ONE..
Helena Serafina…
Visionary Intuitive, InLove with Humanity and the Next Generation of Human Gaians..



Our Guidance messages and dreams certainly seem to confirm and contain even more references now to “LIVE and BE” – YOUR MOST LOVING SELF.

Being with Soul Family at Christmas can offer ALL of US a gifted invitation to “feel” even more Forgiveness and Compassion with ourselves.

For me, I can feel more COLOUR and GRATITUDE in each moment for just BEING MYSELF.

After accessing memories through the akashic records, over the last two decades, for myself and others, it feels as though the way we can view and “empathically feel” our memories has changed.

Sometimes when I meet someone, that I may have a connection with from several years ago, it can sometimes feel as though I am almost trying to access another life time. I can find myself searching for memories that relate NOW to my current living world reality, with this other memory from another timeline.

In conversation it can feel easier to recall the memories. Our voices carry a series of pictures, sensory movies and imprints, for me. So it can be as if I’m simultaneously viewing a movie, during the conversation, that I haven’t seen for a while, though it feels familiar.

Memories and other lives which come forward from The Akashic records can FEEL and BE viewed in this way when you connect with your clairvoyance. There is a vast “Hall of Records” stored as sensory holograms which we can access by developing our clair sentience, clair-audient, and clairvoyant senses.

With all the current shifts and changes into a more benevolent vibration – the colors and textures of these holograms or movies, that we can access, feel to have gracefully softened. We are remembering memories and infusing them with MORE LOVE as this reflects our more current feeling state. As we enter into higher LOVE resonance fields it also feels  unrequired and unnecessary, to recall details of suffering. More an overview of benevolence which we can offer ourselves from another incarnation, where we were just experiencing Life in another way.  Rewriting our cellular memory for these other experiences feels more infused, now, by our own current Heart Centred Self Love.

How we currently Feel about ourselves reflects the way we remember our Memories.

As we are evolving and raising our frequency as a human species, we are together developing a natural state of forgiveness and compassion for who WE ARE as a collective human species. This creates a new template or record in the Akosh of our resonance and relationship to our own existence. It is as though Source energy has overlaid our memories with more kindness, or even the memory of suffering has dissolved. That part of our individuated self no longer requires that reference of being in a suffering state. So it doesn’t recall that imprint.

WE have changed our collective human consciousness through introducing a more healing reflection to the way WE FEEL and can NUTURE ourselves.

You can notice now in the “New Generation”  that they are NOT ALL fixed into an old memory of grief and recall of other timelines. They can mostly and for some, only, feel a loving kindness form of connection to themselves and the rest of humanity.

The systems within our NEXT WAVE GENERATION are upgraded to a new love field embodying “Compassion and Kindness”. Where their only reference to living IS by embodying a Life of “Peace and Harmony”.

They feel “no judgment” for each others actions in previous life experiences. It can be as though they don’t really resonate with what those lower frequencies of disharmony feel like – so they don’t access them. For the next generation of Old Souls these references to suffering have either already dissolved or are in the process of further dissolving. We can NOW observe  ourselves with MORE Compassion and Kindness,

Black and white referrals from old paradigm beliefs have transformed into a new palate of healing colour. These NEW SPECTRUM of Colours contain referrals and frequencies through “Self correction” to feeling MORE Love and Gratitude for each other as human beings. The Next Gen, know in their hearts, as do WE, that we are sharing and living together in harmony on a sentient planet Gaia our Mother Earth. We are loved and supported by Gaia and the Universe even beyond our current understanding. We can Trust and know that every step we make and every Truth we embody is an act of kindness. All is in support of our growth and evolution as conscious multi dimensional beings living in a human body.

Tears flow and the body heals as we forgive ourselves and each other for any previous actions, thoughts and deeds from other incarnations, which might have previously prevented our transcendence from loving and living, with more presence from WITHIN ourselves.

FEEL and BE transported to a place of Peace and Serenity. Live and Embody hope with this exquisite prayer. This video has been available for a while now and yet still can touch and heal my senses from a deep core essence of my Being. 

Thich Nhat Hanh created a stunning video – THE GREAT BELL CHANT

Click here to view the Video

The Great Bell Chant – A Buddhist Prayer for the End of Suffering

May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos
Even in the darkest spots
Living beings are able to hear it clearly
So that all suffering in them cease
Understanding comes to their heart
And they transcend the path of sorrow and death.
The universal dharma door is already open
The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly
The miracle happens
A beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower
One single drop of this compassionate water
Is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers.
Listening to the bell
I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve
My mind calm
My body relax
A smile is born on my lips
Following the sound of the bell
My breathe brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness
In the garden of my heart
The flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

This beautiful prayer written by Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, is chanted by brother Phap Niem.

Feel the invitation from Mother Father Divine, and Mother Earth to share this Christmas in PEACE and HARMONY with Soul Family and ALL Sentient Life. In glorious technicolour..

Our Greatest Gift in Life IS


Helena Serafina,

Intuitive Translator, Visionary Author and CoCreator of CoLiving Community.

Co-Living with Intention

Co-Living with Intention

My INTENTION to Co-Create CoLiving projects with Helping Hands..

Over the last few years impulses continually appeared offering invitations to “experiment with  change”  and explore “New Ways of Living” where we can collaboratively live together in Community as conscious multi dimensional Soul Family.

My personal feelings are that one of the purposes of co-living is to create a home environment that inspires and empowers its residents from all generations to be active creators and participants in the world around them. These environments cultivate collaboration and serendipity amongst residents and the extended community. Co-living dwellings enable sustainable lifestyles through sharing energy efficient utilities and considerate use of resources and space in harmony with our surrounding environment. 

Coliving is for people who want a personal home environment with space for alone and inner reflection. Also group space for sharing within a community that actively supports them in living with purpose and intention. People who choose Coliving include home makers with a variety of skills, innovators, designers, gardeners, builders, musicians, artists, and other creative inspirational participants.

As residents we can unite around common themes of interest to collaboratively manage a space, share resources, and coordinate activities which contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around us. Our co-living projects offer short and longer – term accommodation allowing for ebb and flow for those who prefer to remain in one base and those who feel more nomadic. Together we can create a vibrant hub and host inclusive opportunities for sharing our multi cultural, eclectic connections with our Soul group and the broader community.

Together as family groups there is more opportunity now for traveling, and sharing through digital exchange our explorations of new ways of living and creating home space. Through this process my personal views have become more compassionate in my every day living. Some of the themes explored within CoLiving in a more practical functional way include experimenting:

  • Community alongside individuality
  • Intentional Living in consideration for our surroundings
  • Openness and collaboration 
  • Sharing over consumption
  • Curiosity and experimentation 
  • Self Responsibility and Co-operation

These ideas, feelings, thoughts, expressions and messages appeared for me.

My preference is to co-create safe spaces and home environments to further explore some of my own self discovery alongside supportive mature Co-Living Family.  As We are Human evolution in the making.. what could BE the next steps for me and us as a human species to live differently with other family members who feel resonant with Collaborative living spaces..

Currently I am feeling more ready to develop and evolve the next steps of self-balancing my inner creative worlds with my physical outer worlds whilst living within a group community… whilst Feeling  positive and more impulsed to develop new Creative solutions for grounding group inspirational projects alongside others who carry a similar intention…

Questions which have arisen within me include – Can I allow even more loving space within myself and know when to take my own private space. And continue to dissolve and let go of any differences or imbalances which are being held onto from my previous patternings and programs from my previous life experiences. Am I ready to BE even more honest, transparent and open with myself and others as I am opening up to these multiple new world realities?  Am I ready to embrace the next steps for CoLiving as a Fourth Wave consciously aware empathic sentient human being? Am I living and sharing my highest ideals and visions for my next steps?.. 

For now I still feel excited at the possibilities for discovering and creating new pathways for myself alongside others where we can utilise new energy solutions, incorporate sustainable living and eco friendly ergonomic projects which better service ourselves and the planet… My passion still feels vibrant and purposeful whilst researching ways to follow my impulses. Knowing there are further revelations in the ways to create more awareness of my own personal boundaries and finding filters for integrating new discoveries. All whilst remaining in touch with my own Source energy and tuning into my own guidance from my higher self and Source guides?  

Further research is ongoing with  “themes” to explore in co-creation with others. Especially with emotional relationships. It feels important to stay centred with my empathic and visionary ideals to create a 5th dimensional way of living together. Keep connected. Communicate and share feelings in supportive group harmony. 

Following my own intense Inner journeying I now feel ready to take on my own self responsibility for conscious creational projects within a family group. Always creating moments for quiet space, and allowing for intuition and guidance to expand the new ways to integrate and incorporate my multi dimensional selves. 

My Creative sources of interest include, sharing on a equal base, taking self responsibility for sharing creative projects and activities, in mutual respect for Communal living with like hearted Soul family members. Giving myself quiet space for creative writing and expression, personal and group Meditations. Exploring group and individual creative projects with our Next Generation where all ages are consciously accelerating and expanding their sensitivity and spiritual development,

Currently I am Co-Living and developing my own personal Journey in three different countries and feel ready to make the next steps of group collaboration: I Am a Co-Living member of three evolving group communities of highly aware conscious multi dimensional, multi cultural soul family members. 

I am in deep Gratitude to my expanding Soul Family for their personal co-creation in sharing these Intentions and Journeys together in loving support and in Unity consciousness.

Helena Serafina, Visionary Author, and CoCreator of CoLiving Community

I Allow Peace

I Allow Peace


The words for this Meditation came forward during 2016 whilst I was in Mount Shasta, CA staying on the Telosia Sanctuary with other members of my Soul Family.

Lets be clear. Mt. Shasta is a high intensity vortex location.
All energetic frequencies are constantly upgrading and rebalancing and our living experiences are constantly being amplified and intensified. This often shifts me as an individual and encourages me to navigate and update any emotional and mental imbalances, that I might be feeling. Every day presents itself as a NEW DAY – its like Groundhog Day (see the film). Its easy to feel exposed and vulnerable even when I am already consciously aware of my thoughts, actions and reflections. Anything comes up. So keeping my multi dimensional entourage and sensitive feeling states balanced requires my constant absolute attention.
The good news is …
that when I take time out for quiet meditation my empathic selves and source energy guidance finds ways to whisper to me and present a variety of solutions, probabilities and new potentials. Affirming my intentions and aligning my thoughts with my feeling states becomes a daily priority.
 As an empath my feelings are a barometer alongside my “clair sentient/audient/voyant antenna” which is often tuned into the airwaves to source telepathic and empathic information through a variety of transmissions.  This has also created inspiration for my new project recordings “Living Life As an Empath.” More to follow as these are currently being translated and uploaded.
 So, during a quiet moment, under one of the most incredible ponderosa pine trees, surrounded by sentient beings on the Telosia Sanctuary, the energy came forward to create the affirmation I ALLOW as a theme to assist my process. A further energy series, came later with I ACKNOWLEDGE and I CREATE which covered even deeper layers of feeling state which is in my next blog. Energy packets are available to all as a permission slip at any moment.
Subsequent ideas followed to record the words in my own voice,  in combination with inspirational music. More recently adding a photographic slideshow which expanded my feeling state even more. This became my daily assistance – or as an archive for whenever my nervous system became too overwhelmed or over sensitive.
 Our innate guidance appears ever ready these days to assist and offer potential solutions co-creating on our transformational journeys. So we can remain tuned in with receivers switched on for creative impulses to flow in. These inspirations can be highly amplified and revealing too…especially whilst just sitting or walking in nature. Energy loves movement.
 As a natural empath I have been using affirmations for years, though more recently not so much – until the last year. When I listen to the audios of Kryon and Abraham Hicks there are many references to keeping in balance through these affirmations. NOW more than ever before our highly sensitive empathic physical and lighter bodies need constant reassurance that ALL IS WELL in our worlds. When I base too much of my focus on external physical realities at the moment my observational selves can still pick up residue as there is plenty of information/reporting out there to feed anyones pain body. So given the option I prefer to choose where I place my focus, attention and boundaries. Words and pictures are energy – so it feels more in balance to choose more wisely what is ingested through images and words as ALL is vibration.
 Affirming my own loving guidances to my physical, mental and emotional bodies feels the same as eating and drinking. All replenish, nourish and service my nervous systems and upgraded multi dimensional operating systems.
So heads up everyone as 2017 is Year of New Beginnings – no more sitting on the fence as many are sharing. I am choosing to:
Be the light
Be the action
Be proactive in living my dreams
Be inspired excited and follow my impulses
Be loving and nurturing to my sensitive selves – and NOT LISTEN to lower frequency info
Be more trusting of living the LIFE I choose and not settling for anything else
Stay focussed in my own love vibration and connect more with others who are embracing the NEW PARADIGM PORTALS in all its vibrant radiance, resonance and vibration.
 As an energy translator there is feeling that a split is occurring in the consciousness of humanity on the planet.
Some have chosen now to BE the lighthouse and live LIFE in the new Paradigm co-creating with Peace, harmony and balance.
Some have chosen to stay in a more heavier third density where the vibratory experience is within a reality which appears more disconnected from their loving hearts and innate guidance.
At the beginning of this month, during the Winter weather, we could easily be feeling stuck and feeling everything is SOOOO slow. Personally I prefer to feel that our systems are recalibrating, reflecting, assimilating and preparing new adventures for our next steps. Learning from our previous steps in the ways in which this new energy of manifestation is operating.
Creating new templates comes through imagining my new blue print, preparing the text, outline and the architects templates (for the highest benevolence for all), dreaming, drawing, writing, vlogging, blogging, recording, connecting, networking, sharing and reprogramming.  All these creative outlets keeps me feeling that I am re assimilating my inner worlds with my outer worlds and preparing to move forward on the next steps of our journey. However it looks on the outside. Sometimes the physical world may need to catch up with my feeling visionary state – i just trust that every movement is in divine order and perfection and in my highest interest to support my well being in perfect synchronous timing.
Consolidating and reflecting on where I have come to at this point after the 2012-2016 window of shift and change. (which was was pretty life changing and intense) I can now encompass all of my previous life experiences and incorporate those gifts and attributes into the present, NOW, to create NEW journeys and NEW Adventures. These can then represent even more of who I choose to BE and serves the planetary whole through my LIVING these truths and passions through my current NOW reality. After all I choose the permission slip for my reality through my words, action and feelings.  All are a resonance field which exists just before manifestation.
My invitation to everyone is to remember WE ARE ALL CONNECTED to everything and everyone universally. Knowing that experience translates itself into energy and merges into both the EARTH and CRYSTALINE GRID. I feel we are inspiring each other telepathically empathically and magnetically. So the more positive I feel, the greater the potential for anyone else to feel. In free choice. The more I can also access these new ideas, innovations and inspirations and implement them – all becomes available for ALL from the consciousness of the collective GRID. Personally I trust absolutely that my choices and experiences create a balancing impact on humanity as a WHOLE. As an inter-dimensional walker, and seer, I trust the knowing that everything experienced is recorded and carries an energetic reality  in a multitude of layers within the other dimensional fields.
Now i feel so happy and grateful when I see or hear a story, read a blog, watch a video or film, where I feel the vibration of inspiration, compassion and kindness. Especially from a brother/sister , soul family member lightworker.  I celebrate anyone living their passion and following their hearts. The vibration of this Living Library coexists with and alongside us 24/7.
My intention is to both contribute, to share and receive unconditional love through my heartspace in my unique way of self expression as a living human empath. It is truly so powerful. I can only invite others to collaborate through their hearts in peace and balance.
My leading light is to keep exchanges with each other in concordance with “COMPASSION” –  “FREE WILL” and “FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL”  in peace, harmony and benevolence.”
Whatever others are choosing in their lives I really appreciate all sentient beings for choosing to step out of the groove, carve a new path and ground their heartfelt visions into this new physicality and into the collective consciousness.  Repeating and looping old ways of living are complete.  Our unified expressions of living in new ways in peace and harmony together becomes freely available for everything and everyone on the planet through the vibration of the Grids.  We are the new source energy.
We are creating a brand NEW ENERGY. New inventions, new discoveries, new solutions, new energy sources all manifest from our states of consciousness.
So my entourage and other selves all become so excited when I more fully allow Peace in my Life.
Thank You  – and Lets Go Celebrate….
Helena Serafina

I ALLOW PEACE in my LIFE – Meditation (transcript)
I ALLOW peace in my life
I ALLOW myself to feel peace in my Life
I ALLOW my nervous system to feel and be calm
I ALLOW myself to feel here
I ALLOW myself to be here
I ALLOW myself to be still
I ALLOW myself to feel stillness
I ALLOW myself to be safe
I ALLOW myself to feel safe
I ALLOW myself to be peaceful
I ALLOW myself to feel peaceful
I INVITE myself to be in this moment
I ALLOW myself to be in this moment
I INVITE myself to this moment

I ALLOW loving thoughts and exchange between my multi d selves where we can all exchange with compassion and generosity
I ALLOW my life to open and unfold in a loving graceful nurturing way
I ALLOW creative ideas and solutions to present themselves in a loving graceful way
I ALLOW more of my I AM presence to fill the loving senses of my being in a body in a physical body and in my light bodies and
I ALLOW these greater senses of containment from within
I ALLOW any new healing feelings and senses to present themselves to assist in the balancing of those parts of my body, my physical body and my etheric bodies who require further support and release from old programming which previously caused emotional disturbance

NEW Co-Living energies within our Telosian Community..

NEW Co-Living energies within our Telosian Community..

Embracing NEW Co-Living energies within our Telosian Community..

Whilst in a meditative state this morning another reality experience walked through me. My senses shifted to BEing a facilitator collaborator in a new sensory experiential community. Its location felt to be at very high altitude on the top of a mountain range. We might describe it as a Mystical School. Young people and other generations came to explore co-creating and manifesting both in the spheres and on the land – with nature, animals and sentient life. ALL connecting with their senses in “Love with Life”. Together in harmony it felt that we are Re-membering new formulae for combining practical skills, if you will, with our extra senses.
For example at one moment I scanned the property area where multiple projects were taking place. Frederique was walking along the edge of some high raised rocks planting species of herbs. My attention became focussed on noticing that she was walking backwards and needed to use her multi senses to guide her along the edge of the rocks of the mountain – which took quite some skill. Another indigenous girl was moving matter around with her telekinetic skills.
One morning I woke up early on the land and walked to the pond area of the community and began entering the water for a refreshing bathe. In the middle of the pond there was a luminous orange snake curled up in the water. We were both a little startled with each others presence so we began to communicate with telepathy. I lifted out my arm and through my hand felt a powerful charge which collaborated with the snake to relocate to another part of the land so that we did not disturb each others space. (Can still feel the charge running through my arms) Quite a contrast to feel so vulnerable and powerful in the same moments.
Later the indigenous girl came back to the community area and shared that she had to stay with her other family today – and we exchanged in a loving embracing way.
In another moment I leaped into another reality which felt very similar. This reality looked similar and yet there were textural differences, different garments of clothing which reflected other timelines, civilisations and cultures. All realities assist each other whilst intuiting co-responding information.All coexists and support the other in a TWIN reality where we as Co-Respondents are able to transfer from one to another. Existing in both simultaneously with another focus.
I realised that these were parts of multiple layers of “Mystery Schools” as we would call them, “Places of learning” to cohabit within other dimensions… Areas of coexistence to share and combine skills in other living realities. These places service our multi dimensional selves to co exist in multiple realities offering us our own inspiration and guidance. All have corresponding themes and offer a library of reference with multiple maps for navigation on our journeys.
There were multiple locations highlighted in these “Living Libraries” where we Co-Live with many different tribes and cultures. We are assisting each other in the various age groups and generations to remember and experiment with manifestation and co-creation. A beautiful synchrony.
We are co-creating these “places and locations” in the physical and non-physical for training ourselves. Our remembering assists us to learn to live in community with extended sensory perception. Overlapping and merging what is possible in different reality quantum states. Grounding and blending, unfolding them into our New Earth realities.
Awakening and Feeling so grateful for this confirmation of ALL the LOVING SUPPORT and guidance from our TWIN multi dimensional Soul Family.
Feeling Blessed, Vulnerable and Powerful!

Helena Serafina, Author, Intuitive Translator, Co-Creator of Co-Living Communities